Seriously Though, Why Am I So Thirsty To Go On A Date?

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Q: I’m always super pressed, and I overanalyze everything when it comes to men. I know I am an attractive female who could get a man, but when it comes to a man showing me attention, I’m almost starving over it. Instead of letting the attraction and chemistry build naturally, I do whatever I can to make him want to go out with me. I overanalyze everything from the jokes men make to trying to figure out why they were a few minutes late, blaming it on them trying to play me or just doing me a favor by going out with me. All of this then puts me in a mood I shouldn’t be in. My sisters call me “thirsty,” because whenever I start liking a guy I really like him. I don’t fall in love, but I do fall in deep, like to the point where everything he does gets me excited. When I’m not dating, I’m looking for dates, and I will sometimes settle for a night out (or a few) with a guy I know is no good for me just to have some sort of dating life. Dr. Sherry, why am I so pressed?

Ms. So Anxious

See what celebrity clinical psychologist Dr. Sherry Blake, who you’ve seen on the Braxton Family Values, has to say about this woman’s situation on

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  • mac


    that should help.

  • realadulttalk

    IDK why she’s so thirsty. I do know that her thirst is keeping her thirsty.

  • Alohilani

    Is this a joke?

  • Sounds like she needs to get a life before attempting to date. My single girlfriend does this ALL the time! She’s thirsty for male attention, any male attention and once she snags one she’s obsessing about why its been an hour and he hasn’t returned her text. How come he hasn’t confirmed any plans with her for the weekend. Why didn’t he call her yesterday. I keep telling her why don’t you get you something else going on in your life than worrying about what a man is doing every second he isn’t up under your azz. Pick up some hobbies, volunteer, start working out SOMETHING so you have a full and engaged life whether that dude you met on Tuesday texts you or not. But she ain’t tryna hear me though.

  • Meyaka

    Dead at the picture!!!!!