‘Run Tell That’: Fantasia Goes In On Antwaun Cook’s Aunt On Instagram

November 30, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

The Thanksgiving holiday seems to have sparked more celebrity drama than we thought when notables took to their social networking accounts to share photos of who they spent their holiday with. First there was the drama surrounding the highly criticized photo that Rihanna posted to her Instagram account of boo-thing Chris Brown sleeping after the two spent Thanksgiving together in Europe and now, this. According to The YBF, it seems that Antwaun Cook’s family still are not too happy about he and Fantasia being together because a woman believed to be the aunt of Cook, Vickie Henry, had been sending Tasia some pretty aggressive and distasteful messages. In retaliation, Tasia posted this photo, which is of her and Antwaun spending Thanksgiving together to her Instagram account with a caption that read: RUN and TELL THAT.

It is being reported that this same woman caused Antwaun to delete all of his social media accounts to avoid any forms of communication with her; however, Tasia wasn’t budging. Seemingly fed up, she proceeded to go at the woman.

“We grown you’re more than welcome to come to my Home. Face to Face. Woman to Woman. Come on now, you older than me doing this again? I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU.”

The comments also revealed that family dispute seems to have started over Antwaun’s family having some sort of issue with how many photos he has of Dallas, the son that she shares with Cook. She also continued to call his family out as fake, stating that they come to pick up Dallas and “pretend” as if they don’t have issues with her and threatened that “they’ll never see him again”.

I guess Tasia and Antwaun are back together despite her suicide attempt, being sued by his wife and allegedly being cheated on by him with Kendra of “Bad Girls Club” *sigh*. It seems really silly for this family to be beefing over how many photos the man has of his kid, but whatever the situation is, I’m sure it is one that mature adults should be able to handle privately, not on social networks.

Do you think Fanny should’ve responded to Vickie?

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    The life of the well to do and ratchet….I cant say rich and ratchet because that fool work for verizon…..Fantasia look so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so STUPID!!!!!!!!!! Where are her FRIENDS!!!!! To say “dont put down their were other women you going to REALLY LOOK LIKE A SIDE HOE,” or “NO, DONT RESPOND,” and “You really cant justify SLEEPING WITH A MARRIED PHONE SALESMAN AFTER YOU FOUND OUT HE WAS MARRIED.”

  • anonymouse

    wow, she’s still sleeping with mrs. cook’s husband and posting pics of them together like he’s some sort of prize? That guy ain’t sh!t, but I guess Fantasia ain’t sh!t either since she’s rolling with him.

  • I’m not gonna lie it’s getting harder and harder to defend my girl tasia. But she is obviously a victim of low self-esteem and a generational curse. Once she learns to think more of herself she’ll do better. Can’t buy confidence and/or strength. Praying for the kid. Still # teamtasia….s/n so is he not supposed to have pictures of his son? That’s what’s wrong with our men, we support absentee fathers and make excuses for them. Illegitimate or not, his responsiblity.

  • Mona Lisa

    I was tired of her when this mess started. Nothing has changed. The sooner we no longer give her and this nonsense a headline and follow-up story, the better. Let them be donkeys without the spotlight. It’s probably best for the children – who will unfortunately become products of this cycle of dysfunction.

    • TRUTH


  • realadulttalk

    Why do people want to put all their business out for all to see??? You know that as soon as you hit send all heck is gonna break loose. And you can delete it later–but it’s too late. A MESS!!!

  • Myssdee

    It’s always some aunt that can’t mind her own business always in something instead of cleaning up their own house. Anyways, you know the saying “time will reveal”…it has been painfully obvious that Antwaun does not want his estranged wife Paula. We don’t know much of these circumstances…we only got bits, pieces, and teas of speculation from blogs and other media.

    The aunt needs to shut up and sit down…and mind her business. Very simple!!!

    • If he doesn’t want his wife why not divorce her and marry Fantasia? Why not honor the one he’s loving by vowing and committing to her and their baby? Surely the cost of the divorce can’t be at issue here. I guarantee you Fantasia would whip out the checkbook in a milisecond to get that ring.

  • phat504

    First off its not fair to call someone u dnt knw a hoodrat or any other disrespectful name b/c u dnt agree with their decisions in life… thats their lives not ours but i will say this much it seems like in our culture the woman is held to a higher standard than the man… if we badgered our men with as many derogatory terms as we do our women there might actually be men out there who are willing to step up to the plate and take care of their responsibilities and commitments… anyone who has kept up with Fantasia knws she has had hardships that some of us cant even imagine going through so who knws whats going on in this woman’s mind…. as far as antwan he is just another example of a boy still trying to be a man… moral of the story is get off of fantasia she seems to be a great mom and thats all that should matter

    • Fantasia has had a lot of hardships. No denying that. She’s a product of her environment, no denying that. If you get props for overcoming and succeeding you gotta take the other half of that as well. If you purposely act in a manner that is trifling and beneath you as a woman people rightfully ought to call you out for that. Can be all “you go girls” and “do your thang” when you are acting stupid and irresponsibly.

