Rude Much? 9 Celebritiy Wives (Past And Present) Who Receive Unnecessary Shade For Their Looks

December 7, 2012  |  
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I am sick and tired of the amount of shade given to current and former wives of certain celebrity men. Somehow, I’ve grown accustomed to hearing harsh comments and questions about why certain men decided to be with certain women. While I know some of us believe every woman is beautiful in their own way, there are others that do not subscribe to this notion. I used to think trashing others was a female thing. But now, more and more men are jumping on the cattiness bandwagon too. I really wish more of us would make use of the old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” But since we don’t live in a perfect world and people will continue to vocalize their opinions, however hurtful or unnecessary they may be, let’s take a look at a few wives of celebrities who have been on the receiving end of some unnecessary criticism for their looks.

Pauletta Washington

One of the hottest hunks in Hollywood is not an eligible bachelor. Sad face. His wife Pauletta has a beautiful smile, exudes confidence, and is strikingly gorgeous. Some people don’t share my opinions of her good looks which made them more inclined to question their relationship early on or ask why she doesn’t dress or look a certain way, just because she isn’t their standard of what’s considered attractive. I have often been baffled at how quickly some of us rejoice at seeing celebrity men with “sistas” but then we dog their women out when they don’t look exotic enough for our liking. In any case, the picture perfect family isn’t deterred by the unwarranted, negative feedback as they just celebrated 29 years of marriage in June.

Jennifer Garner

I’m assuming the basis for the amount of shade Ben Affleck’s wife has received is due to people comparing her looks to his ex-fiancé, Jennifer Lopez. Both are beautiful women but since his wife isn’t as popular as J-Lo and may not have an extensive fan base, she is often labeled as a downgrade. I’m sure they could care less about the haters since they welcomed their third bundle of joy into their seemingly happy household.

Jennifer Aniston

America’s favorite “Girl next door” has received her fair share of criticism also. Her looks have been compared to his current fiancé Angelina Jolie on the regular because the assumption (which seems true), is that he left Jenn for Angie, and to some, Jennifer doesn’t measure up. I don’t care how beautiful Angelina is on the outside, the amount of hurt and pain she caused Jennifer by being a willing participant in the demise of Brad and Jennifer’s marriage is not attractive at all. So I will be Team Jennifer any day considering she’s pretty, classy, doesn’t throw digs at people, and is about to get a second chance at marriage. BOOM!

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle

I love Tiny. I love her cute Southern accent, the way she carries herself, and the way she seems like a “ride or die” chick. What I don’t love is how some people love to go in on her looks. There is a part of me that assumes most of her haters are just jealous that she pulled such a fine man. T.I. adores his wife and does not take kindly to anyone insulting her. In fact, he is willing to defend his family at all costs considering not too long ago, he threatened a few people on Instagram who had written negative things about his wife. Nevertheless, the jealousy of Tiny’s haters will continue to grow since their show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, which features their beautiful family, is making strides in its second season.

Tameka Raymond

Tameka’s name has been in the news so much lately that peoples’ opinions of her looks may have taken a backseat to all of the other troubles she’s been involved in. When she first emerged as Usher’s wife, some people couldn’t understand what the superstar saw in the older celebrity stylist. Again, many people compared her looks to those of his ex-girlfriend, Chilli, and to some people Tameka was not the best candidate for his love. Tameka was bothered by her critics so much so, that she wrote a piece for the Huffington Post outlining the demeaning characteristics people had given her. However, Tameka’s beauty captured handsome, high-profile men in the past and I’m sure it will continue to attract her some of the same types of men in the future.

Sarah Jane Fenton

Sarah has been unable to escape the tongue-lashing some people given her, especially during her pregnancy. The majority of the meanest comments stemmed from people who don’t understand what the fine actor sees in her. I see a beautiful former actress playing dual roles as both doting mother and wife to her hubby of 17 years. I’m thinking Clive sees the same thing, so whatever to the haters.

Torrei Hart

Torrei is another ex-wife who is unable to escape comparisons. Many people think Kevin’s current flame is an upgrade so what does that say about his ex-wife? When I heard so many people go in on her, I just had to see what she looked like. Imagine my surprise to find out that she was cute, naturally cute at that. I’m starting to think some of her criticism is related to her unsavory comments, which were actually jokes, about the comedian. They say behind every joke lies a bit of truth so I’m sure his stans were not pleased with her remarks. But luckily the two do what they need to, to get along and work together for the sake of their little ones. But seriously though, she’s gorgeous!

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall

Not only was Prince Charles stepping out on his gorgeous wife Diana with Camilla, he had the nerve to marry her years later. I can understand the shade she receives about her messy marriage to Prince Charles, but attacking her looks is still unacceptable. We’ll never know if she would have received so much negativity if she wasn’t a mistress, even though there is a part of me that thinks a few people would have still went in on her looks (because that’s just what some people like to do). His family accepts her so maybe one day the general public will too.

Michelle Obama

I would love to think critical comments about the First Lady’s looks only stem from right-wing haters who can’t stand to see a black President and black First Lady, but some of them have come from our own people! When she first debuted when the President was running for senate in Illinois, some had less than respectful comments to share about her hair, her makeup and more. And after years of being in the White House, some people still love to say negative and even hateful things. In a world where African Americans have overcome great strides and have finally made achievements we may not have ever thought was possible, there are still weak-minded people out there that let us know we still have a long way to go. Not only is Michelle Obama beautiful, she is intelligent, a sharp dresser, Ivy-League educated, and nabbed the President.

Are there any other wives of celebrities that people seem to love to hate on?

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