We Saw This Coming: Halle Berry Wants A Permanent Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

November 26, 2012 ‐ By Jazmine Denise Rogers

Source: WENN

Last week we reported that Halle Berry’s fiance Oliver Martinez and her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry both wound up in the Emergency Room after they got into a tussle on Thanksgiving when Gabriel showed up at Halle’s home to drop off Nahla. The saga seems to only continue this week as TMZ is reporting that Halle will be heading to court sometime this week to seek a permanent restraining order against Aubry. When the incident first occurred, the judge issued a temporary restraining order which restricted Gabriel from coming within 100 feet of Halle, Nahla and Oliver; however, that order expires this Tuesday.

It is being said that Halle is extremely concerned that didn’t have enough control to refrain from trying to fight Oliver in front of Nahla and that him being around her child poses a huge risk because he didn’t think clearly enough about his actions and the emotional trauma that he could have potentially caused Nahla.

After last week’s incident, both men were released from the hospital, but Gabriel found himself in police custody where he was booked for misdemeanor battery but was let go after he made bail, which was set at $20,000. Thankfully Nahla did not witness the scuffle.

While Gabriel and Oliver could have handled their differences in a more mature manner, trying to get a judge to issue a permanent restraining order against the man that would prevent him from seeing his child is a little extreme. However, as ugly as things got between Halle and Gabriel during their custody battle I guess an occurrence of this magnitude was almost inevitable. I’m not sure what it is with celebrities always seeking to keep the other parent from seeing their children once the relationship goes south but it seems to be a very spiteful and vindictive trend that only serves as a major injustice to the children in the long run.

Hopefully Gabriel can seek some help for his temper and he and Halle will learn to work through their differences for Nahla’s sake.

Do you believe Halle’s attempt to get a permanent restraining order against Gabriel is reasonable?

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  • Guest

    There is really something not quite right here. I think a set up might be what’s really going on!!


    Have you been in a relationship with her??

  • Guest

    Every time I see these 3 in the news I think of a tele-novela in all of its gaudy messiness. At the end of the day Halle is only hurting her child. She knew what kind of man Gabriel Aubry was when she decided to have a baby with him. Don’t act all brand new now because you have a new boo. The judge needs to order her to a psychiatrist so she can understand she makes horrible choices when it comes to men, and that she is only damaging her child in the long run.

    • realadulttalk

      I totally agree with you…something is off about Halle.

  • Cwilliams

    Hate to say it, but I think Halle’s a great actor but a b***h behind scenes. I honestly think if she wasn’t so difficult, none of this would have ever occurred. In a world with so many deadbeat dads, this man (Gabriel) only has intentions for his daughter. Its sad to see her put soooooo much energy in keeping her away from him. I don’t condone violence, but overall I think Gabriel is hella fed up & snapped.

  • Guest360

    I remember so vividly her being on Oprah and touting Gabriel as the best man who would make an even better father. So much so that she created a s*x schedule for them to increase her chances of getting pregnant. IMO, she was the one pushing to have a kid when they were together. Now that she’s got her, all of a sudden he isn’t a good dad anymore? WTF? Relationships end. Thats just life but come on. Why be so vindictive? Especially when it’s your child’s life that’s at stake. From what you can see of her, this little girl loves both of her parents and to me, it seems like Halle is trying to push Gabriel out of the equation just because she has a new man now. They’ve been going at it for a couple years now. It’s far time they resolved this and move on. Just let it go. Geez….

  • pfeiffer87

    oh my lawd. this woman is CRAZY.

  • Shay

    I don’t know if she needs to get a permanent restraining order or just supervised visitation. This is not the first time Gabriel has lost his mind. I personally think that when he dropped off Nahla he got a little jealous and then the fight ensued. I also don’t know why this is Halle’s fault. He came to her house acting a fool. Apparently, he was the aggressor because he was arrested and the judge awarded the temporary restraining order.