      • I totally get your point. But life is about going through your own personal journey, growth, and and life lesson. I think that’s what’s wrong with people they throw stones while living in glass houses. Everyone lives and learns and there is no unified date as to when someone should learn life lessons. This journey is her own and when she learns her lesson at her time she will be stronger because of it. We should stop being so judgmental of each other.

        • truth

          No my friend NOT EVERYONE LIVES AND LEARNS..Thats why we lost some of are late greats TO drugs and a life style of pain. You either live and learn or die hard and slow or fast.

        • I’m not throwing stones, pointing out a simple truth isn’t throwing shade. A baby deserves to come into this world with the love and support of both mommie and daddy who have committed to raising and loving and providing for this baby TOGETHER in a united and committed union.

          What she allowed was selfish. She allowed herself to become pregnant by a man who is still married to his wife. That was selfish and self serving of her to do that to that innocent child. No excuse and no “well we all live and learn” Fantasia isn’t some dumb 16 years old she’s a grown woman who has been down this road before and ought to have done better for that baby.


    Want Twain’s aunt got to realize is nobody put a gun to his head to be with Tasia!! Its clear he didnt want his wife and has move on….his family needs to do the same!

  • Trisha_B

    How are you gonna get mad at the other person, but not go after the person who did the dirtiest of the work? what doesn’t make sense to me is how they are gonna complain about Antwan posting pics of Dallas, but then pick up the baby to spend time w/ him? Fantasia is gonna do what she wants to do leave, move on from it

  • princess courtenay

    ohhhh somebody got they Good Enough Diploma and wanna act up!!! fighting with words is a new experience for her, let her have fun!

    • Lov3lyLady32

      That was all kinds of wrong…..but it was still funny LOL!!!

    • I hate that I find this hilariously funny. With that being said I will giggle I won’t laugh *defeated*

  • Nope shouldn’t have responded never a good idea to air your dirty laundry out on a social media website. Get off Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it tends to cause many problems in many relationships.

  • Meyaka

    Some people just live for dysfunction,fantasia and Antwan’s wife are two stupid b…ches.

  • Kellz

    This is what happends when unexposed hood rats get a lil air time
    Nobodys shocked over here

  • Alexa

    Antwuan’s family needs to HANDLE Antwaun not Fantasia, let God handle her. We’re all gonna be held accountable for what we do in this life. I’m tired of constantly having to bring up the sanctity of marriage whenever I hear of these Fantasia and Alicia Keys stories. The women in Antwaun’s family and the public just need to let these women and men live their own lives and DIG their own graves. Karma doesn’t need any help.

  • Fiedah

    They sound trifling. Just like my ex-boyfriend’s family where nothing is ever his fault. Probably hella women in the family, no men, and they coddle his arse. They should have a problem with him, not her. I don’t agree with her behavior, but at the end of the day, he was married, not her.

  • tasia’s mygirlbut

    Wow. Well i won’t judge that but i will comment on that photo of her and her boyfriend. That’s a very unflattering angle for tasia. I don’t like the way she looks in the photo. She’s a beautiful women but that’s one photo that does not do her any justice.

  • There’s more to the story than that. They don’t like her azz because she was fycking with him while he was still (or is) married. They think she is a scandalous ghetto tr*amp. and they’re right.

    • Robyn

      ** Amen Hunny**

    • hawkgirl

      So what do they think about his actions?

      • beck0974

        Probably nothing because he can do no wrong in their eyes. That’s that typical mess when it come to some dudes and their moms, aunts, and sisters. The dude can be the most trifling fool out there, and they will never hold him accountable for his actions.

        • Yep, its always HER fault. In this case I think Fantasia is more to blame for being just plain dumb and hoodish, as she is the one with much more to lose than him. Plenty of unmarried handsome men she could have made her next babydaddy. *shrugs*

          • You’re a pathetic excuse for a human.

      • I think he got what he wanted. He’s got ties and access to her money and fame via that baby. He’s riding her coattails for as long as he can. The question however is why is his family acting a damn fool towards Fantasia. Of course they aren’t going to be upset with their own kin for his ratchedness.

        • truth

          Thats what it is all day everyday!!!!!