You’ll Never Guess Who This Is: Another 90’s Sitcom Actress Has Gone Through Major Changes

November 29, 2012  |  

Just yesterday, we were sharing the good news that one of our favorite shows from the 90’s, “Boy Meets World” was returning to the small screen with a spin-off, “Girls Meets World.” So maybe that’s why people started researching some of the old cast members to see what they’ve been up to and what they’re looking like these days.

Well, we were all in for quite the shock when we discovered what actress Trina McGee, who played Sean’s girlfriend “Angela” on the show, looks like now. Though Trina’s features appear to be the same, it’s clear that her skin has been lightened…a lot. As a black woman, if you’ve ever taken pictures of yourself in different lights, you’ve noticed how you’re at least six different shades. But usually you’re still recognizable. If someone held up this picture and told me to guess who this was, I would have absolutely no clue, even though I’ve watched more than my fair share of “Boy Meets World” episodes.

I’m certainly hoping that no bleaching was going on; but in the age of Sammy Sosas, Vbyz Kartels and Lil Kim’s, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

I’m not going to even touch that blonde wig.

The truly sad thing is that the girl on the left is soooo much more attractive than the doll-like, racially ambiguous chick on the right. Maybe, in the best case scenario, McGee will see the comparisons people are making about her before and after images and step forward claiming that this was her Halloween costume. But considering that this image was featured on her IMDB page, that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

What do you think is going on with Ms. McGee, is it just bad lighting or something more permanent?

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  • aaron

    its her body she can do what she wants, and I dont judge her for it, even still my opinion of it is not a positive one, I hope she is ok, and is happy with who she is on the inside, either way the best you can do for her is pray, not curse

  • patrice baker

    Makeup, makeup, makeup….get a clue…and why shouldn’t she have fun and reinvent herself for new roles…or just have fun, everyone else does. Also, there are many African American women who wear blonde wigs or die there own hair blonde…stop judging. I like it. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

  • keri12

    A person doesn’t have to be african american to see that Trina’s facial features are still the same as before. Her lips, eyes, and nose haven’t changed. She’s wearing heavy eye makup and foundation and hair extensions, it isn’t skin bleach. There are some very recent photos of Trina shown on other websites, and her arms and legs are the exact same colour they were in old photos from the tv show.

  • lol, blacks can’t even stand blacks

  • Y’all Funny

    Will y’all PLEASE keep it “Real” for five minutes? She is a reflection of what so many of y’all cluckin your tongues and wagging your judgemental fingers suscribe to your DARN selves! There’s a reason why our NeighborHOOD Beauty Supply Stores have locked cases of skin bleaching products behind the register. Walls of synthetic hair. “One-size-fits-all” colored plastic eyeballs (aka colored contacts). Is it merely more embarrassing to see what it looks like when you’re not lookin in the mirror? Probably. I know.

  • hame on you

    HUMMMM…i don’t understand….she white no thats never happen before

  • almondebrown

    Oh no. That is tragic. Smh…

  • Last month I completed a Boy Meets World binge and took to the internets to see how the cast mates looked today. I was shocked by McGhees blonde wig/extensions at the Hoodie Awards this year, but when I looked at a lot of her photos, I realized she likes to change her look. Her photos would go from natural to vampish and anywhere in between.

    I’m really hoping this was just a race bending/experimental photo shoot.

    I think accusations of skin bleaching/cosmetic surgery happen too often. Makeup, lighting, photoshop, saturation, de-saturaturation….angles can all create illusions and affects. Plus, she’s always had “modest” features.

    I’m really hoping Trina is comfortable with her self. IDK

  • Yeah, I’m not surprised

  • realadulttalk

    Are ya’ll sure that’s not just funky lighting and a bad wig? I have a license picture that I look about 10 shades lighter than myself b/c the lighting was so awful. Not to mention-it’s winter-we don’t know that she wasn’t tan before. I saw this yesterday on media fakeout and disregarded it as their nonsense.

  • Jamie

    Uh uh this is not the same girl y’all got her mixed up with fu yang that works at the Chinese buffet on 5th street!

  • Bren

    Omg, I also hope that she was wearing a Halloween costume. Everytime I saw her on boy meets world, I couldn’t help but think how beautiful she was. Now she looks a mess, like a broke down stripper.

  • Tone

    And I would still put it all the way in her.

  • That makes me wanna cry…

  • scandalous7


  • Coco

    I ain’t mad that she looks so good for her age doe!

  • Pala

    Where did they look for her? In the Witness Protection Program. Cause she could of even change her name and gotten a new zip code.

  • ohemAa

    So sad she was a beautiful Black girl

  • “her features look the same” SMH??? I see a nose job, eyelids, skin bleaching, teeth done — there is literally nothing the same about her!

  • Ai

    It’s make-up. The cat eyeliner is making her look Asian. Calm down.

  • Ai

    It’s make-up. The cat eyeliner is making her look Asian. Calm down.

  • She has become a product of hollywood’s toxic environment, it’s sad!!!
    God made you black because he wanted to, she should be proud of that !!!!

  • yolonda

    (Gasp) :-

  • mango tree

    that’s the thing ‘doll- like and racially ambiguous’ sell way better than ‘plain ole black girls’..look a the black actresses that are on top and who’s at the bottom.

  • Candacey Doris

    That’s a big change. I hope she didn’t do anything drastic to achieve the look. But if she didn’t and she’s happy, why not?

  • Joy

    What in THEEEEEE Hell?

