Let Keysh Explain: Singer Responds To Biracial Backlash Saying ‘I Don’t Not Know What I’m Mixed With’

November 27, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

Keyshia Cole got a whiff of the backlash following her “106&Park” appearance last week when her confessed ambivalence toward participating in Black Girls Rock because she’s biracial didn’t sit too well with audiences. Some wondered if the singer’s words were taken out of context or perhaps the words that came out of her mouth didn’t really convey what she meant, but I’m not sure the explanation the new Mrs. Gibson provided on twitter helps her case much more.

Responding to the backlash, she Tweeted:

#BlackGirlsRock first off I feel ALLGIRLSROCK!! And by the way, I don’t not know what I’m mixed with, nor have I tried to find out/…

I was raised in Oakland. My mother is a black woman HOWEVER I do not know my father. Nor really car to know! Was thankful to be apart of..

#BlackGirlsRock I had to just do research. Didn’t know what the organization was about in the beginning. But uplifting young ladies is…

 What I’m damn sure about! Don’t get it twisted!
People talking about I said I’m not black? Wtf.. People are crazy! They will take your words and do what they want with them! #GetaLife

A few people tweeted back to Keyshia, like one follower asking her why she thinks she’s mixed (you know, if she doesn’t know her father or care to find out). The singer replied, saying:

Lmao!!!! wow! why is this a problem? Im just asking?

I think she’s missing the point. It’s obviously not a problem to be biracial or state it loud and proud but it is interesting to claim to be of mixed race with no evidence to that effect. And further, to have been thinking about letting that assumption of mixed race stop you from participating in an organization celebrating black girls, despite a number of other biracial women proudly hosting and participating in the show. But I guess to each her racially diverse own.

Does Keyshia’s Twitter response clear up anything for you?

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  • Rhiannon Mariea

    You Black folks sound REAL ignorant right now…

    Whoever in THE heck wrote this article sounds dumb, can’t spell worth a lick.
    And may I ask,
    “Are you from the South?
    Like my Grand-dad used to say,
    “we ain’t ready”
    All you ignorant “so-called” black folks……KILL YO-SELVES!
    Cause we don’t want no “self-hatin,” blacks reppin us.

    You people on here that call her (Keyshia) confused will be the same people to get mad if she didn’t claim she was black,
    You people on here that call her “Bi-racial” (there is no such things as Bi-Racial because we are all one race, unless the chick is half Marsian……..) be the same people to say Obama isn’t black.

    I bet most of you self hatin NEGRO’s come from the south.
    You southerners be hatin white folks, but wanna have weave, get your nose done, lighten your skin; then try to burn someone who was naturally born that way.
    LOVE YOURSELF and BLACK FOLKS get off the hair and skin tone already….

  • LoveRainyNYC

    Considering that Henry Gates himself stated “….They were just as moved, if not more so, to learn their percentages of European and Native American ancestors, as their African ancestry. And guess what? All African Americans are genetically mixed, the only question is how much.” …. I beg to differ.

    It’s more likely you confused him stating that most AA’s have at least 5% Native with 5% of AA’s.

  • jai

    It makes more clear to me that keyshia Cole is absolutely ridiculous!! She should have felt honored to be a part of the show and be able to reach young girls…but instead she went on a show that is geared toward teen girls and made the honor abt herself. We could care less if she is biracial (that never comes up about alicia keys or tracy Ellis Ross) but we DO care abt her lousy attitude and ridiculous statements!

  • TruthSeeker330

    Well as we have seen from her reality show she hails from trash and ignorance so why would we expect anything different from her.

  • clove8canela

    Her comment makes no sense because its not even like she has a dual identity like many mix kids who have knowledge of both cultures do. So she says she’s mixed. With what? “White” is not a legitimate response. Italian? German? French? Ok.

    Furthermore, her mother is black, her stepmother is black, her sisters are black, her nieces are black, culturally she’s black, most likely her fanbase is BLACK, so I can’t begin to make sense of where her ig’nant self is coming from.

  • clove8canela

    Her comment makes no sense because its not even like she has a dual identity like many mix kids who have knowledge of both cultures do. So she says she’s mixed. With what? “White” is not a legitimate response. Italian? German? French? Ok.

