“Oh Snap! ‘Golden Girls’ Is On!” 15 White Shows That Black Folks Love–Past And Present

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As black Americans, we naturally tend to gravitate toward shows that have casts who look like us, address our issues and live in our communities. Although this is true, we still won’t hesitate to pick up our remotes and flip to the channel hosting our favorite non-black addiction, whether it’s a reality show, sitcom or drama. Here’s a look at a few of those “white shows” that reel us in despite their lack of black and brown characters.

The Wonder Years

Uniquely structured as a narrative, this has to be one of the most memorable sitcoms of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. It was hard not to love watching Kevin reminisce on his childhood days with his stern pops, love-struck brother Wayne, and pretty little girlfriend Winnie. Yeah, this one was a favorite for a lot of people, and for good reason with its classic storylines and the fact that it could tackle a tumultuous time in history and find a way to make the lives of people dealing with the changing times comical.

The Golden Girls

With Rose’s slow-wit, Blanche’s sultriness, Dorothy’s toughness and Sophia’s wise-cracking sarcasm, these four set the ‘80s ablaze. You loved them and so did your momma, your aunties, uncles and all your cousins too! Without a doubt, “The Golden Girls” were the hottest set of senior citizens on TV.

Saved By the Bell

Based on the lives of six high school teens, this is one sitcom that not too many youngsters—whether black or white—weren’t obsessed with. Screech had to be the most adorable (and scrawny) geek on TV, and Mario Lopez might be dubbed one of the sexiest men alive today, but I was crushing on him back when he was Slater—him and Zach. And of course, I have to mention Lisa—the drop-dead gorgeous fashionista who was also one of the only black characters on the show (there was that one nerd…nevermind). She gave “Saved By the Bell” a little spice, but the entire cast was on point. A great sitcom indeed!


My mother was—and still is—crazy about this show! So much so that she got me hooked. At a young age, I was glued to my TV, anxious to see how Matlock would figure out who committed the murder and what evidence he’d use to bring them down in court. Equipped with a razor-sharp brain and some serious crime-solving skills, Matlock was a bad, bad man. And we love him! And did I mention that the theme song, though short, is kind of awesome too?

Boy Meets World

With a seven-season run, “Boy Meets World” raked in millions of viewers and collected fans all the way from the suburbs to the hood thanks to a thirst for TGIF on ABC. We watched Cory and Shawn as they grew from scrawny sixth graders to handsome college men, and fought back tears when Cory finally married his childhood sweetheart, Topanga, in the final season. Just one of those shows where you felt like you grew with the characters. Definitely a favorite.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

First off, let me just say that Larry David is hilarious! He’s outrageous, outspoken, upfront and sarcastic as hell. Probably why we all love this HBO show so much. David says and does things that most people would feel bad saying, but NOT being blunt would take away the funny.

Mob Wives

They gave us a look into the lives of mob-affiliated wives, girlfriends and daughters along with a side of ratchetness and girl-drama. Although filled with an entirely white cast—with the exception of Drita, who we all know is a black girl stuck in a white girl’s body—you would think they were the Huxtables the way black folks tune in to the show and know all of the business of the ladies on the show.


Centered around five friends (including an over-the-top but hilarious agent) living a crazy new life in LA thanks to their famous friend, this is one show that had us all hooked! The series may have ended, but there have been talks of an “Entourage” film coming to the big screen. Looks like there’s more to come for those of us who can’t get enough of Vince and his crew.

Sex and the City

The white version of “Girlfriends” for many of us, but actually a predecessor,  it’s no wonder why so many black women love this show—even men too, although they try to keep it on the hush. These four ladies were spicy, spontaneous and fierce! Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship alone was enough to carry the show in itself, and if that wasn’t enough, she dated enough men to fill a black book and keep things interesting. Don’t tell me that when you hear the name Aidan you don’t immediately think of her ex on the show? You do! Definitely a hot series!

Michael Rosenthal/Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County

Okay, so we all know black folks love them some “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but the housewives of OC aren’t lagging too far behind in their drama. The first in “The Real Housewives” franchise, “RHOC” is filled with divorces, friendship wars, secrets, lies, deceit and more lies. Talk about drama. They have more juice than a little bit, and we’re drinking it right on up!

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

More than ten years and running, “Law & Order: SVU” is one of those shows that’s hard not to watch, especially since the marathons on USA get you all kinds of caught up in front of the television. What makes it even more attractive is that each episode is inspired by real life crimes taking place in the Big Apple. And oh yeah, I can’t forget about the homie Ice-T who plays hardcore Detective Fin.

