I’m Gonna Do What I Have To Do: Royce Defends Herself Against Custody Battle Critics

November 28, 2012  |  

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On Monday we told you how the custody battle between reality television star Royce Reed and NBA player, Dwight Howard over their son Braylon had taken a bizarre turn as Royce filed a motion petitioning for Dwight to be made financially responsible for her legal bills because she could no longer afford them and had already racked up a tab for $44,113.50 that is expected to increase by another $60K. Her reasoning behind filing this motion was that Dwight’s healthy bank account would allow him to easily hire an army of lawyers, which would force her to drop out of the case because she could no longer afford to pay her attorneys.

Her claim that Dwight’s ability to “outspend” her made the battle an unfair fight left many looking at her with the side eye just because it seemed unreasonable for her to ask for Dwight to foot the bill for his oppositions defense against him in court; however Royce took to her Twitter page to address the critics.

“We will never struggle… Period! Braylon will always have the best! That’s what I fight for!”

Mom Law: My son deserves the best & rather than take food out his mouth, the roof from over his head, an education, extracurricular activities, great Birthdays & Christmases, the smile off his face, I WILL file necessary motions. Judge that if u live in a Glass House!”

Royce’s extreme mommy instincts seem to be kicking in as she appears to be doing all that she possibly can to win this battle against Dwight who is battling her for sole custody of their son. The judge handling the case has yet to make a decision as to whether or not Dwight should be responsible for Royce’s legal bills, but for the sake of Braylon, we hope the two-year custody battle ends soon. Possibly instead of fighting for sole custody to spite one another, the two could reach some sort of joint custody agreement.

What do you think of Royce’s response?

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  • Ruthless1

    That’s what happens when you get on a reality show & go through men like you change your clothes! Her own father called her a hoe on TV! He didn’t even want her to mention his me on Basketball Wives!!!! I don’t feel sorry for her!!! Filming yourself with different men & dam near having sex for the world to see, is not what a mother does! Pay your own fees!

  • Royce need not explain anything to us. Save your breath for the judge no one has the particulars of the situation nor should we. Typically the judge would order him to pay the attorney fees AFTER the final court order and this is usually only done if the judge finds that the case could have been avoided or resolved sooner if not for the opposing party.

  • I agree with Royce just because he has money does not make him a better parent it just makes him more able to tie up the court and try to break her.

  • cola

    Why does he continue to harass her though? This man has 6 children by 6 different women. Is he seeking custody of those kids too…not. Its a control issue with him and her. And that is very sad…poor child.

  • CarlaKah

    He should definitely pay. He brought the fight to her.

  • LoveRainyNYC

    What Royce is asking for makes a lot of sense. There are a good number of parents losing custody battles because of financial advantages. She didn’t ask for the fight, so she should have a fair shot at competing.

    • kahlijr

      exactly! and the only scenario in which you’d ask for sole custody is if you think the other parent is unfit in some way. otherwise, the only purpose you’re serving is to show how selfish you are. folks crack me up trying to take kids from the other parent just cuz they’re not together anymore (yeah I’m talking about you too, Halle!). i really don’t understand how folks can put themselves before their children….