What ‘Chu Say Boo: Caption This Picture Of “The Baby Mamas”

November 30, 2012  |  
Source: Twitter.com

We talk all the time about parents of blended families learning to be civil toward one another. Well, if ever there were a shining example of how to do this, it’s Lil Wayne’s baby mamas, all four of them (Sarah Vivian, not pictured above.) Recently, these women gathered together for Reginae’s 14th birthday at an Atlanta skating rink. We don’t know quite what to say about this photo, so we’re leaving it up to you: caption the thoughts of these three women and even the fourth one if you so choose. We know you all are quite the comedians, so we look forward to reading what you have to say.

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  • Ronilove

    Who deese women???Part of the blind set! When he first came out I thought people were slick makin’ fun of the special kid…

    • IllyPhilly


  • truth0

    partyin up on each own child support Wayne ca$hin out 4. kids not related by blood. he needs 2 have a vasectomy/keep it in his pants. typical fuqd up situations. none 2 be proud of really lol

  • Even tho Nivea is a bit physically challenged they’re all too cute to be with that creature…. They need to all be on the pill and a back up of penicillin bc CLEARLY wrapping it up isn’t an option in this family…Am I hating? -_-

  • jade

    I think it’s very mature and loving of them to be able to get along and be there each other’s children. They say about 70% of Black children are born out of wedlock these days, not that I am promoting it but atleast they aren’t being ignorant and crazy towards each other, give them some credit, they could’ve been a baby mama to some broke down dudes worst than wayne who can afford to take care of his.

  • quest

    “I swear I seen my h%&, she was with my other h%&. Then I fu%&’ed them both. Sore P&**% and sore throat” Come on man. This is ridiculous. I always thought Lauren was so pretty and classy. She downgraded herself.

    • IllyPhilly

      OMG, is that real lyrics from one of his songs? LMAO. Damn, how true is that?

      • NiceNasty

        Yea they are real lyrics, and as a matter of fact it’s from the “No Worries” song that you quoted earlier in this post.

        • IllyPhilly

          LMAO! My sis gave me that quote. OMG!! I’m happy I never heard it then.

  • get real

    Has it dawned on any of you losers that this little girl is hanging with her siblings on her birthday?

    • Ay

      Naw we missed that…..

  • laila

    It may not be “cute”, but it is what it is…kids are bonded for life so they are tied to each other. They obviously got what the wanted so why should they NOT be cordial? Some of them were at Toya’s wedding…

    • Alohilani

      Kids are bonded for life to what?

  • Its amazing how black women love drama especially on this site. I think it’s a beautiful think that they are showing the world that not all black women are angry better aggressive women. But I guess his people only comprehends good ish. Maybe you’d rather they bust each others windows out. Kudos to four positive black women. I love it.

    • get real

      You beat me to it. This is how it suppose to be. Like Will Jada and his ex wife are cool. Some chick up top asked “how is this cute”. Maybe because they aren’t going at each others throat and acting like ghetto “baby mamas”.

      • guest

        to bad they didnt choose not to be baby mamas in the first place. They are still by no -means cute or good role models.

  • scandalous7

    “Wayne’s monthly annuity retirement plan!, meet with a financial advisor today! (dark skinned girls no longer welcome to apply)”

  • Alohilani

    Only on a woman’s site would other women take joy in being overly critical and catty.

    • IllyPhilly

      I think most lost sight of the “Caption this photo” part.

  • daliboom

    Everyone shout, “Child support!”

  • Fiedah

    I think it’s gross, but at least they get along.

  • nick

    They better smile for those checks!

  • I’m sorry but this is ridiculous and I think we are missing at least one more! At what point does somebody demand that a condom be put on? Why is it cute to be apart of this nonsense?

  • shebaby

    The one next to Toya is her hairstylist

  • MImi

    “Add a few more baby mamas and LiL Wayne will have his own personal Dream Team”

  • IllyPhilly

    “They put that p*$$y in his face and now they ain’t got no worries.”

    • Kay

      Dead *cries real tears*

    • Ewe lol

  • Anony

    Four stooges minus 1…Sarah

  • Just saying

    Am I the only person that sees something wrong with this? Yea it’s really nice that they all get along with each other but they just seem so proud to be baby mama’s. Like that was their highest goal or some sort of achievement to be Lil Wayne’s BM. Idk maybe it’s just me but when did this become cool and acceptable #shrugs

    • Cha cha

      I’m with you… It’s actually kinda sad to me. *sigh*

    • Alohilani

      What gives you the impression that they are ‘proud’ to be ‘baby mama’s’?

  • 3-1-2, 3-1-3, 2-1-5, 8-0-3 (Area codes)

    • JujuGee

      *singing in my NateDogg voice* darn you, angela

    • scandalous7

      ahhhhhhh yes!

  • Looks like photo opt for Vagisil itch cream!!! Who’s that dude chic on the right??

  • quest

    Are these women still sleeping with him ? And smiling in each others faces. This is not ok. Sorry. I’m sure they all have a special relationship with him and the fake smiles are not working for me. Im not buying it.