Full House

The show that introduced us to the Olsen twins, I’d say that “Full House” is one of the best family-oriented sitcoms to ever grace primetime television. Entertaining and positive, it’s most definitely one of my favorite non-black shows of the ‘90s. Plus, John Stamos was on there, and we know how beautiful he is. What’s more insane than three men trying to raise three little girls? Crazy, but it worked, and we loved it!

Married With Children

“Married With Children” had all the right ingredients for one hilarious show: a materialistic, lazy wife, sarcastic, bitter husband, rival neighbors and two difficult teenagers. I remember getting super excited anytime I would hear the first line of the theme song “Love & Marriage.” I would plop up on my couch ready to see Al drinking beer and making those hysterical faces as he complained about his wife, kids, Marcy, or his not-so-great day at work (hand in pants of course). Plus, who can forget how hot—and ridiculously dumb—Kelly was? And how many of you remember Bud’s alter ego Grandmaster B? Dead! One funny show man, one funny show.


Based on six buds equipped with jokes, complicated relationships and love triangles, “Friends” is regarded as one of the best sitcoms in the history of television—and not just by white folks. Its finale pulled in tens of millions of viewers after a 10-year run, and while we were extremely scarce in our roles on the show (aside from Aisha Tyler and Gabrielle Union coming in as a love interest), it’s safe to say that black people played a huge role in that feat.

ABC/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection


The show that put comedienne Roseanne Barr on the map, it was one of those sitcoms that not too many families didn’t watch, probably it was for once, a show everybody could relate to. With a grumpy and funny cast and issues that focused on everything from race relations to poverty and female empowerment, who didn’t love “Roseanne”?

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  • Keekee

    They left out my favorite crazy import, ‘Are You Being Served?’ It used to come on PBS I think…

  • Erica

    How could forget Gabrielle Union?! She acted with Will Smith, Morris Chestnut, and the ever-so-fine Idris Elba in Daddy’s Little Girls (BET will NOT let that movie go). 🙂

  • who cares

    Here we go again with another stupid topic. White or black who the hell caRes its entertainment. Society annoys the hell out of me

  • keqi77

    So loved the list although I never watched sex in the city, curb your enthusiasm, friends or real housewives of oc. Roseanne is probably my favorite show on the list outside of Entourage because I loved Turtle the blackest white guy ever nothing but jogging suits, jerseys, fitted caps and j’s were his entire wardrobe and smoking weed and playing video games his past time. I do think that you forgot Family Ties who didn’t love Micheal J Fox and Growing Pains Kirk Cameron was the cutest thing.

  • BahamianEmpress

    I liiiiiiiiiiiiive for Golden Girls and Law&Order SVU. When Blanche (Rue McClanahan) died, my friend called me and was like “Girl I just heard! Are you alright?!” Dead.

  • crazychris

    whAT about black shows whites love.

    • When whites love a tv show it stays on the air for more than 1 season…..take your pic from a very long list.

    • Jeff Christianson

      The Cosby show was the best show in the 1980’s.

  • Candacey Doris

    You lost me at Mob Wives. Those reality shows are not something i ever watched more than one episode of. Why not put something good on like King of Queens, Frasier, or How I Met Your Mother?

  • ariesdollface

    Did anyone watch Arrested Development? one of the funniest shows ever to hit television imo!!!

    • scorpioarmylover

      i just caught up on all three seasons on netflix, i was literally in tears the entire time. Gob, Buster & Tobias are idiots! lol

  • Robbie

    Seinfeld?? Should have been tops…

  • Fantastic List! maybe i’m the only one but I was addicted to ‘Will and Grace’ and invested in a collectors DVD set for the entire show lol! especially because of Jack and Karen (a hot lovable mess)! I also liked 90210, Charmed and Seinfeld. New obsessions: The Good Wife, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, and The Office (Dwight Shrute? omg! how crazy is that fool?)

  • umm?

    Modern Family?! and the Office! Am I the only one watching those? Little House on the Prairie, Bewitched. Alias with Jennifer Garner? Although its a game show but the price is right, or the people’s court. I was forced to watch all of these things. what about any of the soaps?

  • IllyPhilly

    Roseanne and Malcolm in the middle imo had tons of situations that I know my Black family could relate to.

  • guest510

    One of the first songs I ever learned was the theme from Married with Children. That show is a classic! So relatable and just hilarious. love Roseanne. Rules of Engagement is good too

    • I’m just getting into Rules of Engagement. It is pretty good.

    • I love rules of engagement. omg patrick warburton is my man.