    Furthermore, her mother is black, her stepmother is black, her sisters are black, her nieces are black, culturally she’s black, most likely her fanbase is BLACK, so I can’t begin to make sense of where her ig’nant self is coming from.

  • kierah

    Tracee Ellis Ross KNOWS she’s biracial, yet she had no problem hosting Black Girls Rock.

  • jjac401

    So Keshia for now you will be “black mixed with black until you actually know something concrete.
    Take a DNA test for heaven sake! LAWD!

    • jjac401

      With a DNA test you will at least understand that because you are obviously African American, you are Multi-Racial. Most African Americans have admixture or other non-African DNA.

      • Vic

        What is “non african DNA”? Isn’t everyone from Africa if you go back far enough? What is a race?

        • jjac401

          Science indicates that Haplogroup L3f which is out of Ethiopia is responsible for the migration out of Africa.

          The DNA test will sometime reveal percentages of various admixtures, but African DNA percentages are not always picked up in people who are other than African descent.

  • The bottom line is the full train of thought and context that Keisha was speaking in was “I’m not Black, I’m Biracial.”

    It was down right ignorant for her to say that on Television. And she said it as if she was offended that the host implied that she was Black.

    She said it as if being considered Black is a negative.
    That was her honest to God gut and instinct reaction to the question the host asked her.
    It came out so fast I don’t even think she realized what she was saying in that moment or the impact it would have.

    She meant what she said, just how she said it.

  • get real

    I see this a lot coming from blk women. “I’m not blk, I’m Dominican and Spanish”. “I’m not blk, I’m Hisapnic and White” but skin is brown and dark as mine. The the most famous line “I got Cherokee Indian in my family”. Keshia shut your blk behind up. If u ever see a mixed kid living in the hood and her mom is blk? Mom was turning tricks and got pregnant by one of her white or mexican Johns. That’s why Kesh has no idea who he is. I bet her mom doesn’t have a clu either.

  • Bree

    She’s brand new now that she’s had a nose job and bleached her hair blonde.

  • Krys_Cas

    Yes and No, we now understand her viewpoint but she just made herself look stupid… She is just perpetuating what we black folks do best, try to separate ourselves from one another. Sometimes it is best to just stay silent. And like my mother tells me, once there is one drop of chocolate syrup in the milk… it is then chocolate milk. She is black no matter what the fraction. EMBARRASSING.

  • She can actually have a DNA test that would give her some answers. I’ve done it and can trace my ancestry all the way to Africa, etc.

  • Cakester

    Unless she is singing, she needs to keep her mouth shut.

  • It just clears up… that she really needs to educate herself more. She has clearly missed the whole point of the “backlash”..as well as the point of “Black Girls Rock”. She say’s she had to do some research, well perhaps she needs to dig/research a little deeper to understand why some might take issue with her initial hesitance towards supporting BGR.

  • Just saying!!

    I’m beginning to think she’s not too bright…

  • shelshel

    Paul Mooney said it the best “everyones wants to be black but no one wants to be black”

  • Is it THAT hard to get a blood test done? She can get one done when she takes her son to the doctor for a check up… i mean Keyshia, COME ON! its not that hard boo.

    • Vic

      Blood tests can’t determine race , because it’s all made up.

  • Sunshine

    You know missy I would hate to be in an argument with &I KNOW I’m dead. I mean read from head to toe & everything in between. O.o

    • Sunshine

      Sorry an argument with you & I know I’m dead wrong* typing to fast will do that.

      • Missy


  • Guest


  • Nene

    Why are we black people always making a fuss about skin colour. Black, white or mixed who cares. It’s her right to voice her views, some of you act as if it’s you’ll alone that got that right to voice your views. So frigging judgmental, stop getting your knickers in a twist over nothing.

    • Vic

      “Why are we black people always making a fuss about skin colour. ”

      Gee , i wonder why? The fact that we’re even labeled as “black” people should be a clue.

      • touche lol!

      • Nene

        Because that’s who we are even if you call it black, dark, brown, light brown or whatever you may want to call it. I’m proud to say that i’m black in fact i embrace it because being labeled as black does not take away from who i am and what i can achieve.

        • There you go. You identify yourself as a color (race) above anything else. That’s why people make such a big fuss about it. Its their identity.

