Fo’real? Royce Reed Wants Dwight Howard To Pay $100K So She Can Battle Him In Court

November 26, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

In random “Basketball Wives” news, it is being reported by TMZ that reality star Royce Reed, the mother of Los Angeles Laker’s center Dwight Howard’s son Braylon, is petitioning that the judge handling their ugly custody order Dwight to foot the bill for her legal fees. Yes, you read correctly. Royce wants the man she is battling in court to pay for her defense efforts against him. It seems that Royce believes the fight for sole custody of Braylon is an unfair one because Dwight has enough money to “outspend her.”

Royce filed the petition in Florida stating that she is no longer in the financial position to afford those steep legal bills she’s been racking up lately running back and forth to court with Dwight. She claims that because Dwight brings in $1.3 million each month, he is able to hire the best attorneys  and that he can even hire an entire team of attorneys which would only leave her swamped in legal bills that she can’t afford and that this would eventually cause her to drop of out of the battle.

The court documents reveal that so far Reed’s bill is a whopping $44,113.50 and it is expected to increase by another $60,000 if she and Dwight continue to battle it out in court, summing her legal bill up to $106,621,80.

It seems that being cut from Basketball Wives came at the worst possible time for the 30-something single mother. Yes, she is probably correct when she says that Dwight has the ability to pulverize her with a team of great lawyers, but she’s completely delusional if she thinks he should be responsible for paying her legal fees — although that typically is how these things go among the rich and the famous. See Usher and Tameka Raymond as exhibit A. So far a judge has yet to rule on her claim, but I would be surprised if the outcome of the ruling is in her favor.

Hopefully the couple is able to reach an amicable agreement for the sake of their child who would most likely benefit the most from having both parents in his life.

Do you think Royce has a decent argument for wanting Dwight to pay her legal bills?

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  • Ann

    No. I don’t think she has a argument as well. What has she been doing with the money that she was making doing basketball wives? I am sure she was drawing child support from the father as well. What did she do with the money? I am sure is is utilizing hopefully to take care of the child and save for his college fund not squandering on television shopping and eating out at expensive restaurants all day everyday. If Dwight gets custody, he should not pay child support. Wow, she wants custody, child support and for him to pay all her legal expenses. Royce, that is not going to set well with him.

  • thinks alot

    you know it just hit me…we have a messed up culture! this entire show is about NON successful, over indulgent women who recklessly have babies with wealthy men. WHY DO WE WATCH THIS JUNK????

    • Pivyque

      I don’t. lol I did watch the first season though and I can’t say that they were all being reckless. Shaunie was married to the guy, as was Tami. I think the other ladies with kids (with the exception of Royce) were in long term relationships with these guys.

  • MLS2698

    She is going to lose if she keeps bringing men around her child and calling him ” the one.” That’s all.

  • realadulttalk

    For the sake of the child (who is the only one who matters) why does anyone have to have full custody??? Why can’t you share custodial rights like you shared a bed to make the child?? If both of them desire to be parents then it’s just ridiculous that they can’t work this out.

    • TeahMonae

      I agree with your comment. Its unfortunate but its all about money. He wants full custody so he doesnt have to pay her child support. She wants full custody so that she can get more child support (than she would get if custody was shared). Sad but its all dollars and cents.

      • realadulttalk

        I never think about the money aspect of things…darn me for wanting them to do better by their child. I’m not being snarky–I really never think about the support …and that always make my argument sound naive.

        • TeahMonae

          That’s because you are a decent human being with common sense! She probably got pregnant on purpose specifically for the child support. Not to say she doesn’t love her son, but money plays a huge part in this as well.

  • If he wants to continue this ridiculous custody battle (why?), then he should come out of his pocket, or man up and do the right thing. I have no sympathy for either of them.

  • Pivyque

    What? He has like 3 or 4 kids. He should have figured out how to handle the situation by now! This is just sad.

  • heyheynow

    hell no fugg royce leave my boo dwight alone!!!

  • rosemary davis

    No I don’t think she has a legal argument after all she bragged earlier this year that she didn’t need BBW because she had her own dance studio which I assumed brought in all that money that she claimed she didn’t need from BBW which seems now she does need.What they should do is sit down and come too some kind of agreement regarding child support and visitation rights instead of fighting it out in the courts this in itself would save attorney and court fees other than that Dwight owes nothing to Royce his one and only responsibility is his child move on Royce with your life and let Dwight play ball without all the drama

  • Anon


  • Lana

    He has sued her on more than one occasion. And I’m not sure who initiated these proceedings but if he did then he should be paying her legal fees. You make a baby with someone you no longer get along with and now you run to the courts to provide structure for your personal affairs concerning the child. Therefore he should pay. Ill never understand why these celebrities who have so much money to lose will not use any birth control when sleeping around. This goes for regular everyday people as well but with celebrities who are well known and go out and have all these kids with different people and hen beg for privacy when their name is dragged in the mud for not paying child support.

    • Crys

      ybf says he is the one continuing to initiate these custody proceedings as he wants full custody. I was not aware that he had more children than this one but I do believe that she is owed some legal assistance because often times in litigation big corporations (in this case the richer party) attempt to clog the system with frivolous claims so the poorer party is forced to settle or dismiss.

    • Jack

      umm, he only sued her about things she talked about on BBW. she tried to tarnish his reputation and anyone can be sued for that. if she wasn’t such a money grubber in the first place they would still be together. Dwight just found her out before they married. still Dwight should chill cause he knows she cant fight back, and that still is his son’s mom. idk, maybe Royce is crazy or something. the point is ppl don’t know what they know about each other because it is ultimately their business!