We’d Rather She Wear Fur: Wendy Williams Drops Her Drawls (But Keeps On Her Wig) For PETA

November 29, 2012  |  

Just when we thought we had seen it all, Wendy Williams has gone and rocked her birthday suit for a good cause — to save the animals. This is probably the perfect time to ask the question, “Uh, How YOU Doing!?”

The shock jock turned popular morning talk show host definitely shocked fans (and thrilled PETA supporters and stans) this afternoon when she debuted her very naked “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ads for PETA’s winter campaign in Times Square. There are two versions of the ad, courtesy of PETA, including one where the host is laid out on the ground with one of her signature wigs covering her chest, and another image where she is standing up, wig still covering her lady bits, but this time showcasing some starry tattoos around her midsection.

According to Williams, “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs.” If you can remember the days when Williams used to rock fur hats and luscious coats that were anything but faux, you’re not crazy, that did happen. However, Williams, like former naked PETA spokeswoman Taraji P. Henson, decided to leave the minks and furs behind when she found out what the poor critters had to go through so she could look fab on red carpets. I’m not going to front, it’s hard to watch an animal get skinned alive just so a rapper can look baller in a video, especially since most furs are extremely obnoxious. Surprisingly though, PETA wants your fur. Williams will push her viewers to donate their fur coats and items so that they can be given to the homeless this winter. Though I think a simple down coat with a nice pair of hat and gloves might be better for them, I’m down for all the giving that’s about to go down.

So what do you think? Are you loving the ads? While I’m all for people loving and protecting animals (though I’m not really a fan of PETA because they can be abrasive jerks at times), do we really need to see these celebs butt booty naked to know that they’re down for the cause? But I guess you can’t really show support unless you’re showing some skin for this organization. Kudos to you for doing something nice Wendy, but, uh ruh, I probably could have got the message without seeing your airbrushed naked body. Nice wig though!



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  • Fiedah

    She is so thirsty! And that pic is hella photoshopped!

  • bigdede

    his just makes me want to kill, skin, and eat every cute animal I see

  • Bella

    She looks like a female version of the lion from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t understand the photoshop…they made her look crazy. I think Wendy is a gorgeous woman, but I’m not feeling this and it’s something to do with what they did to her face. And why do her tata’s look so small…those things are monstrous!!! Lol

  • baddvixentype

    that tat is to cover up her c-section marks…I think Wendy looks good! Why try to trash talk someone for what they’re doing when they’re doing it for a good cause? Pathetic. Wendy looks good, these are good pics!

    • realadulttalk

      It’s actually to cover her tummy tuck 🙂 I remember her getting it when she was still on radio.

  • MKayy

    I personally can’t stand PETA, just because I’m not wearing the fur coat don’t mean that they are going to stop making the coats. I wear what I want! And Wendy looks good in these pictures, just don’t like the wig.

    • connie

      I agree, she does look good. I can’t stand PETA either. I have almost every animal in my closet that comes in the form of fur coats, shoes, and purses. I wear them with pride because I worked for it and cant no muthaf*cker tell me what to do.

  • MieMie

    She looks like a female version of Mufasa. she aight i guess

    • Tamz


  • HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  • scandalous7

    Wendy you are simply too old

  • Hi Hater

    MN Editors seem to hate black women..but that’s just my observation..

    • MNEditor2

      Hmmm…the way Wendy has talked crazy about black women for half her career as a shock jock, you could say the same thing about her…but to each their own.

      • Hi Hater

        And returning the favour is both classy and logical, hmm….alright. To each their own.

  • actually her real body looks better than this photoshopped stuff check youtube.. she has a pack..

  • sassybuttclassy

    Wendy is definitely serving it… she looks great.
    Of course some serious Photoshopping went down. However, I know for a fact the shade throwers would really be going bananas if her ads would have be left “as is” flaws and all.
    Plus I’ve seen some REALLY bad PETA ads, the Waka Waka Lame one was a hot mess. All his tats had me feeling like I was looking at a map of a country called Rachetstan. Ugh!

    • Not Rachetstan! LOL, and you forgot to mention Waka’s man hips. Lawd!

  • Wendy’s Fur

    They went and did all that and forgot to photoshop them swollen hamhock lookin’ feet. LAWD. And Madame Noire, the term is DRAWLS not DRAWS.

    • frommymouthtoyourears

      I thought I was the only one who noticed her ulgy feet! For the love of God Wendy put on socks!!

  • candice fox

    How you gonna be Pro Peta rocking horse hair wigs??

    • Wendy’s Fur

      RIGHT?!!!! SMDH.

  • emjay

    I Love Wendy, but that’s not her body. She doesn’t have a bad body but she’s not that thin. That’s photoshopped like crazy

    • BricCity

      She’s actually lost a lot of weight, if you watch her show you’ll see. Of course it’s photoshopped but its not exaggerated.

  • Kay

    Whoever did his sex change operation did an excellent job


    Its ok..now if she could just get rid of that white woman looking weave/wig!

  • TeahMonae

    She looks good. She had some help from plastic surgery and photoshop, but she still looks good.

  • I like the one where she’s laying down….HAWT!

  • Cleo

    Well look at that young man…hmm

    • Oh the shade. Lmfaooo

    • Wendy’s Fur


  • bluekissess

    I think she looks HOT she’s a women of a particular age and she is rocking it. I don’t see the problem.