          • Nene

            as i said that is what i am. In this world everything’s got a label boy, girl, man woman whatever you can think of Up or down, right or left everything’s got a label even this planet’s got a label to differentiate its self from the other planets although it a planet . If everyone was named Nene then that would be fun wouldn’t it? I don’t see the problem identifying my self as black because that’s what makes me stand out. We all are human being but we all have things that make us different and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

            • I don’t have a problem with you labeling yourself as anything other than what you feel you are. How dumb would it be if you knew your mother but had no ideal what the heck your dad was. Would you still label yourself as black? Would you claim you are biracial off of what you think you are? Or do you roll with black because that’s what you KNOW you are? Certainly if you didn’t want to be labeled as simply black, you would promote, sell, and pander to a biracial/multicultural audience and not stay on a Black television channel selling to a primarily black audience. That is if you didn’t want to be labeled black.

              • Nene

                Well she just didn’t say she is bi-racial, didn’t her mom say her dad was Italian And in her case being bi-racial does not mean she’s not black in fact it means she both black and white. Yes i would say i was bi-racial if that was the case, why not say it when it is what it is. Why say you’re black when your bi-racial that just stupid plain and simple. At least she does not blatantly ignore the other have of what she is. As i say to my son if anyone tells you you’re Black or you’re White you tell them that where you’re wrong I’M BOTH WHITE AND BLACK no matter which way you look at. Just because she’s bi-racial does not mean she can’t go on BET. It’s people like you that make bi-racial people feel segregated . now go and sit down and count the flies round you because your perception on this stinks!!!! And that’s all i have to say because as long as there are people like you my son and future children will always feel segregated by you narrow-minded backward thinking Idiots!!!!

                • SHE doesn’t know she’s biracial, her mom doesn’t KNOW she’s biracial. That argument aside, Why in the hell would that assumption give her pause to do BLACK girls rock? I’m trying to hone down on an answer here. I further find it strange that a “biracial” artist who is almost exclusively promoted on a Black/Urban television channel would even hesitate for one minute to do that show. Help me to understand that. I think you are perhaps leaking in your own personal issues with your son’s identity into this argument. I personally have no bias, I have a little sister who is half white that really and truly isn’t anything out the norm or special in this day in age. I recognize your own personal feelings have leaked into this conversation so I will leave your insults unaddressed.

                  • Nene


                    • It wasn’t anyone’s business nor did anyone care that she might be biracial. SHE brought that up when it wasn’t even a point of concern to anyone but her. Yeah you got issues and your feelings are all over your posts. You are unable to remove your own feelings from debating the point and I get that. I will tell you that most people don’t care nor are they bothered by biracial children. Like I said before my sister is half white also my nephews so really why you want to make it a federal case like somehow Keyshia and your son are special I will never know.

                • Vic

                  “As i say to my son if anyone tells you you’re Black or you’re White you tell them that where you’re wrong I’M BOTH WHITE AND BLACK no matter which way you look at.”

                  OOOH now I get it. No further dialog necessary.

          • Nene

            And as you it’s their identity, why cause a fuss over her’s when it got nothing to do with them.

            • Well if you promote yourself on BLACK Entertainment Television shilling to a BLACK audience most folks are going to assume you identify yourself as BLACK. She knows she is at least half-black so why would her participating in BLACK girls rock be something she would have to think about based off of an assumption of who her daddy might be? If she doesn’t want to be ‘labeled’ why in the hell isn’t she on MTV or any mainstream outlet showcasing her biracialness? I’m good on keeping my black dollars in my black wallet when it comes to shilling out my hard earned money on her. Too many other black women in this industry (bi or even tri racial) doing positive things for me to trip off of some poor confused soul with identity issues.

              • Nene

                The whole point being she said she is BI-RACIAL meaning she is both BLACK and WHITE what part of that statement did you not understand. well she is proud to be mixed with the best of both worlds why is that a problem. I say i’m black why can’t she say she’s bi-racial what’s so wrong with that. It people like you that make her have to state that fact because you’ll go on about skin colour all the time saying it’s either you white or you black…hogwash times are changing so get on with it.

