News Report: Trump’s Kids Tell Him His Birther Nonsense Is Damaging His Rep

November 26, 2012  |  

Left to right: Eric, Donald Jr, Donald Trump, and Ivanka. AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Comb-over king Donald Trump went on Twitter this weekend to deny a news report that says three of his kids — Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. — held an intervention to tell their dad to stop talking smack about President Obama.

According to a source who spoke with the New York Daily Newsthe Trump trio paid a visit to dad’s office in October and told him he was damaging his brand by keeping up with the Obama bashing.

“They showed a lot of respect, but told him he’s worked too long and too hard to build up the reputation he has. They understand completely he’s always been outspoken and that he likes attention, but this is too much,” the paper reports.

Trump responded in three tweets this weekend, accusing the “dying paper” of having promised to kill the story but running it anyway, then denying that his kids would ever do such a thing because “it’s not in their nature.”

You’ll recall that Donald Trump’s last attempt to goad President Obama into the tired (and offensive) discussion of where he was born was with the promise of a charitable donation. It was widely criticized for not only being out of line but senseless since the President already produced his birth certificate.

Whether the story is true of not, the damage to Trump’s brand over his continued birther talk has already been done. Once a serious candidate for the Republican presidential nomination (remember that?!), he’s now lost his political credibility, reduced to a sideshow loud mouth on government issues. Though he continues to share his thoughts about how to handle the US economy, he’ll never have the ear of a serious political contender again, let alone be one himself. What’s left of his reputation lies with his television program, his name attached to various real estate ventures (which have their financial ups and downs), and his Macy’s line, which was also the subject of a petition.

Sadly, we don’t think Trump will disappear. But, if we’re lucky, the volume of his voice will be turned down.

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  • Patricia

    Somebody need to talk to this idiot. If anybody it need to be his three offsprings. I still say PEOPLE, PLEASE DON’T GO ANY OF HIS HOTELS, CASINOS, OR BUY ANY OF HIS CLOTHING LINE, COLONGE OR DON’T WATCH THE APPRENTICE. This is the only way to stop this foolishness.

  • Toronto Trump Tower Loather

    yes, the reason that Donald Trump should change what he says to the Press is that what he says is bad for his reputation. hello hello? he should change his views because they’re wrong, stupid and base. If he wants to continue to be wrong, stupid and base, then please Trump children encourage him to keep spouting his views so that we can reject him and all of his businesses.

  • Miss_Understood

    Donald Trump is the definition of narcissism.

  • The ‘Donald’ just HAS to find a way to stay relevant when Celebrity Apprentice is in its off season. His antics should prove to the world that even money doesn’t guarantee happiness (he has oodles of it and STILL isn’t content)! Hopefully his offspring did talk some sense into him. With such prestigious educations, they SHOULD know how to spot an idiot–even if it is ‘Daddy Warbucks’. Tend to your business, Donald and leave my POTUS alone;) On the flip side…”He’s just mad”!!! Don’t hate the Prez, Trump. Hate the game (of which you’ll never be a contender). #CashThatCheck

  • ANTMilf

    I think senility is kicking in for Donald that his own kids have to talk sense into him.

    • adrienne michelle

      senility kicked in for Donald when decided that roadkill mess on his head was cute