    • Guest360

      He hit first which was why he was arrested but according to reports, it was Olivier who actually provoked the situation and told the man to just give up his kid so they could all move on. Who does that?! No he wasn’t right for hitting the man but Olivier and Halle are doing their damndest to try to push this man out of his kid’s life just so they can run off to Paris and play happy family with no restrictions, i.e no interference from Nahla’s father. It’s horrible. I’d punch the man too.

      • nolagirl

        He did not tell him to give up on his kid. Stop lying please.

        • Guest360

          Um….you might want to read that report before calling me a liar because he most certainly did. Gabriel was there to drop off his kid and this man in his face instigating a fight. Gabriel didn’t come out of his car ready to fight nor lost his temper for no reason at all. But I guess you weren’t following that part of the story lol.

          • nolagirl

            And you need to take a reading comprehension class. The quote was ” we need to move on” not give up on your daughter.

            • Guest360

              Before you talk about my reading comprehension, you might want to work on yours. Just sayin’. The actual report says threats were thrown before anything got physical and threats were coming from Olivier.

              And?! You think he meant “we need to move on….over to the park together and have ice cream like bros”? GTFOH lol. LIke I said, he was instigating a fight. Gabriel might have hit first but it didn’t come without provocation.


    yes i think it is reasonable, she’s getting married & there will be 2 people in the house. if the child’s father has more of a negative affect on the situation than positive why keep him? her daughter can see him when she gets older & he has it together.

  • wepo1

    This was an old black baby mama trick! She got the new boy toy to f!ght the baby daddy,so she can get his custody revoked!


    We dont know ALL THE FACTS…BUT, from my point of view Aubry was seeing dollar signs when he got Halle pregnant! From what I can see he doesnt work and has been suing her for child support & custody since they split!! If he was a woman he would be called a gold digger….he planned this from day one, Halle has had many men and didnt have a child tell the ex model came along. He used her plain & simple!

    • TRUTH IS

      No, she used him as a $perm donor. Now she’s paying for fastness. She is the crazy common denominator in all her horrible relationsheets!

      • NONEYA

        How do you know that?!!!??

        • TRUTH IS

          Because she goes public once their romance goes south and claim she has been a victim!! Never a civiliziled breakup with her. Put two together!!!

    • pfeiffer87

      He planned to fight his ex’s bf? He planned to get arrested? He planned to have a custody battle? What are you talkin about?!

      • NONEYA

        NO what in the world are you talking about????

    • Guest360

      Actually, it was Halle who was pushing to get pregnant. Go back and watch her and Gabriel’s interview with Oprah. She was a tad bit baby crazy. Way more than Gabriel ever was.

    • realadulttalk

      Not sure how he could have been seeing dollar signs…did you forget about Oprah paying to get Halle outta that accident mess a few years back? And when was the last time Halle was in a remotely good movie???

  • realadulttalk

    Let me get this straight….so it was ok for her bf to fight, but not the child’s father??? Seems to me she is allowing yet another man with some anger issues into her life. Perhaps Halle doesn’t need custody–she doesn’t seem mentally fit.

    • undefined

      the bf protected himself, as the child’s father threw the first punch. he got the worse of the deal. only she walks in her shoes and none of us can judge…but heck, I probably would have done the same thing. She has her reasons and we don’t know what happened between the parents,

      • realadulttalk

        And what led up to that? People don’t generally just get out the car swinging…there is something that leads to that point. Because there is a child involved and it keeps being public…everyone has the right to judge. And the court will be doing much of that. I don’t need to know her reasons…I do need her to better handle her business. The child (again the only important person here) is consistently caught in the middle of some sort of drama…and b/c Halle seems to always have drama with men…I’m looking at her as the issue.

  • 1Val

    Halle is a train wreck. If she continues her behaviors Nahla may become a ward of the state. If Gabriel is unfit because he is prone to violence that live in mooching fiance Olivier is equally unfit because he is violent also. Halle is making herself appear to be unfit surrounding her daughter around violent men.


    Halle Berry is vindictive and evil. As the folks say back home; every monday morning she’s in court. Drama queen. She should rent a space in the courthouse!!! Let the man be a dad to his kid. She chose him to impregnate her…..I dont get it.

  • Cleo

    This whole situation is a mess, people please be careful who you have children with.

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