                • She has no ideal if she is biracial or not. She has no ideal who the hell her father is, doesn’t that seem dumb to claim a race or anything you don’t even know you are part of? Furthermore she can rep being biracial that isn’t the point of contention. My point is why would her being raised black in a black culture by a black family cause her to second guess whether she should do BLACK girls rock? That’s my question where’s the answer?

                  • Nene

                    But you know who her dad is? you can prove that she is not bi-racial? You can honestly say if someone is mixed with black and white then they have to say that they are black or white not both? Really what a sad person you are Ms I know everything cheekee baby. It is not your place to say what is or is not as you can even prove the bunch of crap you just you just wrote i detect a lot of hate why?

                    • Maybe you are dense or have reading comprehension problems. You stuck on your own bias of thinking I’m hating on her. I’m not and frankly don’t give two fycks if she’s mixed with Albino Howler Monkey. What I’m saying is if she is biracial why would SHE hesitate to do BLACK girls rock? SHE is the one who threw I didn’t know if I should do it because I’m biracial. SHE said that not I. Do you get it now?

        • Vic

          In my opinion , If being white yields advantages over all others , then logically being black is a disadvantage and therefore does take away from our ultimate potential in comparison to if we were white .

          • Nene

            Well you live in a small world Vic because I speak from experience and it ain’t so.

          • Nene

            Because where i come from being white, black, mixed (and the list goes on…….) doesn’t matter as long you have got the right qualifications and the experience and the ambitions to make something of yourself then no matter what skin colour you are then what is there to stop you?

            • Vic

              Where do you come from ? So you’re stating that being labeled as black has zero baring on a person’s quality of life or the challenges he or she may face where you are from ?

              • Nene

                I’m from England and I work for a recruitment company and i can tell we recruit every race and not one person can say the didn’t get a job due to their skin colour because we don’t look at skin colour we look for qualifications, skills,ambition and motivation when it comes to qualities like that skin colour is redundant. i’ve gone through my 25 years of life and being black has never barred me from anything i set my mind to and i’m just a regular person.

                • Vic

                  So how can you say where you come from people aren’t judged on skin color when they just had a riot last summer that was initially blamed on black people , but it turned out that it was white people. Or how non white people from the middle east are treated there, or immigration fears etc. Just because you and your group are attempting to do the right thing does not negate the fact that being black is a disadvantage – which is why many black people cling to this ” im part this , im part that , im mixed here , im bi-racial” and all of these other labels that attempt to distance themselves from what they’ve been labeled as socially.

                  • Nene

                    Get your facts straight Vic the London riot had so many black people in and it was indeed started by black people over the black guy who was shot in the chest by police. please go on YouTube of educate yourself and at the end of the riot both white and black people were arrested. if you were here the 2005 bombing then you would understand how people feel my mom nearly died in the name of their religion. and not only that most segregate themselves from everybody if you’re not like them then you are a nobody. do you know a part in London some of those middle eastern people you talked about set up sharia law and would beat up people who gone out clubbing or from the pub. how do you want people to act i bet in america you don’t see someone covered from head to toe and all you can see is their eyes behind a veil just tell me how comfortable you would feel not know if that is a man or a woman.

                    • Vic

                      “how do you want people to act i bet in america you don’t see someone covered from head to toe and all you can see is their eyes behind a veil just tell me how comfortable you would feel not know if that is a man or a woman.”

                      Yikes. No comment.

              • Nene

                I’m from England and I work for a recruitment company and i can tell we recruit every race and not one person can say the didn’t get a job due to their skin colour because we don’t look at skin colour we look for qualifications, skills,ambition and motivation when it comes to qualities like that skin colour is redundant. i’ve gone through my 25 years of life and being black has never barred me from anything i set my mind to and i’m just a regular person.

  • Madame Noire is turning into Madam Hater, should be supporting unity not tearing each other down. Since when do we hold music artists to the same status as Phd’s? Seems very personal to keep digging

    • Each other? How we tearing each other down when SHE clearly doesn’t consider herself one of “us”?

  • ok_dayumm

    Can we please just from now on give bi and multiracial people their own category and stop calling them Black….because I am soo sick of these people claiming Black only when it’s convenient for them. Funny they never have the audacity to exclusively claim the other side of them because they know it will not be tolerated.

