NeNe Leakes Says Black Folk Can’t Be Happy For Her Success, Denies Claims Bentley Was Repossessed

November 28, 2012  |  

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You know the saying, black folk are just like crabs in a barrel. The minute one of us starts our ascent to the top, here come 3 or 4 of us trying to pull that person down. If you’ve been black for more than a day, you know that the crabs in a barrel saying, concept, philosophy is more than just a joke. It really exists. There are some black people who would much rather have you struggle alongside them than reach new heights.

Recently Hollywood Street King reported that NeNe Leakes was in more financial trouble, so much trouble that her Bentley had been repossessed around Thanksgiving . Well, bad news travels fast and soon NeNe heard about this so-called repossession and took to Twitter to respond to the claims.

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Part of me agrees with NeNe. If people are out here trying to slander your name with false repossession rumors, then yeah, they probably don’t want to see you succeed. As much as NeNe is not my favorite person, I can say that I wouldn’t wish repossession on anyone. I’m sure it can be a really embarrassing ordeal, especially when you know it will be reported on blogs and maybe even national media.

Where NeNe and I disagree is why people can’t exactly feel comfortable about her success. Perhaps it has more to do with the way NeNe has earned her success that people may have an issue with. When you’re famous for being catty, picking fights and calling other women out for what you deem as tacky is what people have an issue with.

Personally, I’ve resigned to let NeNe cook. Initially, I liked watching her on the show because I appreciated her realness. But eventually her realness, started sounding more and more rude. So I stopped watching the Real Housewives. Just because I no longer watch the show, doesn’t mean I want NeNe to fall on her face. I sincerely enjoy NeNe on “The New Normal,” because she’s acting and she’s funny there and I can appreciate that.

Does she have a point about black people wanting to see her struggle? Do you have a problem with the way NeNe’s made her money?

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  • Randolph Gilbert

    Who cares, use that money to straighten out that son of hers, or bail him out, or get him a lawyer. Really who cares! Go away NeNe.

  • Guest

    I think NeNe should get over herself. Maybe the real problem here is that she is known (not necessarily successful) more for her ratchet behavior than any talent she may possess. She could be the most talented person in the world and because of why she became famous, she will always get some side eye. When you rise to fame because you are constantly attacking someone or always accusing people of being jealous of your success or VERY RICH lifestyle, you should not complain about it. Just take it and know that you got what you gave!!!!!

  • Ann

    Yes, I do have a problem with people who cuss, fight and act a fool on reality television just to get paid. I don’t have a problem with people who honestly earn their money by not being destructive and sincerely trying to do the right thing to protray a decent image. She is setting an example just like Lozarda to these young black women (in particular) by saying the quickest way to make money is by cussing and fighting on reality television.

  • scandalous7

    Agreed with NeNe, black people are always, I mean always hating. No question.

  • Suchalady

    Oh please, I hate when people say that we are never happy for our own when that’s simply not true. Some people will have negative feelings towards you and some will have positive feelings towards you. Some black people strongly supported President Obama and some didn’t. Some black people were over-the-moon proud of Gabby Douglas and some weren’t. That’s LIFE, regardless of race. I find that generalization extremely foolish.

    • Cleo

      I love you comment, concerning gabby I know soo many black people who were proud of her but of course the few negative ones represented all of us

  • Cleo

    To be honest the only black people I see dragging her down are straight black men. I think black women have been pretty positive about NeNe, while a lot of black say she represents a stereotype, but yet turn around to praise someone like Kim kardashian who has absolutely no talent as well.

  • OMG, The New Normal is HILARIOUS!!!

  • Meyaka

    I’m very happy for her,I watch glee and the new normal faithfully.

  • kickash

    how much more do people want her to struggle? you already see her struggling every day, i mean she’s 8 ft tall with a platinum helmet for hair. if that’s not a struggle idk what is.

  • JustHereForTheComments:)

    I can understand her frustration. However, she should choose her words carefully. Dont blame everything on “our people” cause many of “our people” are why you are a big name today and were able to transition to bigger opportunities. The support started with “our people”. Also, she was the main one making comments about Chateau Sheree (or lack thereof) and Sheree’s repossession so dont dish it if you cannot take it.

    • scandalous7

      True, Nene be hatin as well. Haha, every time somebody mentions Chateau Sheree, I just cant help but bust out laughing. Every time.