Do You Know Who I Am? Michael Jordan Refuses To Change Clothes At Golf Country Club

December 1, 2012  |  


Being arguably the best basketball player of all time apparently means nothing when a country club wants you to follow their rules.

According to the NY Daily News, hall of famer Michael Jordan was banned from the La Gorce Country Club in Miami Beach after he refused to change out of his cargo shorts into “proper” golf pants or shorts.

Jordan, whose favorite pastime for years has been golfing, told ESPN Chicago that he was not about to interrupt his game over shorts:

“I’ve been there many times and no one told me a thing. Then all of a sudden they come to me on the 11th hole and say I can’t wear cargo shorts. Wow! The round is almost over and you want me to buy shorts now? Yeah, right!!”
After he refused to change, Jordan finished his game (now you know MJ didn’t just leave the premises like “commonfolk”) and left but according to a source at La Gorce, he has been banned from returning to the club.  An employee at the pro shop further supported the rules by saying they do not allow denim or cargo and if there are pockets on the outside, they are not allowed.
Michael Jordan’s reps had this to day:
“We were not aware that he is not allowed to return to La Gorce,” his representatives said. “I guess it’s their loss – as MJ is a great golfer, and a great guest.”
It sounds like the club was looking for a way to get him out of there and finally used his shorts as the reason. Not to worry: Jordan is welcome in country clubs around the world so this is just one he scratches off the list.

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  • IllyPhilly

    My dad use to say the only time you ain’t a n!66er is when you’re in the room. It was harsh, but I guess real.

    • realadulttalk

      Very true! Growing up in an uber-white environment taught me that…I’ve overheard many things (b/c someone forgot I was in their home).

  • Reese

    This is the second or third time I’ve heard about MJ not following the rules of a golf course. Golfs clubs are bougie, period. And they take their dress code very serious. Just because he is MJ that doesn’t make his arrogant but exempt from the rules.

  • Lol

    … I guess he forgot he was black lol. A snow bunny on your arm doesn’t make YOU one.

  • In the words of Sheree Witfeild (?) ‘Who gone check me Boo?’

  • In the words of Sheree Witfeild ‘Who gone che



    • Cleo

      Lmaooo!! I died but he probably thought the same thing

  • YeaaY

    Wow! White ppl can be something else…..this goes to show you, if you black and have money they still don’t give a F about you…lol…I wonder ifit was Mr. Trump would there have been a different outcome….# ijs

    • SheBe

      Of course! They probably would’ve tried doing business with him to “expand their brand”.