Say You’re Sorry: Gabrielle Douglas Wants An Apology From Dad

December 1, 2012  |  


The road to success for Gabby Douglas hasn’t been easy. Thankfully, the young gymnast relied on her mother, Natalie Hawkins and three siblings, Arielle, John and Joyelle. But one person’s been noticeably absent from her life, Gabby’s father Timothy Douglas, an Air National guardsman.

According to an interview with People, the Olympic gold medalist says she didn’t see him much growing up—especially after her parents divorced in 2007. And things haven’t changed much since then. “I haven’t heard from him,” said Gabby. “He’s doing his own thing. What can you do? Everyone has hiccups in their families.”

She hopes to receive an apology from him “at some point.”

Read what else Gabrielle has to say about her family over at ESSENCE.

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  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    don’t insult me. We women are quick to point out what a man has done wrong to us instead of acknowledging our own roles in some of the things that go wrong in our lives. If mama was really hurting she said she would have put that paper on him. i’m not buying it, especially since gabby is real quick to let everyone know how much another black man has disappointed another black woman. . .

  • kierah

    I just pray she understands that Gabrielle is still a whole person even without her dad in her life.

  • Patricia

    I understand that Gabby wants an apology from her father. You can’t make him do that. It is really sad when you have some men who don’t want to be bother with their own children. How can a man do that? You lay down and have a wonderful time having sex with the woman and then later you decide you don’t want anything to do with your children. Something is really wrong. But what goes around always come back around in due season no matter how long it may take to happen. Now you said you are looking for an apology, please move on and focus your energy on the 2016 Olympics and winning more Gold medals. At least you have some family support, and I know it not like having acutal father around. You can’t use that as an excuse. Please continue to focus on being smart with you money and make sure that your family and business people squander your fame and fortune.

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  • bosslol

    Dang his apology where is the back child support

  • Alexa

    Why do they keep asking her about her dad and family issues? And why does she keep answering! My goodness…

    • get real

      Its a hustle but blk folks can’t peep out the game. Hustle meaning some slick ish that they do to make the blk family look disfunctional. Instead of diverting us blk dummies answer the bs.

  • bluekissess

    She’s done pretty well without her father. It would be his loss. I can see she wants some kind of closer. Idk how and why a father would bail out on his kids.

  • Oh, how I wish fathers knew how important their presence is in the lives of their children. I know society thinks a mother is more vital than a father, but they are both, in my opinion, equally important in the development of a child. There are too many mothers holding it down.

    There are two sides to every story. We may never hear his side, but I wish Gabby the very best.

  • guest510

    Gabby, baby girl, please stop bringing family issues into interviews. I understand she feels some type of way about her dad but I really want them to work it out behind closed doors. And if I’m not mistaken, didn’t Gabby’s mom make her change her number and cut all lines of communication with her dad shortly after the Olympics?? That could explain her not hearing from him. I too have a fragile relationship with my dad so I understand her feelings. She may be expecting an apology she’ll never get. I just hope everything works out for them.

    • bluekissess

      You must be her PR. I think she’s doing this to attract other young girls without a father. She’s creating, a fan base



      • get real

        Plz. Quest 510 took the post right out of my mouth. Maybe the interviewer asked her about him and her mom or “PR” firm should prepare her and not have fall into the slick “throw the blk father under the bus” nonsense that these interviewers will try to pull. And if she voluteered to go this route then shame on you little girl and your mom for constantly letting you bring this up to the public.

      • guest510

        I don’t get how you came to that conclusion but ok. and if I was her PR, she wouldn’t be allowed to bring up family issues in interviews.

        • bluekissess

          Who cares? This is this young ladies testimony and if she wants to tell her testimony a billion times that’s HER right but it’s also YOUR right to not listen. She isn’t harming anyone besides that deadbeat farther of hers. And yeah I did say you should be her PR because it seems you know what should and shouldn’t be said. How many celebrities haven’t told a personal story?

          • guest510

            Well somebody’s feeling some type of way. It’s my opinion, And its YOUR right not to agree with it. My point is that there is so much more to her story than having an absent father but it keeps getting brought up. These people have an agenda outside of giving her shine for her great accomplishments but you clearly don’t see that. Good day

            • bluekissess

              John 8:14 Jesus answered, “Even if I do bear witness about myself, my testimony is true, for I know where I came from and where I am going, but you do not know where I come from or where [I’m going]. My day is splendid it’s beyond “good”

        • Alohilani

          But you are not her PR and what you would do does not matter here.

          • bluekissess

            Totally agree. Leave this child alone already. I guess people aren’t familiar with the first amendment right? Black people always wanting to keep things private that’s what’s wrong with families lay it all out on the table. The fool is the deadbeat father

            • KissMyBumperBluePoo

              Your trivial ramblings bespeak yet another deluded Dame….who’s clearly involved with a sorry fella who ain’t doin right by HIS seed/s; and has conned you into making it all ‘on the baby mama’….? Either that – or the “Rudy Huxtable” character was scripted after your life right? Or maybe you happen to have sired son/s who you lovingly pat on the shoulder for neglecting your own grandchildren. SOMETHIN’s wrong with yo sellout @$$. Clearly. Please Have a Seat. The emotional toil rendered upon a black woman (ESPECIALLY in THIS Country) by these Willi e Lync h By-Product derelicts is real. It needs to be spoken upon as long as it continues to be a phenomenon. I’d further school you, but I can safely surmise that I’ve already laid more than you’re used to intellectually processing….Please Have a Seat.

              • bluekissess

                I am sitting down because I did have a long day at work. If you must know smart a** I don’t have children. If Gabby didn’t want to talk about her father then she wouldn’t have put it in the book. When you get your book deal you can choose not to talk about your father. She’s using all of her trails and tribulations as motivation. She’s a very optimistic young lady who carries herself with class. Maybe if you stop looking at the glass empty you will see what I see. Grabs wine and “sits” on my comfy couch

  • Nikki

    Good luck to Gabrielle with her dad. The relationship will never be the same since he’s been in and out of her life. (Side note: I’m jealous of those arms!)

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I don’t know, I think there’s more to the story, especially considering that her dad has been deployed several times in several years and her mom has made it clear that she and dad hadn’t been on best of terms communications wise. . .

    • lilkunta

      AMEN ! What role did Natalie play in teh fractured relationship between Gabby and her Dad. MOthers can be vindictive andn maybe she spoke horribly about her ex. Not to mention Gabby moved to Iowa so perhaps her dad was able to get leave to VA only and not to Iowa.