  • Miss_Understood

    I LIVE for Golden Girls! I have to watch it every night or else I can’t sleep, it reminds me of being with my grandma although she wasn’t white lol

  • rentho

    thats a good list, the list needs: modern family,big bang theory& will and grace

    • Lov3lyLady32

      YES!!!! Will and Grace should be on that list!!!

  • heyheynow

    frasier? love that show
    and everybody loves Raymond is cool too

    • Yes! I LOVE ELR and Frasier. I also loved King of Queens as well.

  • whitley.grant27@gmail.com

    does anyone like Frasier? that’s my ish I love, love, love that show
    every now and then I watch everybody loves raymond

    • TinaChris

      Frasier is my ish!!!! Funny as hell!

    • Tamz

      I STILL watch reruns!! I actually thought Niles and Frasier were brothers in real life for the longest. Lol

    • ariesdollface

      absolutely LOVED Frasier. & i watch Everybody Loves Raymond…great shows

    • Candacey Doris

      Frasier is still one of my favs. No one can do a pompous windbag like Kelsey Grammar. Probably because it’s so close to reality.

  • Also “The Office”. (A show without black women or *attractive* Black men is a “White” show to me haha.) I liked Mindy Kaling and Steve Carell on that show.

    • Lov3lyLady32

      Yes! The Office is very funny! One of my faves until Steve left 🙁

  • Loved this list!! Friends is my favorite show! I’ve seen every episode and have every season on DVD but I still laugh every time haha. I never watched SATC until after the 1st movie, but that’s one of my favorite movies. I’d much rather watch Orange County than ATL. Don’t want to see my people acting a fool, but I will watch those rich, catty, botox, implants, hot mess Orange County women all day lol.

    I also loved Gossip Girl and Seinfeld 🙂

  • MImi

    This list is so on point!!! Some of these shows I still watch till this day. My all time favorite is Rosanne. I could relate to this show so much. Oh yeah Golden Girls.Though this is a good list there are a few shows not on this list….such as Seinfield, Kings of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond. These are great shows.

  • Chassie

    Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, How I Met Your Mother, Diagnosis Murder, Golden Girls, wooo

  • Niceman

    How can you forget SEINFELD? The best WHITE show with a constantly all white cast.In my humble opinion one of the best shows ever.

    • Niceman

      comedic show ever***

    • mlw1924

      great show tht I still watch..

      • heyheynow

        I could never get into seinfeld because the guy made some racist comments once

        • Miss_Understood

          I know I don’t watch the re-runs too much because I always think of that…if it’s any consolation, he showed his a s s years AFTER the show had ended

    • That show is the most overrated and boring show to ever hit television. No it is NOT one of the best shows ever. And who puts Friends on here?

      • Niceman


      • Lov3lyLady32

        I was with you until you threw shade on “Friends”. That show is a classic! If you didn’t watch it, sorry to say you missed out on some good laughs!

        • J J

          So true I love friends and still watch re-runs

      • IllyPhilly

        YES indeed!

      • Miss_Understood

        You have to have a certain type of humor to enjoy shows like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm or Absolutely Fabulous (English show) otherwise it will come off as boring or dry

  • princess courtenay

    i watch these shows daily!!! except boy meets world and the wonder years…..idk what it is…i cant deal with them savage brothers

  • sweet_yams

    King of Queens is a hilarious ” white show”

    • heyheynow

      exactly I watch it every night before I fall asleep and the black best friend good show

    • Just Sayin

      But not totally because Doug’s best friend and coworker Deacon, and his wife and boys, appeared often on the show. But I get it. I love King of Queens. HIGHlarious!

    • guest510

      That’s my show!!! I watch reruns and laugh like they’re new. Arthur is hilarious!

      • Miss_Understood

        Arthur is definitely the funniest on that show, I didn’t realize that lady that has a crush on him (Spence’s mom) is his wife in real life until recently

        • guest510

          Yea and his daughter has also made appearances.

    • Allie

      Still watch that show religiously lol I think I’ve seen every episode they’ve put out but it never gets old to me

    • Suchalady


    • love that show.

  • Jazzy

    I watched every single show on the list!

  • mike from BR

    You forgot I Love Lucy.

  • baddvixentype

    ROSEANNE hands down!!!!

  • TraceFace

    Some of these shows I can’t relate to as “white shows”, like Law & Order. How and when did that become labeled a “white show”? It’s just a good show on TV that reaches many different audiences. But I did love Wonder Years, Married with Children, and Boy Meets World. I never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, and any of the “reality” TV shows. Ugh! I never enjoyed or watched Friends! Could not relate at all!

    • MImi

      I agree…I guess they are looking at the main cast is majority white. But the show touches all races. So yeah I wouldn’t categorize it at a “white show”.