‘It’s Weird For Me That I’m With A White Dude:’ Eve Talks Doing Weave 101 With Her Boo And Dodging The Bullet Known As Stevie J

November 29, 2012  |  

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Eve has not been on the radar quite as much as she used to be, partly because she’s found love and skipped town. According to Necolebitchie.com, the  34-year-old rapper and actress has moved to London with boyfriend of three years, Maximillion Cooper, who just so happens to be White. Her move to the UK does not stop her from coming back to the States and visiting from time to time. Yesterday, during her visit to New York the Barbershop actress opened up about her relationship in a very interesting interview with Hot97‘s Angie Martinez. She discussed some of the backlash she received over  dating interracially, her love for Black men, and the train-wreck known as Stevie J. Check out what she had to say.

On the backlash she’s received over her interracial relationship

I need them to stop. What year is it? Like, stop. Seriously. Trust me, I gotta say, it is weird for me that I’m with a white dude. Trust me. I look at him sometimes and I’m like, ‘You are so white.’ Seriously! Yes, I gotta be real like that. I’m the first black girl he’s ever been with, so we are learning. Trust me, he’s been through ‘Weave 101.’ I’ve been out on a date but not like this, not like my dude. I had to tell my mom and my step-dad who still thinks he follows Farrakhan. It’s crazy. We learn a lot about each other but people came at me like, ‘I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude and you don’t like black dudes no more.’ I’m like, ‘I love black men, it just so happens that my heart went this way right now.’ Who knows? I’m happy…My family’s happy. [My pops] is cool. He still keeps calling him ‘my friend.’ [He says], ‘How’s your friend?’ Like, it’s been almost three years.

On loving Black men

People came at me. Now it’s better, like when I started sending pictures or people started seeing pictures on Twitter, people really came at me hard, but now it’s fine. Like I said, I do look at him like, I can’t believe I’m with a white dude. I don’t let him dance. I tell him, ‘Look like a pimp, I will dance around you.’ He can do a lot of things, but he can’t dance.

On Stevie J and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 

I have not seen it, I’ve never watched it. I cannot allow myself but trust me, people give me updates. I was young and dumb. The first person that said something to me was my mother, she text me and said, ‘You dodged a bullet with that one’ and we’ve never talked about it again.

Eve’s mom was dead on. The rapper certainly has dodged a major bullet and what’s even better is she’s found happiness and love with someone else.

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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  • DTJ

    I’ve noticed in the 3mos I’ve known about this blog that the most heated and hateful comments are on any article involving Interracial Relationships. I’m starting to believe many commenters are [lowkey?? lol] racists. However comma I can relate to Eve. I dated a caucasion for the first time this yr and it was extremely different. The biggest hurdle was the mentality of it all, trying something completely out of your comfort zone. After a few weeks I got over it. Men are men the only difference is skin. Congrats Eve!

  • Shy

    I think that most black women that date out dodges a bullet…..

  • cake211

    I dont think she’s explaining her relationship, i think she’s more so talking about her own personal experience with dating a white guy. she addresses that people were throwing shade, but i dont think she was trying to appease the haters. as an american black woman, youre gonna have some interesting experiences dating outside your race.

  • J. Mcgivering

    I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why my gf is a black woman.
    People like Eve who justify their reasons for dating outside their “race” to complete strangers are fundametally pathetic.

  • Fiedah

    I love Eve. She kept it mad real.

  • Richie

    I am from the UK n white and Black date like mad here.. People think differently.. the larges growing group of people in UK is mix heritage. My friend is African n wife is polish. My friends r from Congo, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jamaica n other African country’s. she can date a white man its up to her, we r not living her happiness. its not about the race card, she been with him 3 years n she is happy. n living in FAB London!

    • realadulttalk

      I’ve seen enough episodes of Big Brother to know you don’t think differently…I think ya’ll like to feel superior and tell yourselves that…but racism is just as rampant. And my sis-in-law felt massive amounts of racism during her brief stay in London. So much so that she cut her study abroad short.

  • I never saw why ppl care so much if a black woman dates outside her race but if a black guy does it its ok. Its 2012 love comes in all colors

  • Nisha

    Glad she found happiness!!

  • Ms. Lady, date/marry/screw whomever you wish. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. Like SnP say…it’s “None of Yo’ Business”.

  • Cleo

    She doesn’t owe black men a dang explanation jeez, eve do you girl. People always freak out on black women, but it’s expected and accepted for black men smh.

  • IllyPhilly

    So Eve, where all da ladies go in the rap game? IDK if you wit a white dude, take his white a$$ in the studio and make some music with him. Get on the mic lady!

  • Candacey Doris

    I’m going to stay on my “as long as they’re happy” train since that’s been working for me. It’s none of anyone’s damn business.

  • thats a real bad pic of Eve. y’all bogus for that

  • NeaJ

    It’s 2012. Ppl need to mind their business. Why is it anyone else’s concern who she’s dating. If someone treats you the way you deserve to be treated, makes you a better person & make you happy then it shouldn’t matter what color they are. Love has no color!

    • TRUTH IS

      Mind their business….yet she’s speaking for the public to hear…oh the irony!!

      • Me

        She’s a celeb so she gets interviews….why wouldn’t she answer questions asked of her? You sound bitter and jealous!

        • TRUTH IS

          What is she “innerviewing” for?!? A new album?!? She can always refuse to answer it…..you are the one sounding bitter and jealous. I’ve dated a jew, I can say the human race it’s has issues!!

