‘It Is So Embarrassing’: Woman Takes The Blame For Alleged Keyshia Cole Fellatio Photo

November 30, 2012  |  

Source(s): Twitter.com, WENN

A woman who has been identified as Mari Lynn has come forth, identifying herself as the woman performing “Brain Surgery” in the leaked photo that many assumed to be Keyshia Cole. While Keyshia did come forward and explain that it wasn’t her in the photo, many were still skeptical. According to Necole Bitchie, the woman took to her Twitter account to clear Keyshia’s name and explain that the photo was leaked by her ex-boyfriend.

My ex, whom I have tatted on me, leaked the picture. The picture is 2 years old. Damn, I’m a different woman than the girl I was. I love Keyshia Cole. I would never try & frame her… This is tragic to my rep but no it’s not. I’m so sorry Keyshia, I really am! It is so embarrassing, I was 17 years in the picture and I’m 20 years old.I’m so sorry thanks for being understanding. I know your a newlywed & I would never do that to you, I love you!!!

Mari then proceeded to address those who have been publicly attacking her:

That picture makes me sad cuz that girl was lost & she didn’t love herself… Lack of guidance & no parents did that to me. I’m a grown A$$ woman now & I know my worth. Fawk you..I had these tatts since I was in high school & they look nothing like hers smh… people are simple. I’m not tying to capitalize on no 15 minutes of fame… Im a real b**ch with real bills. Never been hated so bad, never been so hard to smile. Bottom line, I couldn’t let my idol take the blame for my dirt. She got a beautiful family & this sh-t is tragic.This was the day all my haters been waiting for…

I’m sure Keyshia, Daniel, and fans are also relieved as the picture drama seemed to be getting a bit out of hand. In an earlier statement released by Keyshia on Twitter, she revealed that people had begun to send messages to her as well as her husband regarding that photo and that the rumors had begun to impact her family.

I guess all I’ve shown people over the last 10 years that I’m liar and a S**t Hugh. I would never want my son to have to see this filth!

I suppose it was a pretty noble deed for Mari Lynn to come forth and clear Keyshia’s name. Hopefully both woman can now move on with their lives. Daniel, however doesn’t seem to have allowed the drama to effect his relationship  as he reportedly recently got a tattoo of his wife’s face on his arm.

What do you think of Mari Lynn coming forward?

Jazmine Denise is writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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  • the emperor

    Well we she may be able to deepthroat but she sure can’t count. She said the pic was 2 yrs old and she was 17 and she’s 20 now. Uggh wouldn’t that make her nineteen? And if keyshia cole is your idol you really need to examine your life. And NO I don’t believe that is her in that photo. Miss mari got paid to take one for the team I think but hey that’s just me.

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  • Dawson

    There are people that will continue to believe it’s Keyshia. Just go on with your life.

  • CurlyBoo

    never get anyone tattooed on you.

    • Kenedy

      You can’t tell these hoodrats anything

  • Fiedah

    She’s better than me. I sure wouldn’t come forward telling folks that was me caught on tape!

  • mskane808

    well you dont say, that was pretty fast for a person to come forward

  • Angela

    With all the problems out here who cares if Mrs. K is giving her husband a lslobdown they are married aren’t they?

  • realadulttalk

    They do greatly resemble each other…Mari must be bi-racial as well.

    • Ms_Mara

      You know what?! LMAO

  • get real

    I still think it was Kesh. This is just damage control. Someone from Kesh’s camp paid her to come forward and take this heat off Kesh. Nice try Kesh.

    • toya

      Me too..

  • UmOk

    Girl in the pic looks more like LeToya Luckett than Keyshia. But good for the girl for accepting responsibility.

  • Mee

    If she’s 17 then that’s child pornography

    • Candacey Doris

      She was at the time, but yeah, you’re right. Someone could see jail time over that.

  • shelshel

    That was really good of her to come forth. She is growing because a lot of women probably would had left the blame on Keyshia. Keyshia should thank her for coming out.

  • pickneychile

    Kudos to her for stepping to the plate because that is NOT easy to do. That took a lot of guts, I probably would’ve ran and hid lol.

  • Trisha_B

    You don’t take the blame for something you did, you own up to it…But at least the lady spoke out on it & said something a lot of these girls (i.e amber cole) are gonna be saying in a couple years. Don’t let no man record you or take pics of you. if so make sure they stay in your possession

  • Kellz

    Big ups to her.. Now lets move on.

  • Rae Marie

    That’s messed up, but I like how that girl explained herself and her situation especially since she didn’t have to say anything.

  • Meyaka

    At least she is taking responsibilities for her actions and admitting there was a problem.

  • Guest

    Even if the pictures had turned out to be Keyshia, it really would have been between her and her husband. The people criticizing her have probably done much worse things than “brain surgery.” Those expressing the most outrage are usually the ones with more skeletons in their closet than they have room for. As the young lady involved stated, she didn’t know her own self worth. Perhaps if we spent more of our time teaching our young sisters their worth instead of criticizing and ridiculing them, it wouldn’t be so easy to corrupt their self esteem. I wish both these ladies the best going forward!!!!

    • chinlahdin

      and whats worse than a brain surgery?