  • Neeks

    Toya and Lauren always look good. Nivea new name is “Cantgetright”, she just never has it together! (ps: What happened to Nivea’s upper lip? It’s started to vanish over the years…)

  • Trisha_B

    Nivea looks a mess! & whose the lady on the left, she looks miserable lol

    They only smiling like this for the photo, but i’m sure the women aren’t that close as it seems. Lauren usually stays distant from the others. The only close ones are Toya & Sarah. Toya goes to Sarah’s son soccer games w/ Reginae & Sarah goes to Reginae’s events. It would make everything harder, more difficult, & added drama if the women wouldn’t get along & stayed at opposite ends of the party w/ angry faces. The kids will pick up on it & mess up the relationship the kids have w/ each other. Nothing wrong w/ the women smiling in a pic together. They most likely don’t have girl talk & hangout at the mall, but they are cordial. I prefer this over hearing drama, them taking wayne to court, them talking about each other, etc. Which is what everybody is use to, reason this is so weird. So i’ll caption it as “mature women putting whatever issues aside for their kids.”

    • Shea

      Yeah, I think they’re only doing it for the kids. Also, you just have to love Reginae and she tries to keep close with all her daddy’s kids.

    • Alohilani

      I would say her expression is more neutral than miserable.

    • Guest

      invested much? You should go on ahead and write “The Baby Mama’s of Lil Wayne Diaries” …jk girl

      • Trisha_B

        Lol I’m not invested, i’m more so shocked at the comments & the big contradiction on this blog. i know there are different writers for the blogs but there could at least be some sameness when writing new stories. One story last week was how she hated being called a baby mama, & a majority of the comments agreed that the term baby mama/daddy is an ignorant term but yet the word baby mama is used all up & thru this post. Then you got the post on Halle/Gabe/Oliver drama, Rocye Reed & Dwight drama, Chris Bosh & Alliyson drama & the comments are always “can’t the parents get along for the child…why can’t they be cordial ..” but here we got 4 women who are being cordial just smiled for 1 picture & it’s disgusting. Like it doesn’t make sense to me lol. You never hear any of the women bashing each other, you never hear them calling Wayne a bad father, you never hear them taking him to court for custody/child support, none of that. Which is foreign in the celeb world, but it’s very mature of them. It was just for Reginae, as adults you need to learn how to put things aside for the kids. I remember last year for Reginae’s birthday she was hurt Lauren & her son didn’t come to her birthday. Lauren may not like Nivea but she knew she had to be cordial & go to the party so her son can spend time w/ his sister & brothers, & a picture for Reginae to remember who was at her party. So there is nothing wrong w/ the picture.

  • “we’re the proud parents of half-cockroaches.” Don’t tell me Lil Wayne face don’t look like it needs to be maced with straight up Raid.

    • lmbo

      Please stop! Lol you better look at that photo again because you might want to spray nivea’s insect face with a lil raid too. Lol

      • LMAO! I’m weak I’m weak!

      • IllyPhilly

        Doooooooone!!!! LMAO

    • It’s a fact that his breath stinks….

  • Sha Sha

    Four baby mamas, one thought: “What reason do I have to be bitter or mad? Enough child support to go around and I don’t have to work another day in my life if I don’t want to!”

  • Kay

    “We all popped the weasel”

  • edawk

    Well he got what he asked for…project chicks that don’t give a f*** & say they took that d***. Oh and the leprechaun on the right.

  • Say What?

    When sucking d!ck goes wrong…

  • TeahMonae

    I dont think Toya should necessarily be lumped in the “Lil Wayne Baby Mama Club”. They were childhood friends and although she wasnt married to him when Reginae was born, they were eventually married.

    It’s good they’re all able to get along so the siblings can have a relationship with each other. I guess there’s no reason for animosity when they all getting paid! It’s still a bit weird though, kinda “sisterwives” type vibe.

    • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

      Let’s not lump her into the “Lil Wayne baby mama” club??? LOL she STARTED the club.

      While I like Toya too (she seems to have a head on her shoulders), let’s not paint a prettier picture for the sake of kindness…she was liike 14 when she got pregnant and had his child, they were NOT married (until years later) and are divorced. She is his baby’s mama.

      Although she can also add “ex-wife” to her list unlike the others, she was still his baby mama. And the very fact that the only reason any of us knows who the heck she is at all is because she had a baby by Lil Wayne, only adds to the fact that she is indeed…a baby mama. You can’t change facts to fit your personal opinions.

      • TeahMonae

        I tried to give her a little more credit, but now that you lay out the facts out…..yeah she was probably his baby mama longer than she was his wife.

      • Fiedah

        I know! People try to act like she’s not a hoodrat!

  • MakeUpWhore

    Our vaginas have no value

    • Alohilani

      How would a vagina have a value anyway?

    • NONE!

  • realadulttalk

    “Will screw anything for money”

  • MakeUpWhore

    “We all sucked some d@$& for some trukfit”

    • nick

      You got my vote! Lmao

  • truuuuu

    it’s like the c-squad of baby mommas..

  • BAP

    when i saw this last nite on toya instagram i laughed honestly and loudly…and those heffas think they cute,some dumb girl commented that these 3 ladies were “independent strong women”,shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

    • Trisha_B

      I understand Toya being independent b/c she is branching out & lauren is doing the game & appearing in other tv shows. But Nivea? idk about that one, she’s getting 4 hefty checks (3 kids by the dream) she don’t ever have to work lol

    • ieshapatterson

      lol i’m with you.why would you take pride in this??being 1 of the 4 baby mama’s of a man who looks like a science experience gone bad.