Lookey Lookey! Angie Stone And Sunshine Anderson Added To “R&B Divas”

November 27, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

We already knew R&B Divas was slated to get a mini-facelift after news hit that Brownstone singer Nicci Gilbert was given the axe. At the time, Kelly Price was rumored to be her replacement, but TV One has taken that option and one-upped it by adding not one but two new divas to the cast. According to the YBF, Angie Stone and Sunshine Anderson will now be joining the network’s latest reality hit.

So why two new ladies? Well according to the site’s sources, Nicci Gilbert isn’t the only diva bouncing on the show. Faith Evans, who appeared to be the glue holding the bunch together, is also reportedly walking away from the series. That leaves Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt and Monifah who are all expected to return.

There’s no word on what may have prompted Faith to leave — or whether her decision was by choice — but since the ladies are probably the least drama-filled group on TV, aside from Hollywood Exes, it would be surprising if she was kicked off the show for problems or for being too boring. Maybe she just decided reality TV wasn’t for her. Plus it seemed Faith’s main focus was to release an album featuring the five singers and since that hasn’t happened, I’m sure she figured, what’s the point? Nicci, on the other hand, who had no desire to sing anyway, likely isn’t too broken up over that news I’m sure.

But back to Angie and Sunshine. These are two divas we definitely haven’t heard enough or seen enough of in recent years to I will be anxious to see what’s going on in their lives these days. And if Syleena, Keke, Monifah, and these two end up being the ones to actually put out an album together, I’m sure no fans would be mad at that.

Are you excited to see these two on the next season of R&B Divas?

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  • Kelra

    I was not feel Nicci just too much drama. If this is true I am happy to see her go. Syleena is my girl because trust the way Nicci treated her I would have put them (paws) on her..

  • QueenNTheMaking

    “Plus it seemed Faith’s main focus was to release an album featuring the five singers and since that hasn’t happened…..”

    Ummmm that album was released….it was called “R&B Divas” released sometime last month…

  • Why…THAT pic of Angie Stone. I’m interested in hearing where Sunshine Anderson went. Would ya’ll be interested in a hip hop version of this? Da Brat, Missy Elliot, Shawna, etc….

    • gracie

      Omg @Kendra you are a genius!

      • If this becomes a reality, I want free gift cards to red lobster! lol


    If Angie & Sunshine is added I might start watching!!

  • rosemary davis

    VH1 can never get it right this show started off okl and then came the cussing and arguing and backstabbing just like Basketball wives L.A. and Miami yet they keep bringing these ghetto shows back and the reason is that black folk will allow themselves to be use by white people all for the sake of the almighty dollar and adding Angie Stone will not help she is as ghettofied as they come this show needs to be cancel and until we as black people refuse to participate or act in such foolishness and ignorance we will never be cast in anything else but foolishness stupidity and ignorance.

    • This show airs on TVOne. But I get what you’re saying. Overall, TvOne’s programming is pretty dope.

    • Gloria

      its reality if black ppl want to behave in the right manor they can…no one is ever stopping them…we choose not too not the other way around…it is no longer the white mans fault for how we act

    • lovely99

      I am confused. This show is not ghetto, but BBW is. Have you watched the show? People always assuming and not watching#smh

    • DLB

      R&B Divas was on TV One. What does VH 1 have to do with it? Also, this show wasn’t like BBW. When they got mad at each other, they got mad. That was it. Nothing more. People may not agree or like each other’s ways, but it doesn’t mean people can’t still get along, etc.

  • Na Na

    Wow they just traded Nicci for Angie! If anybody remembers Angie on Celebrity Fit Club I was soooo disappointed to learn how catty and how much badly she behaved on that show. well I will def be watching the first few episodes to see what her and Sunshine are like. Btw I think Sunshine has a banging voice!

  • Yay!

    Hmm… I think I might finally tune in. I LOVE Angie…That pic tho, shesh… I hope her BD D’Angelo makes an appearance.

    • NaturalJem

      lol, that pic should’ve never been taken