Please Get Your Life! Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee And Gets Arrested For Bar Fight

December 3, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

Black America’s most recent train wreck known as Katt Williams is almost becoming too difficult to watch because it is very evident that this man, who can’t seem to stay out of trouble and keep his hands to himself, needs help.

Katt has made Madame Noire headlines multiple times over the past month for outlandish behavior and he seems to be only be adding to his rap sheet as 2012 comes to a close. It is being reported by TMZ that within the course of a few days, Katt led Sacramento police in a bizarre police chase on a 3-wheeler motorcycle and not long after got into somewhat of an altercation with a Sacramento Target employee that resulted in the 39-year-old comedian “pimp” slapping the Target worker. After the altercation, Katt hopped into an electric shopping cart and speeds away. To make matters worst there is actual footage of this exchange (check out the video on the next page). While this entire occurrence sounds like one that belongs in a comedic skit, few folks are laughing because truth be told, nothing is funny about a person’s life spiraling out of control like this.

Just a few days following the bizarre Target incident, Katt was picked up in Seattle where he was said to have been in a bar fight, which resulted in him allegedly threatening bar patrons with a pool cue and throwing a cigarette at a woman who was getting in a car. The cigarette is said to have hit the woman in her eye. As if that didn’t land him enough trouble, he proceeded to throw a rock at the police car sent to pick him up. Williams was booked at a King County Jail at 6:42 pm Sunday for investigation, but was released early this morning.

Considering all of the open cases Katt currently has, he will probably have to stand in front of a judge eventually to take accountability for his actions. One can only hope that instead of trying to get brownie points off of Katt the judge will realize that this man needs help and mandate some sort rehabilitation.

Check out the slap heard around the Target checkout lane on the next page. What do you think is going on with Katt?

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  • Streeter L Terrence

    “Black America’s most recent train wreck”, LOL, Someone has race on their mind. Undiagnosed mental illness, medicated by illicit drugs coupled with pressures of being a celebrity. End of story.

  • scandalous7

    what the hell happened to him tho? something must’ve triggered these strings of behaviours these past few months, especially one after another like this. This is bizzar

  • Kaori

    You can’t force someone to get help. Sure, you can drag them off the rehab or therapy, but that doesn’t mean they will help themselves.

    This isn’t a ‘cry for help’. The midget has gone wacko.

    I watched the video of Katt hitting the Target cashier. That guy exercised great restraint because he would have been justified in hitting back.

    Locking him up probably won’t make him behave any better, but something needs to be done.

  • Come on Kat, you have kids!!! We love you!!

  • JB#3

    Ok, that really was a pimp slap; it was more like a sucker punch. On the real, this behavior is not cute. No one deserves to be hit and he should be arrested.

  • Haylee

    Okay somebody needs to call Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew because Katt Williams needs an intervention and some detox, what a waste of talent

  • ANTMilf

    Dang Katt, you’ve been arrested for EVERYTHING except murder in the past couple of years! Get yo isht together!

  • as a fan of his comedy, I truly hope things start to get better for him. Not sure what is going on but its a clear cry for help. where are the ones he calls his friends and family?

  • realadulttalk

    Seriously though–it’s not funny anymore. He’s a danger to himself and others–why is no one forcing him to get help??? Where are the people who are supposed to love him?? My family would have been had me somewhere getting my mind together.

  • Shuga_B

    I’m just waiting for his stint on Celebrity Rehab, where is Dr. Drew when you need him… clearly he is dealing with some serious substance abuse and or mental health problems and that is sad because he really needs help, I pray for his children.

  • bluekissess

    Katt Williams is so funny. I’m just not gonna comment on a story I know nothing about. I’ll say a little prayer for him

  • Meyaka

    I think he is on drugs,where are his family members? Someone needs to help him .

  • zarah

    Kat Willy is wildin’!!! I bet dudes in the bar didn’t know that they would be in a low budget remake of In Too Deep’s pool stick scene

  • JaneDoe