2013 Is Bey’s Year: Beyoncé Directed And Produced Documentary Picked Up By HBO, To Premiere In February

November 27, 2012  |  


As if you didn’t have enough to look forward to from Beyoncé next year after the announcement of her sure-to-be insane Super Bowl halftime performance and the alert of a new album dropping very soon, Bey stans will be happy to learn that she will premiering the documentary on her life via HBO next February–February 16 to be exact. The doc is being directed, produced and executive produced by the singer, actress, designer, and a whole bunch of other things and will not only give us a close up at Bey the performer and musician, but Bey behind the scenes. According to the press release, which we were able to obtain via Shadow and Act, what viewers will see will include a lot more of the intimate images we sometime are lucky to see in her concert DVDs:

The film is a multi-faceted portrait of the 16-time Grammy Award-winning singer, businesswoman, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother, showing off the extraordinary gifts that have made her a global phenomenon, and stripping away the veneer of stardom. It includes extensive first-person footage, some of it shot by Beyoncé on her laptop, in which she reflects on the realities of celebrity, the refuge she finds onstage and the transcendent joy of becoming a mother last year.

The film sheds light on her childhood in Houston, with home movies revealing the close bond she built with her family and charts the challenges Beyoncé felt when she decided to manage her career and build her own company, Parkwood Entertainment. It also captures the intense physical and emotional demands she goes through in the studio, preparing for live performances, running a business and her family life, including her return to the spotlight after the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012.

And both Beyoncé and Michael Lombardo, president of HBO’s programming, seem to be excited about the project, which we’re sure will pull in big numbers for the network. As Lombardo says:

Everybody knows Beyoncé’s music, but few know Beyoncé the person… Along with electrifying footage of Beyoncé onstage, this unique special looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant, vulnerable, unforgettable woman,

And Bey added her two cents of excitement with the following statement in the press release:

HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity… Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home.

I have to be honest in stating that I’m a tad bit worried that this documentary will be more of the same, especially since the press release said that we can expect some exclusives from Bey, which were shot on her computer, and Lord knows we’ve seen a great deal of those already (i.e,, “Why am I so blessed? Why did God give me this life…?”). But seeing as how Beyoncé is being oh so open these days with her awesome Tumblr and Instagram, she might expose a lot more of herself on-screen than we’re used to. And since we’ll see how she adjusted to getting back out there after having baby Blue, it would be dope to see how Bey moves around as a doting mom (they can keep Blue’s face covered, I get it).

But alas, I won’t hold my breath.

So what do you think? Are you going to be checking for Beyoncé’s documentary on HBO in February? What do you hope to see?

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  • Your Site Loads SLOW

    “Her” year? There are other sisters in entertainment doing big things next year too.

  • lavendarbloom

    envy and jealousy….people get a life like B did, maybe you wouldn’t have so much time to hate… she is doing no more or less to keep her brand going than the supremes, madonna, lady gaga, whitney,loretta lynn, barbara streisand……all in their own day and time….Capitalism foks, that’s what American is about….It is just that now people can and will post anything without regard because you can hide behind your pc….peace people

  • This is killing me, because at first Beyonce was insisting that know one asks questions about her personal life, particularly about her public/not-so-public with Jay-Z when their union was developing. Not to be rude, but outside of being an entertainer, Beyonce seems boring. She doesn’t seem to have much personality. And I don’t want to hear her talk about beauty, and, awesomeness, and gifts, and blessings for 2 hours.

    • *no
      insert “relationship”

  • heyheynow

    so I get it you all want her to do a realtiy show and act like a hoodrat oh no wait you all want her to act like the thirsty as kardashians? well I’ma certified stan I love Beyonce she is the shid and has been since No,No,No…I will surely watch her at the superbowl because i know she want embarass us and pull a janet jackson and I will surely watch her HBO special because I’m pretty sure there will no fighting, cussing, and all that ish…go BEY!!! #stan

    • Sheena

      I iwish I was logged in so I could vote this down.

    • Its not about wanting her to be a hoodrat. Its about wanting her to show some dang personality. Not everyone is a Tina Fey or a Maya Rudolph…but just be something! Be interesting, expressive, engaging….Sometimes she’s very Miss America.

  • Next In Line

    Beyonce if this is you talking about how hard your life is, how hard it is to have a baby (side eye), how famous you are, how you are so tired cause you work so hard please I will not watch.

    however if she is gonna show her interactions (real ones) with family, her baby, etc. that would be nice. But I would still not watch. She is a hell of an entertainer but when she talks its boring and wooden.