          • me

            You being at the top of the list with these ”issues”…
            why should she refuse to interview? To pacify uptight ..stupid…close minded…ignorant a holes like yourself?

            • TRUTH IS

              You are going to burst a blood vessel, trollop!!!….hahahahah

              • me

                Ya mama…ho*bag!

                • realadulttalk

                  Are you and @208726af7d8dd316ec27dd5d6a13dffa:disqus really doing this? Lmao STOP!!!

                  • TRUTH IS

                    This empty nut/keyboard gangster is responding to all of my comments on this topic…she is obsessed with me!!

                    • me

                      Well if telling your stupid azz off when you make ignorant comments is obsession…so be it!
                      Keep talking azzface cuz ima be on your line….you can believe that shiit!

                  • me

                    Yes we are…im sick of these jealous bitter BM coming here making dumb comments when it comes to BW dating other races…if BW were to go to one of their sites and do this we would be called jealous but for some reason BM think they have the right to do this and im fed uup with it so..YES we are doing this and as long as he keeps opening his fat yap…I will respond.

                • TRUTH IS

                  HAHAHA….blood pressure sky high…..rofl…if you havent noticed….this is all fun and games for me….lmao…ah love it!!

                  • me

                    Keep rofl jerk cuz im a very fun loving person myself so it looks like we’re in this for the long haul…tee hee hee!

  • Why can’t she believe he’s white? Why is that a big deal? Furthermore why does she have to placate black men by saying she still loves them? I mean really ain’t no black woman attacking Kanye or the other interracial daters talkin about “you’s a sell out” she don’t owe black men any reassurance she ought to have told them to kiss all of her black azz and worry about those “brothas” loving them some Beckys.

    • Cleo


    • The Bishop

      Maybe she’s not placating black men, maybe she still loves them. Just respect her views and move on. This hasn’t anything to do with your own insecurities and/or anger you have towards black men who choice to be in interracial relationships. Some people just stay losing by seeing the negative in everything, stop self projecting it’s not a good look.

      • I’m not projecting. I’m married to a black man I “choice” to be with him. If I “choice” to be with a white man I sure in the hell wouldn’t be incredulous that he was white and I sure in the hell wouldn’t feel the need to stick up for my blackness by reassuring some insecure black man I ain’t fycking and probably never will that I still love him.

    • J.Mcgivering

      I agree.
      I’m white dude and i have witnessed black dudes in interracial relationships don’t humiliate themselves by giving reasons for their dating choices. Nor should they.
      My black girlfriend is given a lot of hell by some black men becuase she is with me.
      It’s probably a misogynist double-standard i don’t know.

  • Eve shouldnt even be explaining her relationship. sooner or later the reality that “love knows no color” will be understood by all. Could she have found a black man? Of course. Does her being with a white man mean she cant understand the plight and past of blacks in america? Of course not. Does being with a white man mean she has turned her back on black people? Of course not….

  • Meyaka

    She dodge a missile…

    • Sheena

      She dodged a drone!!!

      • Meyaka



    You can tell she is fascinated by this dude…hence the I cant believe am with a white dude tyraid…..heard he has 4 children…dunno if its with one wife/woman…she has to know better than me lol

    • TRUTH IS

      When she says it over and over does it means she thinh he’s too good for her even tho he has 4 kids? Just wondering

      • me

        Wow…you are really upset…..lol!
        So pathetic!

        • TRUTH IS

          I’ll hit the ignore button since I pick my battles wisely! HA!

          • me

            I didn’t ask for you to reply to me in the first place so take your ignore button and shove it where the sun don’t shine..and yes if you don’t want to be humiliated in here that would be your best bet!

            • TRUTH IS

              And you talk about ppl being bitter….I read her comments made my observations just like you did…how does that equates to bitter and jealously…..you are an epic FAILURE!!!! gwey!!

              • me

                No azzhole you didn’t like my comments to someone else then started talking about battles and ignore buttons ..so basically you are a overblown big mouthed jerk that can’t stand the fact other people have opinions different from hers..and you WILL get told off…cussed out and ripped to shreds verbally where im concerned so i suggest if you know what’s good for you you crawl back into your kennel and wait to be fed like all the other dogs in your litter!

                • TRUTH IS

                  Why he phuq did you respond to my comment for…for war?!? beech you be actn’ up….gwey….I have 911 on speed dial for when you burst that blood vessel!! You are a colossal TROLL!!! Armchair thug! Get a life!!! I couldnt read your essay rant…too dang long!!!

                  • me

                    I didn’t ask you to read shiit fagggit and if ur sensitive ..jealous…ignorant …lonely azz can’t take the heat stay youremotional azz out the kitchen ..fuccin homo!

      • get real

        Absolutely, she thinks that. Most blk women do. That’s why you see articles like “Am I crazy for thinking this AsianWhite man was flirting with me”. I mean they question their insanity. Because there’s no way a non blk man could be flirting with such an inferior being. Right ladies?

    • it doesnt matter he’s a multi-millionaire possibly billionaire so he can take care of them

      • TRUTH IS

        Oh so money give him the right?!? Gotcha

        • it’s whatever. everyone has a past. if he has 4 kids at least he can provide for them unlike some bum who has 20 and is in arrears, not that it would matter either it’s up to the individual to choose in matters of the heart

          • TRUTH IS

            I guess :-/

  • Always have been a fan of Eve…