Doppleganger Alert: Rita Ora Nabs “Fast And Furious 6” Role That Was Originally Intended For Rihanna

November 28, 2012  |  

First of all: Why is there about to be ANOTHER Fast And Furious movie? We get the gist of the whole movie series by now, so can we let it go already?

And second of all: Who knew Rita Ora could act?

To be honest with you, I don’t know a great deal about Ora like that, aside from the fact that she dresses a mix of tomboy meets colorful and quirky, and that Roc Nation really, really, REALLY wants us to like her and make her the next Rihanna. Seriously, we see her everywhere, but are they really even pushing her music like that? I can’t name more than like two of her tracks like that, but I guess it’s all about creating a brand. Well, with news that she has won a role in the next Fast and Furious movie that Rihanna was originally set to star in, those comparisons between Ri Ri and Rita probably won’t go away any time soon.

Earlier in the year it was reported that Rihanna would play a villain in the newest installment of the popular film series, as people behind Fast and Furious were impressed with Ri Ri’s work in Battleship. But as it turned out, a lot of people are feeling Rihanna on the acting tip in general, because, according to The Sun, a busy schedule, including upcoming voice work on an animated film, caused scheduling conflicts and Rihanna had to back out of Fast and Furious 6. When she did, up stepped Ora who auditioned for the movie, and according to the Daily Mail, had previous acting experience (was it from that Drake video, “Over”?) and wowed casting folks during her auditions. A source told The Sun that “They loved her look and her attitude.”

Though there has been some talk that Rita has been swaggerjacking Rihanna’s steelo (yeah, I took it back) for a while now, the few times I’ve seen these two women together in public, Rihanna seems to have embraced her (possibly because she doesn’t see her as competition, but hey, she might just really like the chick). But I can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking now that Ora will be groomed for a role she way going to have. Especially one that puts a sistah so close to fine a** Paul Walker and The Rock! Either way, I know Jay-Z is somewhere doing the “Big Pimpin'” dance because they’re making him some good money!


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  • Nappturalbella

    It’s not like they took it from Rihanna and gave it to Rita Ora. Rihanna couldn’t do it due to her full schedule like you guys stated so she backed out on the role.So I doubt they’ll be hard feelings. She passed up the role to due other things.

  • Guest

    Funny how they are calling Rita Rihanna’s doppelganger because I seem to remember people calling Rihanna Beyonce’s doppelganger when she first came out as well. Seriously I think that these so called writers should come up with more creative stuff to talk about rather than who’s swaggerjacking who. Although Rita’s style may be similiar to Rihanna’s and other artists (who by the way mimic each other all of time), I still feel like she has a great voice and can sing live very well unlike most artists today including Rihanna who focuses more on their appearances or style rather than actual talent but then again it doesn’t take much to capture the attention of this generation so I get why she doesn’t put much effort forward. So at the end of the day they are both going by what they know sells in today’s industry.

  • Nikki

    Why does Rita Ora have to be called the next Rihanna, why can’t she just be Rita Ora? I don’t think she’s “swaggerjacking” anything, she’s just a UK pop star that just so happens to be a member of Roc Nation-big deal!

  • Alohilani

    Doppelgänger? I thought the two people being compared had to actually resemble each other? Besides being signed to the same label and both having Blonde hair at the same time, they don’t have anything else in common, as far as I know.

    And I don’t care for either one of them having a role in the movie. I would prefer that movie studios stick to trained actresses and actors.

  • These Fast and Furious movies have run its course already! like the Step Up franchise… ENOUGH ALREADY!

    • JustHereForTheComments:)

      Naw girl. LOL. Any chance I get to look at Paul Walker is fine with me. LOL! Keep em coming! Or at least give me a sequel or prequel to Takers with him in it.