    • FabienneDesrameaux

      Your generalizations tho!! I’m black and proud of it. Its not about convenience and more about identity. You know a sense of belonging #3 in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

      • ok_dayumm

        @Fabienne….excuse me…I meant to say I’m soo sick of some or certain people only claiming Black when it’s convenient. Like many have already stated most African Americans are of mixed backgrounds and there’s really no such thing as 100% Black here. So for some to keep making a big fonk of the whole thing is ridiculous. But giving those who dont’ REALLY want to be associated with the word Black an option to be called whatever they please sounds like a good idea to me.

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  • FabienneDesrameaux

    I understand where shes coming from. I have made statements about being a proud black woman n literally ppl tell me “u’re not black because u are part italian” even “nooo more like caramel”. It may sound foolish but even on this site I have seen ppl get on Lala because she’s part spanish. And lets be real we have all seen franky and keisha is clearly lighter than her mother and her siblings. I dnt think she meant to be offensive about it.

    • The point is she went out of her way to let others know she was only partially black without knowing if that’s true or what the hell she actually is. To make that assumption is one thing, to make that assumption to decide whether you will participate in BLACK girls Rock is a whole other thing and is stupid especially for a R&B artist who has next to no cross-over appeal. She’s a black artist propped up by and supported by a predominately black fan base.

  • CoCo

    Doesn’t sound like a “race thing” more so of a “shady” business thing perhaps b.e.t. just because b.e.t support sum ignorant music for blacks then turn around and uplift them isn’t saying much. She probably didn’t want to be part of their hype-everything isn’t for everybody……As far as race is concerned she know what she knows…..Black girl rocks where was Nicki is she not black or the blonde weave confuses the masses or the ones who think if ur not part of an award show ur race is confused?! Isn’t that show is more so about black girls doing important things for their community and race?! Why celebrities have to always take away ordinary extraordinary ppl shine?!

    • Reality Check Sister

      I have to disagree with SOME of your statement here. I agree that many there are Black stars that will do anything to alter their appearance to be more accepted by the industry and the media consumers to gain more of a wider fan base. It has been proven that the more ethnic you look then the accepting people are of you in the media. Look it up! On a side note: Many stars that have disclosed the fact they are of a different racial backgrounds and STILL have not lost sight of WHO or WHAT they really identify themselves. For example: Tia Mowry and Halle Berry even though they are mixed with black and white; they both see themselves as a BLACK women without who her other side. Nicki Minaj did not forget where she came from or her background, it is grounded in her music like other stars before her. I do not agree with any Keyshia Cole has done so far but in the moral of the story is “NEVER bite the hand that feeds you.”

  • Well put… But I do think its also unfortunate to see how many people get upset over this thing. Black people finding any excuse to disassociate themselves has been going on for the longest. (Hence, Tiger Woods) However, this thing is a personal growth matter. As a child, I knew I was Black but didn’t know it meant SOOOOOO much to the rest of the world. I wasn’t taught to see color and therefore didn’t know about the ramifications of racism until I found myself in a racist situation. For years I saw outspoken people as those who won’t let the past go. At THAT time in my life, that was my perspective… Then I found racists in positions in communities such as cops, judges, lawyers, store clerks, teachers, etc. Now I’m supposed to do research to know my forefathers? No, I’m only supposed to be me and continue to grow and learn. We can’t be ‘mad’ at those who do not realize their ways or their mouth. Its really about perspectives and education. Now that I’m more educated, I can make more educated decisions about where I stand and what I actually do believe in. KC has a certain perspective right now in her life and we all agree her perspective needs more education however, at this point in time, she is only trying to be fair (in her mind) to both sides of her family. Suppose she’s also Chinese, and wants to rep the Black community AND the Asian community. I rep Black, American Indian, and Puerto Rican communities because that’s what I associate with but I do not have Spanish blood. In my perspective, PRs are another type of Black community but some of them would not agree. History proves they are from both the Black and American Indian cultures. Perspectives. Its funny how we are so hard on our own but do very little to support those who are fighting ‘the good fight’.

  • Cleo

    Keyshia, I was never really a fan of you as a person and this is not helping. If you were hesitant about doing black girls rock then why have a tv show on BLACK entertainment television…ya know since you are biracial and all?

    • Thank you! She’s like Mariah Carey she’s only black when she needs that black support and dollars.

