Lord Have Mercy: Chris Brown’s Most Ridiculous Outbursts

December 4, 2012 ‐ By M A

Where do we begin with this one? He showed up fresh-faced, talented and with all the promise in the world. And then we got to know him. When it comes to making an absolute fool out of himself and pissing people off to no conceivable end, Breezy is in a league all his own. In the aftermath of his latest Twitter feud, we thought it no better time than to take a stroll through Chris Brown’s most ridiculous, awful outbursts. One note: We have chosen to skip highlighting the actual Brown-Rihanna incident (we will touch on the aftermath), mainly because categorizing it as a ridiculous moment doesn’t even scratch the surface of how awful and deplorable that situation was. Now on with the show …

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  • Gaylord Gaylordson

    If they weren’t “celebrities”, this piece of garbage would probably make her go walk the streets for him.

  • Gaylord Gaylordson

    Come on people. This guy has no talent. It’s just more of the same toxic consumer culture garbage that we are told that we like. We need to stop giving even as much as a dime to these pieces of garbage.

  • Tishy

    I hate myself for even defending chris but jenny johnson harassed chris for over a year. She didn’t just decide to poke fun at him that one night, she was relentless.

  • I didn’t think there was anything wrong with him crying during the MJ tribute performance (though when I first saw it, I laughed like a hyena)… but that was clearly a man he idolized, and he was being crucified by the media all throughout ’09 when he died, so why not break down when you’re given a second chance, and getting to do what everybody already thought he should’ve done in the first place, which was to honor MJ in dance! Also, Chris is a Taurus, which means he’s overly sensitive. Coming from another one, we react sometimes irrationally, and everything we are thinking can sometimes be written all over our faces! Certainly not taking up for all of CB’s wrongdoings, especially because I know that he knows as an artist, there are certain things you don’t do, but folks need to lighten up about this young man!

    • Gaylord Gaylordson

      Oh, so he’s a scum bag piece of trash because he’s sensitive? Or because of his sign?

      That’s some weak excuse juice you’re drinking.

  • Meyaka

    Like i said the next time he goes upside rihanna’s head, I will take a sip of tea,sit back and won’t say or do a damn thing about it.

    • IllyPhilly

      No, don’t take a sip, let it dribble down your chin as you laugh when breaking news of Chris hitting Rihanna upside the head with a burrito at the drive thru of Taco Bell comes on.

  • Kaori

    What do y’all mean by ‘most ridiculous’? EVERY OUTBURST HE HAS HAD HAS BEEN RIDICULOUS.

  • heyheynow

    dang ya’ll must have been bored with this article

  • IllyPhilly

    And to think Rihanna is so proud of her baby-she probably lets him p!ss in her hair.

    • Kaori

      Ahahah. What!

  • Cleo

    Chris brown needs rehab nobody cannot tell me this fool is not on drugs

  • Wow this is like a serious ANTI Chris post. I guess *eyeroll*

  • L-Boogie

    Um, I do not agree with his outbursts; however, as one who has been pushed to the edge so many times…some of these hoes deserve it. Plus, no police record.

    • L-Boogie

      Um, timer wrong again.