It’s Criticism, Not Crucifixion: Unless Your Album Is Going To Save The World, Please Stop Comparing Yourself To Jesus

November 29, 2012  |  

If I had a dollar for every time a public figure confused their criticism in the media with the crucifixion of Christ, well, I still couldn’t buy my way into heaven, but I would be a very rich b***h. Putting oneself on the level of God, Jesus, and the entire Holy Trinity is hardly new in the entertainment business but what does appear to be somewhat novel now is this trend among uber sensitive celebrities to equate the mass criticism thrown their way with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ — you know, the man whom Christians believed died for their sins. I beg your pardon?

I let it slide the first time Bobbi Kristina Twittled her thumbs on Twitter to express such a sentiment. The 19-year-old wasn’t taking too well to the backlash that arose shortly after clips of The Houstons’ Lifetime reality show hit the net, and so she said:

“They judged & talked about #Jesus. Crucified him to be exact … Struck back 100xanointed. You can NEVER take away your #Spirit. Xxxo We shall, we will, we are forever going to #Prosper !

But today, she dished out another round of blessed are the poor in spirit sentiments because she received a healthy dose of criticism after it was reported she was involved in a car crash after her breakup with Nick Gordon:

“#LETMELIVE without YOUppl crucifying me?! OH, yes now I remember .. YOUppl did the SAME DAMN THING2 JESUS.& he overcame you ALL. #NOWWATCH.”

Of course many Christians take comfort in the trials Jesus endured, believing if he could overcome such obstacles, we can as well. However, Jesus was hardly fighting for the right to drink underage, be under the influence of illegal drugs, or be engaged to a play brother. He was crucified as a result of bringing a message of hope to people that went against everything they stood for at the time. There is nothing Holy (or necessarily unholy) about the motivation behind Bobbi Kristina’s participation in a reality show, let alone the lifestyle she is portraying. I’m sure there are plenty of people being downright cruel toward Bobbi, and that is by no means appropriate, but please don’t act like the path to destruction you are willingly traveling is comparable to Jesus on the road to Gethsemane. Oh, and did anyone else catch damn and Jesus in the same sentence? Enough said.

Bobby Kris isn’t the only overly sensitive blasphemer in the entertainment industry however. Many didn’t take too well to Kanye West wearing a crown of thorns, as Jesus did on the cross, as the artwork for a 2006 cover of Rolling Stone, but the rapper has only gotten further into character since that time. Just this year in his remix of Chief Keef’s song “Don’t like,” he said:

“The media crucify me like they did Christ, they want to find me not breathing like they did Mike.”

I’m just barely able to stomach the Michael Jackson reference, but Jesus Christ? Someone please point out one instance where the criticism Kanye has received has ever been unwarranted? Just one. I will say I wasn’t mad at Kanye when he said George Bush doesn’t care about black people. I’ll even give him a pass as being somewhat Christ-like in the sense of decrying social ills. But you don’t get to throw tantrums all the day long, have drunk moments at award shows where you embarrass teenage girls, and rap about a girl meeting you in the bathroom stall to get broke off and act like you have #LordandSaviorJesusChristProblems. I guarantee you the son of God did not come down from heaven for all of that.

To tell you the truth, I’d prefer it if we could just get back to the days when celebrities only brought up God and Jesus when they were on stage accepting an award for musical contributions that God and Jesus probably had very little to do with. I’m sure the originator of this notion, whoever that self-absorbed individual may be, likely thought he was being clever comparing his present-day “crucifixion” to the experience of Jesus in his last days. But now it’s clear celebrities aren’t merely making a comparison, they really believe their struggle is equal, because in some way they believe the right to live life the way they choose is some righteous cause, and that they are in fact on the level of these Holy beings. To that I say, you know there are people who are fighting for the right to practice their religion, go to school, earn a fair wage and all that stuff in other countries right? If women who can be shot in the head without a second thought for speaking out against injustices or stoned to death for assumed infidelities don’t consider themselves to be experiencing a crucifixion, I openly invite all of these self-important characters to have a seat, preferably in a Bible college somewhere.

While I mostly find these allusions of grandeur obnoxious, there’s also a hilarious aspect that these individuals who claim to be so big, bad, and almighty can’t take a little tongue-in-cheek humor, tough love, or backlash as a result of their actions. You don’t get to proclaim that you’re human and have feelings like everyone else and in the next breath claim to be a God when you’re turnt up and performing. I mean Jesus had nails hammered into his hands and feet and was beaten before the masses. You mean to tell me you can’t take a few rumors and a snide tweet? Perhaps you should call on some of that Jesus power you think you have access to to do better so people don’t have so much to say about your poor life choices.

At the end of the day, or days perhaps, these wannabe larger than life individuals are going to have to account to God, the real one, for their word choices and not us. But until that day comes, let’s stop with the Jesus Christ posturing and the accusation that everyone who isn’t a fan is Pontius Pilate. Nobody really even cares enough about these people, in a negative or positive way, to go through the trouble of symbolically crucifying them anyway.

Brande Victorian is the deputy editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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