  • me

    This is just sad, saddens my heart. I looked at her profile on imdb and you can tell that bleaching has taken place

  • Rick Hartley

    I think she looks nice especially fo her age. I follow her on Twitter and she is really sweet too!

  • WOW!

    I don’t think I can say anything about this because honestly this is a complete shock to the system. I always loved this show too and I loved her character.

    This is so sad to see!

  • gmarie

    blonde hair, wonky lighting, winter skin. idk. could be all could be none. either way, I’m tired of the bleaching witch hunt. just be sure to instill self love and positive affirmation into the young ladies you encounter on a regular basis.

  • DianaDT

    Just looks like make-up and lighting to me. The old pictures was the 90’s……different make-up, camera, lights….I remember those days!!

    • scandalous7

      no no its not the lighting, definitely not the lighting

  • ANTMilf

    Wow, that’s Angela?! ?

  • Alohilani

    I don’t think anything about this, actually.


    You guys got this story from Media Take Out!!

  • Chere Williams

    What’s even more shocking is this woman is 43 years old!! She looks wonderful for her age…although, I do hope she didn’t go to such extremes as to dye her skin.

    • TRUTH IS

      Did she did this to get more roles? goodluck

      • Chere Williams

        Idk….but I haven’t seen her SINCE boy meets girl…

  • ieshapatterson


  • Cleo

    Oh no!!! She was so beautiful on boy meets world smh, I remember being so happy to see a black girl on the show, now well idk what she is. People please love yourself

  • Maybe she got a chemical peel, decided to stay out the light, has lighter makeup on…eitheir way she looks gorgeous…smh all this shade is too much….TOOO MUCHH

    • Kay

      It’s not shade? She went from haitian to Asian and if you don’t seem something weird about that.. I’ma pray for you

      • actually I’ll pray for you because clearly she has the same eyes as before. You have to include other elements including the power of makeup. The only thing i would say is slightly off is her nose, and that can be because she contoured her nose. Clearly she is under a smit load of makeup. Show me her natural face, without the added gist then we can start assuming she’s taking on these so called asian features!

        • Kay

          Whatever your crazy

          • Lol. And that’s the way to end the convo huh?

            • your hella crazy then, is that a better way to end it. u probably see nothing wrong with it because your as self-hating as she is. DISGRACE TO THE RACE/

    • Joy

      Shade? Wow…

      • Yes. I would have to back myself up by saying shade. Madame Noire is a slight exception, but some of the articles lack substance. As I argue in my other posts, their assumption that she’s gone plastic surgical mad would be for effective if they were to show her in her natural state. I just think it’s absurd really, and I think they are throwing this woman mounds of shade.

    • i wouldn’t say people throwing shade…this woman has done a Michael Jackson and you have to wonder what is going on in her head. Deeper issues are definitely there.

      • Absolutely disagree. Michael Jackson face was seriously distorted, this was clearly visible when he didn’t have on any makeup. To back myself, look at michael jackson when he was doing a promotion for his tour. You can see a more chiseled and broad Michael Jackson. His nose wasn’t distorted, and his skin looked flawless. All I’m saying is, we’re judging a picture in which she is under makeup. An darkskined woman can put on a foundation three times lighter than her complexion. If she’s good at blending the smit out of that makeup, then she would give the illusion that she has lighter skin. Just look at it for what it is.

        • Bren

          Bottom line: She bleached her skin and its obvious. Stop debating the obvious.

          • Bottom line is, if you’re going to assume something; have substance. Right now, treading on nothing but some hater waves…

            • i compared the bleaching to MJ, not the other atrocities he committed on his face. but like i said, for someone even to do that, they have some serious issues going on. but oh well. no hating here, believe..don’t believe.

  • SheBySheree

    Wow she looks stunning.I wonder what cream or procedure she had done?She looks like a beautiful China doll.I’m going to google her asap.O must know what she did.I would love to lighten my skin.Her skin transformation looks so natural.I’m in awe

    • Kay

      Kill yourself

      • SheBySheree

        Why should i Kill myself?She looks beautiful now with light skin u must be a angry ugly dark butt.Get.a life

        • No. Clearly she or he, can’t generate an intellectual debate. So, by telling someone to “Kill Themselves” is the only way they can express their disagreement. SMH.

          • C.B

            So you’re fine with the dark butt slur, but the comment “kill yourself” ruffles your feathers?

            • no, I don’t I’m not fine with the dark butt slur, but telling someone to kill themselves is too extreme for someone voicing their opinion

        • Kay

          Lol ok that’s exactly what it is

  • Sadly, i knew it was her…

  • I am convinced that Hollywood drives people insane smh

    • Mina

      I was thinking the same thing. That industry with all of its pathological addiction to white and blond will drive someone to do this.

    • Mina

      I was thinking the same thing. That industry with all of its pathological addiction to white and blond will drive someone to do this.

    • Katze

      YOU ARE RIGHT! Been saying it for years! Hollywood MAKES you hate yourself…

  • NicPal

    WOW speechless!

  • sabrina

    She looks Asian now. WTH??


      I was thinking the same thing! what happened to her, she was my favorite character on Boy meets World. She was the prettiest girl on the show and she out shined the every one of her white castmates. I just hope that the pic above is just lighter makeup and really high lighting!

    • Rita

      Yeah, it’s not so much that she’s tons lighter in skin tone, she just weirdly has different-looking features…everything seems flatter, and she does look Asian. I don’t even know. I would say this is just makeup. She also looks great for her age.

      • realadulttalk

        It’s the eye makeup. It’s way too dark and thick on top to not have anything on the bottom. I agree that the combo of lighting, foundation and wig are making her appear lighter.