Reality Sneak Peek: Meet The Preacher Wives Of TLC’s New Show ‘The Sisterhood’

November 30, 2012  |  

Some of the ladies in Atlanta are definitely in need of religion, as we’ve seen from the Real Housewives and Love & Hip-Hop franchises centered in the southern black mecca. A new show coming to TLC may provide just that as the network has just released a sneak peek view of its new reality show: The Sisterhood.

The show is slated to provide “a candid look into the larger-than-life preacher wives (aka First Ladies) who work to ensure that their families and churches run as smooth as Southern-churned butter,” (so a press release says), and will follow the lives of these saved souls:


Domonique is anything but your typical preacher’s wife.  She’s bold, she’s brash, and she’s unapologetically honest. After moving to Atlanta, she met and married Brian, an Evangelical pastor, and they had two daughters together. After years of growing The Good Life Ministry, the couple fell on hard times and were forced to close the church’s doors. They are now looking for new opportunities to fulfill their calling and Domonique is hoping to repair the damage that losing the church caused to her marriage.


When most people think of preacher’s wives, they think of demure ladies in big hats, conservative suits, and strands of pearls.  So when people find out Tara is a First Lady, they usually do a double take.  She’s fit and fabulous and her wardrobe leaves little to the imagination. Tara and her husband Brian recently relocated their family from Los Angeles to Atlanta so Brian could pastor a new church. However, Brian, who was actually raised Jewish, lost his position at the church after only six weeks. Now the two are struggling to find their footing in a city where new churches… and new friends…are hard to come by.


Most First Ladies do not have a colorful past like Ivy.  As one of the members of girl group Xscape, Ivy lived the partying life of a pop star.  But since meeting her husband Mark, pastor of the Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Ivy is singing a different tune.  She is now a dutiful First Lady, wife, and mother to a one-year old son. However, her not-so-wholesome past helps Ivy relate to and connect with her inner city congregation.


It’s rare that you’ll hear a first lady say, “I’m Dominican and I don’t play!”  But Christina often makes it known that she’s a sassy Latina who you don’t want to mess with.

Christina and her husband Anthony run one of the largest and most successful churches in Atlanta called the Oasis Family Life Church. But the success of their church also means they struggle to meet the needs of their ever-growing congregation. And, if that weren’t stressful enough, Christina and Anthony also have to wrangle their two challenging teenage daughters who are just as sassy as their mother.


One look at DeLana singing on stage in her leather pants and spiked heels and you’ll definitely think she’s a rock star.  But don’t let her rocker chick exterior fool you – she’s a First Lady through and through.  DeLana and her husband Myles pastor the Worship with Wonders Church where music plays a big part in their ministry. They write their own music and perform original songs at every Sunday service. In addition to music, DeLana is passionate about helping children.  She has two children of her own and often acts as a surrogate mother to young members of her congregation in need.

I’m sort of on the fence about this show. A lot of people already give members of the church the side-eye, being quick to call members, particularly those in leadership positions, hypocrites when they slip up. Looking at the description for this show which promises that “tensions will run high as the [ladies] faith and relationships are challenged through a dramatic season of disagreements, betrayal, criticism and exposing inner demons,” I can’t help but see the potential for the greater good — like showing christian women actually living christian lives — falling by the wayside. But it wouldn’t be good TV otherwise, right?

“The Sisterhood” is slated to air Tuesday, January 1 at 9 pm on TLC. Check out the trailer for the show on the next page. Will you watch?

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  • Janee

    *hangs head then looks to the sky* Lord, whenever you’re ready to come back…whenever you’re ready.

    Jesus: *putting gas in the chariot*

  • Tagirl

    Yeah, I think this is a mistake right here. For one, people don’t get that everyone has challenges, whether you’re a Christian or not. That’s going to be interesting.

  • Jael

    I’m an atheist and I’m gonna watch. I love me some loud church ladies lol.

    • MieMie


    • Lana White


  • okey dokey

    A building can not be embarrased. They can only embarrass themselves. If you are a christian jenna and there behavior don’t represent you then that is what you stand on… if someone says that “oh! thats HOW Christians act” you can confidently say.. I AM A CHRISTIAN AND THEY DO NOT REPRESNET ME… same idea as being black… none of the ratchet women on tv represent me at all.. so it doesnt faze me.

  • anon

    I hate how the tv industry follows fads instead of true innovation. Especially in the area of education, television and media has yet to be utilized to it’s fullest potential. Instead, tv is mostly used to perpetuate corruption, wickedness, perversion and foolishness. Pretty much, tv helps perpetuate things/situations, those regressive flukes/mistakes/no-nos in society, that ought not be into wide-spread practice and acceptance.

    Additionally, most of the information on tv is commercialized, biased, and dumbed-down.

    • Friar Bones

      These women have no idea who Christ is. They do nothing but seek the favor of men and gain wealth. They sit up there on stage pompous loving the cheering of others the proof is their agreement to be on this show. Disgusting the health of the church in America is ill.

  • scandalous7

    no no no

  • Miss D

    This is going to be grade A foolery. Even the closing shot of the trailer – Christina is dressed for the club, not church. Just another drama-filled show.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    of all the first ladies of the churches I’ve had growing up – and my mama – none of these women exactly scream first lady to me except DeLana, but this should be real interesting . . .

  • ieshapatterson

    ladies,all i ask is that you don’t make a fool of the church.

    • Kenedy

      Ofcourse they will…how can they not…they signed up for a reality show

      • ieshapatterson

        Lol true.that was stupid for me to think other wise.

  • Say What?

    These ladies seem like all the pastor wives I know, which is loud, loose and judgmental. I’mma PASS!

  • dee

    I will not be participating.

  • Patricia

    No I will not be watching this. When will the reality shows stop? It is a ashame it comes down to this. I guarantee you these people will cuss, fight, act a fool on television for the sake of the money $$$$

    • Kitsy

      And all in the name of the “Lawd”!

  • Na Na

    Oh boy….. whats more is I’m surprised the Preacher Husbands were okay with this.

  • My face is so frowned up, brows furrowed, the whole bit! PLEASE don’t embarrass the church…. PLEASE!

  • realadulttalk

    Considering their recent shows…TLC cannot possibly stand for The Learning Channel anymore. What is anyone learning?

    • Friar Bones

      That “Christian” wives of Mega Church Pastors are no different than the greedy narcissistic wives of basketball players and other millionaires on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.