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In order to be the most beautiful version of ourselves, we women have to go through some pretty rigorous beauty routines. Now, when you’re in a relationship, do you want your man to know how much work you put into yourself, or do you want him to think you were born with it, no Maybelline needed. We checked in with our Facebook followers to see what they had to say. 

Jacque: The cellulite cream. And YOU know why, ugh! But he said I look good.

Mommy Needs Alcohol: Girl bye. I don’t hide crap. 16 years together 5 married with 2 kids. He done seen my insides cut open (c-section) so seeing me exfoliate my pores etc is really not a big deal.


Sistar: Plucking my hairs on my chin. I don’t want him to think he’s dating a hairy beast, lol

Joshii: My weave regimen

Darling: Well once I get married it probably will be hard for me to hide. Right now he won’t be seeing anything because he won’t be living here.

Robin: I hide my hair removal regimen; it’s gross to me so I know it’ll be gross to him. LOL! That way I’m always smooth and clean when he touches me.

DeAnne: I don’t hide it but I’ve told him that the COST of my skin care products is non-negotiable. I don’t go crazy, but it’s not cheap.

Monique: I goes to work scrubbing my feet in the shower with a pumice stone to keep them soft and nice looking. Not necessarily hiding the regiment but men are intrigued by the feminine mystic. Even in marriage he needs to have some measure of this for interest.

Lorraine: Ladies you don’t need to hide anything. If he loves you, he’ll deal.

Heather: I try to hide it all from him. Not to keep things from him but to keep him surprised and amazed at my beauty! 😉 But sometimes I need his help with it or would like his help with it and he doesnt mind one bit! I got a great man! Celebrating 7+ years now and 3 gorgeous babies to boot 😀


Oneida: Shaving my hoo ha because pubes are gross lol

BaDd ModelChiick: I used to hide the homemade skin lightning experiments for my pubic area and the concealer for under my eyes. But he met me when I had absolutely nothing on my skin and loved it so it was mostly hidden for my own pride issues. Nowadays everything’s in the open.

Senita: None of my beauty regimens are on display for him-or told to him. none of a man’s business. IMO

BaDd ModelChiick: Oh and our first 3 years together he didn’t seen my hair cuz I wear wigs but now I don’t care.

Rachael: I shave, pass gas , and ,#2 in secret !! Also no seeing me get my weave. Together 4 years married since July.

Dedrie: Even with marriage I think mystery should be maintained. When I go to get waxed…I always just say I have an appointment. Now we both know what I’m doing but the illusion is great lol

Hilda: LOL I hide most of it, but I think my man would not even be interested in such details… I mean come on girls, men are visual creatures so until he likes what he sees he doesn’t care how much time (and money… :S) I needed to achieve it…. 😉

Vanise: Men know we gotta pamper and upkeep ourselves so folks don’t need to be ashamed when he standing in the bathroom doorway watching you. How would you like it every time he was shaving he told you “get out, its none of your business” cause I love to watch a man shave and help him if I could.


Denise: My hair growing chin. If I let this stuff grow, I could have enough for a weave. So I make sure the chin is plucked, pulled, tweezed and waxed just before I see him. Somethings I am just not ready for him to see.

Sharon: The shaving and plucking of it all! When I was perming my hair — didn’t want him to see my hair rag.

Chardonnay: I don’t hide that Isht. He be in my coota. ain’t that your deepest secret? If he don’t like it oh well. I do what I need to do.

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