SMH: Arkansas Man Mysteriously Shot Dead During Lunch At Boss’s Home And No One’s Been Arrested

November 26, 2012  |  

Source: The Grio

I’m going to seriously need someone to tell me what is going on in Arkansas. First we had to swallow the hard pill of the “mysterious” death of Chavis Carter being ruled as a suicide even though he died while handcuffed and in police custody, now this.

TheGrio is reporting that on Friday, November 9, 21-year-old Ernest Hoskins Jr. was fatally shot in the face during lunch at his boss Chris Reynolds’ home. The way the story is being told by Ben Crump, who is the lawyer representing the Hoskins family,  Ernest and three of his co-workers from Raynell Industries were having lunch when out of nowhere, Reynolds allegedly pulled out a 44 Magnum Desert Eagle pistol and shot Hoskins in the jaw fatally wounding him. “For whatever reason, he pointed the gun at the only African-American guy at the table,” Crump told theGrio.

Ernest’s widow, Nikkisha Hoskins, revealed that the two were still newlyweds as they had just gotten married in July of this year in a private wedding and were scheduled to have a big ceremony on November,  a mere nine days following his death. “Instead, the guests for that wedding party attended a funeral,” Crump said. “And Nikki has got a wedding dress that she’s never gonna get to wear.”

The entire incident had come as a surprise to many. Nikkisha expressed that her husband loved his job and had a great relationship with his boss. “He brought us gifts, he invited us over to his house for dinner numerous times,” she shared.“I felt like I died,” the widow said recounting her feelings when she first learned of her husband’s death. “You couldn’t have told me my husband was not going to come home today because I would have called you a liar.”

What’s more disturbing than Hoskin’s death is the fact that the shooting occurred two weeks ago and Reynolds has yet to be arrested. Apparently Arkansas Police are still investigating the crime, meanwhile Reynolds is the one who allegedly made the 911 call to police stating that he shot Hoskins. What more is there to possibly investigate before making an arrest when there were two eye-witnesses that say Reynolds killed this young man in cold blood? “In any jurisdiction in the world, even in Arkansas, this should have resulted in arrest,” Crump said.

This is an extremely sad story that makes you wonder how you’re expected to have faith in our country’s justice system. One can’t help but ask themselves, if the roles were reversed, with Reynolds being Black and Hoskins being Black how different the outcome to this story would be. This is the second “mysterious” death of a Black man being reported from Arkansas. I believe the Arkansas Police Department has some serious explaining to do.

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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  • Face The Facts

    Maybe the unfortunate Brother was too enthused about Obama’s reelection?

    • nikki Hoskins

      This is how rumors get started. He didn’t even vote In the election because he didnt agree with either side

  • He was actually charged with murder and two counts of aggravated assault

  • Candacey Doris

    Why are we being killed without repercussions? Why does it take 2 wees for a man to be arrested and charged? Were they hoping to find something to pin on Hoskins so that they could blame his own death on him? Everyday i wake up full of hope and stories like this bring me down.

    • What Would Marcus Garvey Do?

      How about waking up in a country not built with the blood of our brothers in the mortar of its very foundational bricks?

      • Candacey Doris

        It’s in the plans for the future, but so are a lot of things

  • Andrea

    This is a total travesty. We need to start a petition and force the Arkansas police to arrest Mr. Reynolds. No way in hell should he be allowed to walk around free without some sort of charges being filed against him. If not first degree murder, then possibly second degree murder or man 1 or man2. But something instead of nothing. I pray that the police come to their sense and do the right thing.


    Arkansas is a big state. What city in Arkansas did this happen in??

  • Gem0124

    Actually his employer was arrested and charged with murder. MN needs to check their facts.

  • Jenny

    I’m a reporter for a news station in Little Rock. We covered this story over the weekend. Although it took two weeks, the man responsible for shooting and killing him was recently charged with murder.

    • Na Na

      Maybe you can shed more light then. What is being said was the motive? Did the gun accidently go off? What has the accused had to say? Sooo many questions.

  • I’m confused!! What is the motive behind this shooting?

  • Brooklyn archer

    This is an effin outrage! At what point are African Americans going to stop being treated as second class citizens in this country? Why are we constantly doubted in the justice system? First of all, if Reynolds was black, it wouldn’t have been reported cuz no one seems to care about black on black crimes even though thousands die each year. If whites were killing each other at the rate blacks are, we would be in a state of national emergency. Second of all, if it was a white man that was shot by a black man, that black man would’ve been thrown under the jail as soon as that bullet left the chamber.

  • rosemary davis

    This sounds like a right out and bold mafia style execution the question is why would he do something like this unless maybe he was ripping the boss off and thought he was getting away with it or was he messing around with his wife and he found out their are many unanswered questions but things like this happens in the south all the time where blacks are murdered by whites and some how they always get away with it