The Paperwork Doesn’t Lie: Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Were Secretly Married?

November 28, 2012  |  


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Mmm mmm mmmm. The Halle Berry-Gabriel Aubry ratchgedy just keeps getting deeper and deeper. A lot of us have been questioning why everyone involved in this saga’s feelings are so intense all these years after Halle and Gabriel split and their daughter Nahla was born. Obviously there’s a child involved but emotions seem to be running just a tad deeper than that and a new detail revealed in Gabriel’s restraining order may help explain all of that. It appears the model has not just been fighting with the mother of his child and her fiance, he is arguing with his ex-wife.

Extra TV got a hold of the restraining order paperwork he filed asking for a protection order against Oliver after he whooped him something terrible, and when it came to a question asking for the relationship to protected person, the line reads:

“Fiancé of petitioner’s ex-wife”

That’s quite interesting since many from the outside have not just labeled Gabriel a “baby daddy” but have looked at him as nothing more than a donor who came along with the right genes at the right time to fulfill Halle’s wish of becoming a mother. We obviously knew the two were involved more than just in between the sheets but it appears they weren’t just girlfriend and boyfriend during that time, but possibly husband and wife because I can’t think of any logical (or illogical) explanation for why Gabriel would refer to Halle as his ex-wife in a legal document if it weren’t true.

While we wait for confirmation on that front, one thing that has been semi-determined about this threesome is that criminal charges against Gabriel are “highly unlikely.” Law enforcement sources told TMZ the consensus on the Thanksgiving altercation between Halle’s ex-husband (?) and fiance is that it was “mutual combat.” So far it’s not clear if he’ll be quite as lucky when it comes to the restraining order against him though. The protection order is supposed to expire tomorrow but Halle could go back to court and request a new one. I have a hunch that she’ll do just that. But while we wait for that news what do you think about this latest development?

Do you think Halle and Gabe were secretly married?

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  • Bubbles

    There are two sides to each story… her side, his side but there is one truth which only God knows. Overall from observing, it seems that they both have bitterness with each other and are trying to take it out on each other. Sad very sad because the child is the one that is affected the most in the end. They need to grow up for the sake of their daughter.

  • shows you could have all the money in the world, and beautiful, and still have everyday people problems smh

    • TRUTH IS

      Money is just a commodity. Why folks measure happiness with it is beyond me!!

  • can’t believe mn is publishing a “swirl gone bad” story. clutch is gonna kick y’all asses for that. lol.

  • derry

    I wish Halle would sit her arse down somewhere. She is trying to take this man’s daughter away from him, wants another man that is not her real father to raise her, probably wants her to call Oliver daddy. When the relationship with Oliver is over (and trust me, it will be) what next? Halle is just a rich rat that is being vindictive.

  • Elimom

    That would explain the $20,000.00 per month support SHE gives him.

  • Poor Nahla

    Halle needs to stop getting married she is no good at it, three were enough. And she had better smarten up and dump that violent Olivier because he will end up beating the crap out of her one day and possibly harming Nahla.

    • Wait-A-Minute

      That is an unfair thing to say. Olivier could have been doing what he thought he had to do to protect Halle and Nahla. Men do that sometimes. I think we should let the facts play out before there is a conclusion. Obviously, the courts saw Gabriel as a loose cannon to allow a temporary restraining order against Gabriel….lets just leave this one to the court system to judge….

      • Jasmine

        Temporary restraining orders are not difficult to obtain. That is why it expires tomorrow and she will have to seek a permanent one with convincing factual information, under oath and proof that Gabriel is a danger to her and their daughter.

  • Oh well, that’s their business. I just hope they get it together for Nahla’s sake, this is all just too messy!!

  • silkynaps

    I doubt they were married. His attorney probably filled out the form on his behalf. I wasn’t aware that Gabriel could read.

    • TRUTH IS

      This made me go hmmm….attorney shld be fired for that mix up!!