  • Shaybaby

    If it’s anything like she’s doing now I’ll pass. Everything about her life is staged. Even her “candid” photos are staged. #girlbye

  • Guest360

    My question is……what is a documentary going to reveal about Bey that we don’t ALREADY know from the last 15 years she’s been in the spotlight? Has she not had enough “Behind the Scenes,” “True Hollywood Story,” “Diary”, and all out specials about her life? Did they just find papers that her and Solonge were the result of an affair Tina had with the milkman? I mean what else is there to know about her that we don’t already? Imma need Beyonce to take a break. Im nearing my point of overload with her lol

  • Chassie

    bey doing the halftime show? i don’t watch football, but let me hit up youtube now to see who she’s going to be “inspired” by this time. No shade but shade, bey. And I’m only half kidding.

  • Just saying!

    I feel like this is going to be more of the same. What are they really going to say/show that we don’t already know. I love Bey but she doesn’t keep it real. She only shows the stuff that makes her look perfect and that’s not realistic or relatable. I doubt I’ll be checking it out. I’ll probably wait until it reaches YouTube lol

  • Jacara

    Beyonce is as deep as a kiddie pool. HBO (ABC, BET, MTV, any other channel) , shame on you for trying to make think otherwise. I think I’ll go to the laundromat instead and have better time watching my clothes tumble.

  • i like her music and i love to see her perform. she can keep her personal life private, just bring on the singing and the dancing…GO BEY!!!

  • DoinMe

    Haven’t we seen this like 10 times already? Imma need for her to reinvent herself and do something different including burning that lionmane lacefront. Her star is dimming.

    • Gye Nyame

      LOL “lionmane lacefront”…luv it! I agree with the other comments, I like to see my artists grow and reinvent themselves. Bey uses the same “look” and formula for every album…the club banger, the ballad, and the catchy song featuring a cameo by her husband. Its like deja vu with every album.

  • SheBe

    What is a “Stan”? Is it like a crazy obsessed fan? I really don’t know what it means but I see it enough and that’s all I can figure out from its use in a sentence.

    • Cleo

      Pretty much!! And Beyonce has the worst Stans ever they go hard if anyone says one negative thing about her.

      • heyheynow

        heck yea I certainly do!!!

    • That is the same thing I just asked, lol! I’m a fan, so does that make me a “Stan”?

      • SheBe

        That’s a good question. I’m a fan but I don’t go at it with people that don’t like her. That’s their opinion.

    • Bri

      stalker+fan=stan 🙂

      • SheBe

        GOT IT!!!! That was my next question (where does the spelling come from? STupid fAN?) but I didn’t want to be “that kid in class”. LOL!

    • Kay

      The whole Stan thing is based off the Eminem song Stan where there is a beyond obsessed fan named Stan.

      • SheBe

        Ooooooooh okay. I’ve heard that song once. Didn’t pay close attention to it but next time I will.

  • Love her! Can’t wait to see her superbowl performance, as I am sure she will continue to shut down the haters! I will watch the documentary as well.

  • Cleo

    I like Beyonce, not a crazy Stan but I do like her music. I’m kinda looking forward to seeing this and her halftime performance as well. Do you girl.

  • bluekissess

    How many Thanksgiving Specials has she had already? Wasn’t that enough? Beyonce is a good entertainer BUT she hasn’t shown any growth as an artist. Her performances are repetitive & she copies to many people. I use to be a huge fan now not so much.

  • Alexa

    As soon as I read the word “laptop” my mind immediately went to “Why am I so blessed, why did God give me this life…?” Hahahahahahaha I hope there’s none of that in documentary. No shade though, I’ll definitely check the documentary out. Maybe this one will be more up close and personal, if not then her performances are always great :).

    • bluekissess

      That’s the same thing I thought. Her crying then she’s in Egypt singing in a tomb.

      • Your Site Loads SLOW

        which was weird her recording herself singing in a tomb. i guess she wanted to put the stamp of *majestic royalty* on her credentials. or something.

    • Na Na


  • gracie

    Glad I don’t have HBO channel

  • realadulttalk

    *yawn* so she’s releasing a bunch of crap that only lets you see what she wants you to see? I could see how that could be titillating…not. So did she really do these things or did some nobody do it and she’s taking the credit…again?

  • Kellz

    Uh oh…another year of over rated gyrating and leotards.lol