Time To Stop Sipping: Things You Won’t Notice About A Guy While Drunk

November 30, 2012  |  
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If you’re not online dating or carrying on an office fling, there’s really only one other place to regularly meet guys—bars. There’s just one little problem with meeting a guy at a bar; you’re probably drunk! Sometimes a drunken meeting turns into a long lasting relationship. But, most of the time you misread people while intoxicated. Here are things you probably don’t pick up on about a guy while sloshed.


He’s sleazy

Everybody craves affection while drunk. We all just want to have skin-to-skin contact as much as possible after a few drinks. So when a guy is paying extra attention to you, you don’t stop to think, “Wait a minute…is it normal for this guy to shove his tongue down my throat in the middle of this crowd?” What soberly seems sleazy drunkenly seems cute.



He’s clingy

Again, you happily accept affection while drunk. You also probably let yourself indulge in those, “I’m so lonely” thoughts after some alcohol. So, when a guy wants to hold your hand all night, and start acting like your boyfriend twenty minutes into knowing you, in that moment, it’s exactly what you want. But sober you’d realize, “This guy is way too clingy!”


He’s shady

His story about an ex girlfriend doesn’t add up. But neither do your own thoughts right now so you’re not picking up on the cracks in his details. You might be missing the clear fact that he’s not single.


He just wants a one-night stand

This is something you can usually read on his friend’s faces and behavior. If they’re all huddled together watching you and this guy chit chatting and making out, making obscene hand gestures and whispering, they probably are egging him on to get laid that night. But your peripheral vision isn’t quite up to par after a few martinis, so you don’t see that.


He’s cheap

Any reason sounds like a good reason when you’re drunk. So when he opts for a pitcher of beer instead of getting you what you wanted, saying, “it will be fun to share something” you don’t realize this guy’s just cheap!


He’s there with somebody!

Guy’s can be slick—they can play it off to their date that they’re just being friendly to you, while still making you feel totally flirted with and hiding the fact that they’re on a date…and get your number without their date realizing! They can even get you and their date to be BFF’s for the night! And since you’re drunk and just love making new friends, you don’t think there is anything weird about the fact that he’s sitting with another girl.


His career isn’t going anywhere

We’re all just so enthusiastic and happy for everyone while drunk. We all become big dreamers after a few cocktails. So when a guy spits off stories about all the people that are going to invest in his company, and how this celebrity is going to endorse it, you think, “That sounds great!” While sober you would have thought, “That sounds unrealistic.”


He is into you

Sometimes when you’re drunk you don’t pick up on the signs that a guy clearly wanted you to come along with him to the next bar he was going to, or that he was trying a sly way to ask for your number, and you go home thinking, “He wasn’t into me!”


He’s not into you

You know that you see things any darn way you please when you’ve got your drunk goggles on. You just want to feel good and liked and loved, and so you will feel that way whether that like or love is even there.


He’s still hung up on his ex

You may not notice how many times a guy drops his ex or his recent breakup into the conversation. He may do it so sneakily—always using it has a segue into another topic—that you don’t realize he is still totally hung up on his ex.


There’s no chemistry

Alcohol induces a feeling of chemistry with anyone when you’re drunk. You can think you’ve fallen head over heels for someone you just met if you’re tipsy! But remember when you’re intoxicated, your own personal chemicals are all out of whack, and your sensation of chemistry is off.


He’s not that cute

It’s not nice, it’s totally shallow but it happens: you meet a guy soberly and realize you do not find him attractive, but he looked like Johnny Depp last night.


He’s rude

His sarcasm might have seemed alluring and smart while you were drunk, but in the light of sober day you may realize, “This guy’s kind of a jerk!”


He’s much older than you thought

Research has found that in a bar setting, people perceive one another to be younger than they really are. This could be because people are dressed more casually, are behaving recklessly, and are surrounded by people younger than themselves. Many women have gone on a date with a man they met drunkenly at a bar, and realized sober that this man was a good ten years older than they’d thought.

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