But It’s Got a Dope Beat! Ratchet Songs That Make You Wanna Shake Your Head And Your Butt

December 5, 2012  |  
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I’ll admit it, there were plenty of times I’d break out a sweat to a song that had a dope beat and a catchy chorus without really knowing what the song was about. As a young girl, “Poison” by BBD used to get me hyped! It wasn’t until one day I really listened to the lyrics – “never trust a big butt and a smile“…followed by “me and the crew used to do her.” I remember thinking, “that’s not very nice.” But I still found myself singing along anyway.

I may be dating myself with that reference, but since my “Poison” days, songs, particularly in hip hop, have gotten way more misogynistic – yet the responses to them by women hasn’t changed much. Some of the most “B____” and “hoe” laden lyrics get bumped the most in the club, and it’s not just men crowding the dance floor getting their two-step on. Songs that depict women in the worst way have women dropping it like it’s hot, and no matter how hateful the song is to our gender, some of us just can’t help but nod along. This post isn’t to debate misogyny in music, which is a valid debate to have. This post simply serves to list some of the most sexist, ratchet songs that women seem to know all the lyrics to just because it has a catchy little tune.


1. Put It In Your Mouth – Akinyele

Something about this song makes me feel like Akinyele should be a registered sex offender. Telling someone to put it in their mouth sounds a bit forceful, and not in a good way. Hey, some women may be into that sort of thing, which explains why some women may love the song so much. The hook is even sung by a woman in such a ladylike manner (insert sarcasm)…so I guess that makes it okay, right? Not. We don’t need your help Ak, if we want to, we will.


2. It Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None) – Snoop Dog Ft. Nate Dogg, Kurupt and Warren G

I’m not gonna front – I know every word to this song…and if this isn’t a straight up women-hating song, I don’t know what is. Damn that Nate Dogg and his smooth, sing-songy, g-funk self – RIP. But how many of you jump in and sing “It ain’t no fuuuuuun, if the homies can’t haaaaaaaave none”? Tell the truth. There is nothing even remotely nice about this song as it pertains to women, especially since women are portrayed to be disposable objects that you just pass around and share with your boys. It’s wrong. Dead wrong – but dangit, the song just grabs you and women bop their heads to it. I hate that I like this song. Sue me ***hangs head**


3. Oochie Wally – Nas & Bravehearts

I was kinda surprised, and disappointed, with Nas for this one. Men bragging on sex is not new, but “gettin’ up in ribs” and “bustin’ 3 times and throwing up the peace sign” just sounds a bit crass. The “lady” singing the hook talking about being turned out doesn’t help much. But hey, chicks were singing ‘oochie, wally wally, oochie bang bang” as if their lives depended on it – makes them wanna scream and shout I guess.


4. B_____ Betta Have My Money – Ja Rule

Ja Rule, a pimp? I know, hard to imagine since he’s an itty, bitty thing. But he’s telling us that if we want to make dollars, what’s between our legs is the product. You just want to tell him to go sit his little self down somewhere. He ain’t really about that life, so stop it.



5. I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown) – Luke

Nobody specializes in booty music quite like Luke Campbell – and women hit the floor as soon as he screams “don’t stop, git it git it!” But the music makes you wanna move, even if he is barking at you like a dog telling you to shake them t____ and take it off. The song is pretty ridiculous, and nobody’s saying it’s right. We just can’t help ourselves.



6. Pop That – French Montana Ft. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Drake

Speaking of Uncle Luke, Rick Ross gives him a shout out in this version of modern day booty music. Every single verse in this song makes you just wanna shake your head, but it’s got a cold beat that’s hard to ignore, especially with some heavy bass in the club. I can’t lie, I might bounce up and down to this one. Guilty.


7. Get Low – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

I will never forget when Chris Rock joked about this song during his “Never Scared” stand-up concert – because his comments about women dancing to this joint were so true. “Awww, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet!” What the hell man?! But he ain’t never lied. Women chant that like an anthem.


8. Back Dat A– Up – Juvenile

This song has that crunk beat, but the only words I even understand in this song are in the chorus – other than that, I think I briefly heard him saying he wants to walk her like a dog or something. Huh?  And what is “wobblety, wobble, wob, wobblety, wobble“? But sure enough, the ladies will call him big daddy, and then promptly proceed to back dat a** up. The video was straight hood.