      • Folks were giving Mariah a hard time since she was young because of her appearance, saying she isnt black. We think lightskin, curly haired ppl have it all but the struggle deeply as well with folks hating that they are on a pedestal and ppl having already made up their minds about the way they are. Also people who look like Mariah deal with trying to find their identity constantly because they have a hard time fitting in to both races.

        • All that aside, that wasn’t my point. My point is Mariah is ‘black’ when it suits her bottom line. She’s ‘other’ when she needed to crossover and make that mainstream money. Her issues with her identity have nothing to do with her pandering to whatever audience writes the biggest check. I don’t put anyone who “passes” on a pedestal nor frankly do I know or give a damn whether they have it easier or harder than anyone else. My intuition tells me they don’t but what does that got to do with people who are down for blacks until they achieve mainstream success THEN suddenly they are ‘biracial’? That’s my objection.

      • anonymouse

        mariah’s has always acknowledged that she’s Black and I know because I’ve been following her career since she started

  • Frankie has said numerous times that her father was white

  • Wow

    So how does she know that she’s biracial if she doesn’t know who her father is or his race??? She would have gotten less of as side eye if she has just used the age old tried and mostly untrue adage of “I got Indian in my family”. SMH

    • Kay


    • LoveRainyNYC

      In truth the majority of black Americans do have Native American, European and African ancestry. We all have different percentages, but it’s there.

  • beautiful mic

    The only thing it clears up is that Keyshia Cole purposely created ‘confusion’ for publicity’s sake and she’s not very interesting.

  • LoveRainyNYC

    At the end of the day, almost ALL black Americans are multi-racial. The fact that anyone can forget that point, annoys me. One thinking they should separate themselves from the rest of black America due to a few straight hairs and lighter skin adds to our division. Whether you’re 20% or 60% African you will always be considered a black American. Keyshia needs to get it together.

    • Robyn

      Oh please she has the right to define who she is…..Keyshia never stated that she wasn’t black.. she simply stated a fact and is… she is mixed. Frankie (her mother) stated long ago that her father was of Italtian decent… WTH.. BTW I’m black and I’m mixed.. it’s called massa sneaking down to mamie’s quarters and using her body whenever he want… GET GRIP……If it looks like a duck..walk like a duck..then it is a duck….SHE SAID SHE WAS BLACK… a few of you should take a history lesson while you suggesting she should….long before this nice little term “bi-racial” become fashionable …..folks were “mulattoes” (sp)….most bi-racial children have white mothers who simply have a problem identifying who they are…. AND THAT’S REAL TALK

      • LoveRainyNYC

        I’m not speaking of slavery times when bi-racial/mulatto was
        more probable, with African and European donors. It is clear that the majority
        of black Americans are mixed with more than one racial group, so mating with a
        white person does not technically make you bi-racial. Black is not a pure ethnicity,
        it is a label given/chosen to identify us, as our heritage is mixed. We’re all
        black sweetie; our recipes are just a bit different. It’s very interesting you
        think you are black and mixed… I’ve never heard of such a thing. Which box did
        you check on your census?

        • LoveRainyNYC

          Either way the issue is not whether she is technically
          bi-racial or not, the problem lies with her separating herself from an ethnicity
          and culture she in undoubtedly apart of.

      • Rosetta Stone

        Her junkie mother does not know who her father is.

      • MLS2698

        Why even bring it up when she nor her mother aren’t even sure? Addicts don’t know what they are doing half of the time, so who can take their word on anything?

  • COLORSTRUCK! I don’t care one way or the other how she self identifies but her comment speaks to a color complex MANY of us suffer from which is the whole purpose for the pro blackness of Black Girls Rock. Can we just say Black Girls Rock without the I got 1/5 indian in my family or my grandma was half Irish modifier. We are all something but if we are not or know not, that is beautiful too. I don’t get her point. As far as her fanbase, her music, how she is profiled by law enforcement and how she is identified by the PLANET, she is a black girl. And Black Girls Rock. That’s the point. Please don’t miss the point.

    • Missy

      ONNNNNNNNN POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missy Approves this message. Thanks LOL

  • Vic

    Confusion is lethal.

