Forget-Me-Nots! Favorite Moments And Episodes From “Living Single”

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Let’s be clear: This show was the original Girlfriends and definitely lent a hand, even if indirectly, into the creation of Sex and the City.  Maxine, Khadijah, Synclaire and Regine kept up such different lives – with the help of their male neighbors, Kyle and Overton – and often had us wondering which one we related to the most.  Here, we choose some of our best moments and episodes – no order, just fun times.  Did yours make the list?

The Flavorettes

After Khadijah gets annoyed with the roommates for playing old records in the house while trying to work and rest, she goes into the hallway and dreams that the girls are a ’60s singing group. Maxine was originally the lead singer but after she has an embarrassing moment on stage, Khadijah (or “Flo,” as she’s named in the group) takes over.  Their reactions in practice and on stage are hilarious. It really shows how funny Erika Alexander (Maxine) was and often the leader of the comedic portion of the show.

There’s Got To Be A Morning After

Maxine is let go from her job after a disastrous divorce settlement and tries to drink the pain away with Khadijah. Unfortunately, she and Scooter have rekindled their relationship so she apparently goes to the next best person: Kyle. They don’t realize it until the next morning when they wake up in a chair in Overton and Kyle’s apartment…naked.  It is a classic moment.

Back in the Day

Khadijah wins a journalism award and as they get ready for the big evening, the friends reminisce on how they met.  Max lived with Khadijah and Regine for a short stint and Regine and Kyle actually dated. The funniest part of the episode is when Max and Regine come to blows for unknown reasons.

The Wedding

But it wasn’t only the wedding that made this episode funny. The night before, the girls got together for one last night and Maxine admitted to caring a lot about Kyle and not being able to get enough of the “Barker beer,” as Synclaire called it. Kyle also announced he was moving to London and Max told him she loved him. But back to the wedding: Kyle and Khadijah sang a beautiful song during the ceremony called “I Commit To You.”

The Grant Hill Episode

After landing an interview with Grant Hill, Khadijah decides to show off her high school basketball skills in a friendly game of one-on-one. Unfortunately, when she took Grant to the whole, he landed on his back and sprained his ankle.  It worked in their favor because they switched gears and started dating…for a little while. It wasn’t long before the piano playing, made up songs and flowers came to an end because of their schedules.  Classic moment of the episode: any time Grant’s “wife,” the future Mrs. Regine Hunter-Hill yelled at Khadijah for taking “her man.”

Judging By Its Cover

This picture sort of epitomized the first episode. Regine found herself with an attractive and rich man but the other girls quickly find out that he is married. They decide to tell Regine but in true fashion, she lets him whisper sweet nothings and she continues to see him.  By the end of the episode, she finds herself stood up (likely because her boo’s wife found out) and eating chocolate with her friends who love her the most.


On the eve of Overton and Synclaire’s anniversary, Synclaire is kissed by Jean Marc, her fellow psychology student (played by Shemar Moore).  While at dinner, she spills her guts and have an argument. The result? They finally take their relationship to the next intimate level.

Pass Me The Mic

After Kyle becomes the church choir director, Regine convinces him to give her the solo during one of their bigger Sunday events.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize until after the fact that she is completely tone deaf.  Kyle has to take the solo from her and give it to fellow choir member, Cece Winans.  After being out of order, Cece gives the solo back to Regine only for her to say on the say of that she can’t do it. At the end of it all, Kyle and Cece end up singing the solo and bring the church house down!

The Finale

As I think back and watch this episode a few times, it really was very funny. The worst part was that it seemed to happen so abruptly and we didn’t get to prepare for the show coming to an end. Kyle returned form London in the final episode to find out that he was the father of Maxine’s baby (she was artificially inseminated) and they finally figured out that they needed to be together.  Synclaire received a job in a television show that would move she and Overton to California and Khadijah took her change – again – with Scooter. Regine had already left the show by the finale and was engaged to a millionaire. It was the perfect end to a perfect show.

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