9. B____ Ain’t S__ – Dr. Dre & company

I think the title of the song says it all, but in case you needed sample lyrics: “B***h, and it’s like that. This is what you look for in a ho who got cash flow. Ya run up in them hoes and grab the cash. And get your dash on.” Nice.


10. Tipdrill – Nelly

Nelly was banned from Spelman College over this song, so not EVERY woman accepts misogynistic or sexist music. He slid a credit card down a woman’s behind for crying out loud. The video for this song could be considered pornographic by some conservative types, yet this song was what was poppin’ in the dirty, dirty…and apple bottoms were swaying left and right to this one.


11. Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya – Poison Clan

What if your mama didn’t give you much to work with? Guess you won’t making much money according to this little diddy. This is in the same vein of booty music ala Luke and 2 Live Crew. And women shake it like it’s going out of style.


12. Birthday Song – 2 Chainz Ft. Kanye West

She got a big booty so I call her big booty.” Wow, that’s clever…did he think of that all by himself? Well, if that’s all he wants for his birthday, that should be easy, right? This song is just stupid, but it’s one of those songs that is so dumb that you actually like it. Bury him inside a Gucci store? Yeah, that’s just silly. But if Kanya lends a verse, it’s quite conceivable that you just might rock to it.


13. Bandz – Juicy J Ft. Lil Wayne

I don’t have any children, but I wish I WOULD see my daughter dancing to this song. The only thing that’ll make her dance would be my belt. The sad part is, someone out there has a toddler who knows all the words to this song. “Bandz a make her dance, these chicks clapping, and they ain’t using hands.” He even says he can’t turn down ratchet p_________. Yuck! This is one I simply can’t defend on any level. I understand that adults can listen to whatever they like, just please don’t play this one around the babies unless you want the stripper pole to be her income like the song says.


14. No Hands – Waka Flocka Ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash

Speaking of no hands….

Unless you have a knack for understanding country speak, this could easily fall under the category of songs you dance to, yet have no idea what the hell the artist is saying. But I figured it out, and while it may take some true talent to be able to remove your underwear with no hands, I’m not sure it’s something that should be made into a song and clapped to.  But women drop it to the floor anyway, as the song instructs us to do. What is a Waka Flocka anyway?

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  • msgeegee

    i get all the way turnt up when “no hands” comes on. LOL!!!

  • cant help but bump to oochie wally and back that a** up …. even though these songs are rachet as hell its just the beat when it comes on I be like oooohhhh that my sh**!!! so I’m guilty!

  • Co-Co Diva

    Lmao! I’m so glad Put it in Your Mouth is listed (old school fool) I try to fight it, but I sing the hook like It’s opera…..you can lick it, you can stick it, you can taste it…..Smh, most rachet

    • I can’t even feel shamed because I was just singing this the other day! LOL

  • Tishy

    Y’all should listen to dancehall sometimes. “Up in Her Belly”, “Hot Wuk”, “Dutty Wine” “Jump”, “Ben’ Ova”, to name a few. My friends and I get down to those.

  • UmmYeahOK

    I almost wreck my car every time I hear Pop That, Round of Applause and Rack City. Muy rachemente! *hangs head in shame*

  • Bandz.. I can’t. his voice is annoying. but yeah, all the old school ones, I still bop to, when there are no children in sight. that Pop that beat is something. I start boppin when I don’t want to! Oochie walley, ugh, always hated that damn song. You Owe Me, i might still listen to. but how the hell did y’all not include Ying Yang twins?

  • Dee

    Not gonna lie, I dance when Get Low comes on and I remember Chris Rock’s Never Scared then I feel bad for a min then start dancing again.

  • intelligent chik

    bandz make her dance is my secret shame…lol. but we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. we are an african people and its them drums that get us. dancing, what we would call vulgar dancing, always has been and still is a part of our culture. there is a spiritual element to sensuous movement. we are missing that in today’s society and hip hop music fills that void…for better or worse.

  • desi

    Anything by Ja Rule puts me in a hell no state of mind

  • i’mnotratchettho

    “Birthday Cake REMIX” by Rhianna feat. Chris Brown should be added. Can’t help but to move when I hear “cake cake cake cake” lmao

  • i’mnotratchettho

    I’d add “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” by Finatticz. I co-sign that the beat for “Pop That” is COLD!!!! Also co-sign with the commenters who like “No Hands” and “Round of Applause” by Waka Flocka.