  • MLS2698

    Who has never heard of ” Black girls rock?” And I saw women perform on that show who certainly didn’t look all that black to me ( didn’t matter….obviously they were mixed). I think Keysh(?) is a so-so performer, and couldn’t take the pressure of a semi-live performance with so many A-list artist on the same stage. I have known some black people who were wayyy lighter than her, complete with green eyes whose parents were BOTH BLACK. IJS

  • 1Val

    Is her latest CD selling? Does she need “controversy” to remain relevant?

  • Hunn

    When did being bi-racial stop anyone from being part of a “Black girls Rock” celebration? You’re still half black for all you know??Now I’m confused. Even white people can be a part of Black girls Rock….And another thing, If President Obama is Black then uhhh….yeah she’s making no sense, but I still love u Keyshia 🙂

  • silkynaps

    Of course, she’s mixed race.
    Miscegenation in the Americas is a fact. Unfortunately, not everyone knows their family history beyond a generation or two, but probably 95% of the blacks in the Americas are mixed race. This is true regardless of having that certain aesthetic that we’ve come to associate with being mixed race. Yeah, I mean the hair and complexion thing…don’t front like this is new information.
    Genetics can be really random. Some will have white, asian, or indigenous blood/aesthetics closer to the surface than others. And five generations down the line, someone might pop out a baby with a dark complexion and light eyes. So yeah, everyone that has ever said they have indian in their family…probably does have indian in their family.

    • My issue is SO WHAT? I remember my white female boss’s daughter was married to an Native American man. I remember who my white boss got annoyed with everyone that would exclaim, “I’m part Indian.” Everyone wants to exclaim how “mixed” they are. OK, so one is part Native American, European and Jamaican. OK, it’s known. Now what? Are we supposed to throw some celebration.

      It’s as if when some blacks add “other” to their status, it makes them feel as if they’ve somehow achieved greatness. NO ONE FREAKING CARES. Everyone, regardless of race, creed, or color are the same. Society’s obsession with color and race blows my mind.

      This “I have to acknowledge my mixed raced heritage” is the most retarded thing I’ve heard from black people. Yes, I admit. It’s a status symbol for many to claim their mixed raced heritage even when it goes back generations.

      If black people put this much energy into building businesses, UNITY AMONGST OURSELVES, and teaching our young boys and girls to be proud of being black, then maybe we’d elevate to a place and being mixed won’t be such an important topic.

      • Malaika Angel, I could not have said it better myself. We are the only people who walk around claiming all sorts of ethnicities. Do you ever see white or other races of people boasting that they have black blood? Black people are really foolish.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    She thinks she’s biracial based on what her mother told her. Frankie definitely knew the dude who claimed to be her father wasn’t her father, but she can’t honestly tell her who her father was. Keyshia is the lightest of any of her siblings which is probably why Frankie believes that her father was not black. It’s not a far fetched assumption, but what’s special about black people is that we can have children from any spectrum from yellow to blue black. She may want to keep that in mind.

  • Alexa

    She’s slower than I thought, that response didn’t help her argument at all. Like I said yesterday about this topic, there’s nothing wrong with being biracial and embracing it! It’s the skepticism that she had about being apart of BGR due to her being “mixed”. Keyshia, apart of you is still B-L-A-C-K so being skeptical because you’re biracial just sounded silly.

  • CarmyneRevolver

    She sounds like an idiot, to be quite honest. Know your own personal history if you’re going to be outspoken about it. She’s doing a disservice to her own legacy by refusing to find out where she came from and subsequently who she is.

  • IllyPhilly

    No, it just made her seem even more confused.

    • Trisha_B

      Yes it did! She saying she don’t know what she’s mixed with but on BET she had to let everyone know she’s biracial. How does she even know she’s mixed?! Her mom was on drug & probably doesn’t have the best memory. Keyshia you are black, you don’t know your other side so you really can’t claim it. Maybe she just needs to find her father to get some closure. So the confusion can stop! & If Alicia Keys & Tracee Ellis Ross can partake in Black Girls Rock w/out bringing up the fact they are biracial, neither should you!

    • sammi_lu

      Keyshia is mixed with dingbat until proven otherwise.

      • IllyPhilly

        CTFU, DEAD!!!

      • jay


    • realadulttalk

      She opened her mouth and out fell stupid…again.