    *hangs head in UTTER shame*

    IT’s the beat, I SWEAR!!! lol Glad there are others who understand the conundrum of hating the content of a song, but LOVING the beat! haha

  • Numero Uno

    The main one I’m most embarrassed to have ever danced to is “Tip Drill”. That song takes the cake to me in terms of ratchet booty music. “No Hands” is my song though! lol. Can’t resist.

  • RenJennM

    This list/article is great! I thought it was just me who listened to some of these lyrics and thought “WTH?!” while simultaneously moving my hips to the beat. lol

    My guilty pleasure tracks are:
    1) “Oochie Wally” – Nas f/ Bravehearts. That track is the quickest way for the ratchetness to come out of me.
    2) “No Hands” – Waka Flocka Flame f/ Wale & Roscoe Dash. This track STILL is my jam!
    3) “A$$ Remix” – Big Sean f/ Nicki Minaj. I live for Nicki’s verse.
    4) “Booty Work” – T-Pain. That beat is SIIIIICKKKK!

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    Big Sean and Nikka Minji…A$$ Dance Remix

  • toya

    I absolutely HATE Oochie Wally, always have..

  • omg AT LEAST 5 of these i will admit i have and still do say ‘Thats my song!!!!’ and dance to it… *smh*

  • psylocke_2001

    Round of Applause!-Wacka

  • Cleo

    Some Travis porter will turn my shy little self into a ratchet chick in 10 seconds ehh sue me.

  • Kaori

    I’ve listened to a few of these songs in my youth when I didn’t pay attention to the lyrics. I don’t know what changed in me, but I wouldn’t dare listen to this kind of music and bop my head. I definitely don’t shake my a*s either. I once had to walk out of a shoe store because the rap music was loud and vulgar.

    • Meyaka

      Right i thought i was alone.

    • pickneychile

      I’m with you on that! I can’t really tolerate a lot of the music I used to listen to, even if the beat is still hot.

      • Fiedah

        Yeah, I can’t. I don’t even listen to rap anymore.

  • Trisha_B

    i saw this thing on instagram & it said “Are you a sophisticated ratchet woman?” & its definition is a woman who is highly educated, knows about politics, etc., but knows the lyrics of Rick Ross songs & knowledgeable of the latest strip club anthems. If so then you are sophistiratchet LMFAO…I know when i’m ready to go out w/ my girls, i put on the ratchet playlists to get pumped up to go out. It’s natural as human beings to move your body to a beat. You can try to be still, but your body is going to react to the beat. There is nothing wrong w/ getting a little loose & moving them hips to some Waka Flocka. I dare you to go to the club & stand still when Back that A** Up by Juvie come on. It’ll be a fail lol….How come Khia “my neck, My back” not on here?! That song is real ratchet lol

    • cryssi

      I’m sophistiratchet

  • afrodisiaq

    I BOL when I saw the first two songs esp. It Aint No Fun cause I’ll sing it word for word but B***h Betta Have My Money?? I got excited when I saw the title but for the original version by AMG that came out when I was in college. That was a party starter! I’ve never heard of the lame Ja Rule version…smh

    • Fiedah

      Ahhhhhh, okay, we on the same page! I remember AMG! It Ain’t No Fun was the song me and my homegirls would sing when there were no guys around. And the end of B Ain’t Isht with Jewell singing was it! “See I don’t give a blank about a bish, I’ll let a hole know that she cain’t fade thisssss” Whaaaatttt! The Chronic is a classic!

      • afrodisiaq

        It’s Nate Dogg. He’ll have you singing like it was a song by The Temptations, lol. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who remembers AMG! Now Jewell…”Cause I’m doin my own thang/down with the swang/I’m hangin with Death Rooooow/like it ain’t no thang”. I’m a “sanger” on her part!!!

        • Fiedah

          LOL Feel me?

  • MsConceptions

    Did I miss the Ying Yang Twins Whisper Song?

  • Meyaka

    I’m a stuck up bougie bish …

  • L-Boogie

    Um, hell yeah.
    And my list is as follows:
    Usher – IFU (uncensored)
    The Dream – Sex Intelligent and remix
    Juvenile – Rodeo
    Three Six Mafia – Slob On My Knob
    and the list goes on…:)

    • Tamz

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss!!! Anything Three Six Mafia makes me wild out….lmao

      • ME TOOO!!!! LIKE UGH!!! UGH!!! UGH!!! on Juicy J’s last cd….

  • thatonegirl

    Not even gona front when Pop That comes on I get rachet, lol.