“You Don’t Explain Ignorance”: RHOA Episode 4 Recap

November 26, 2012 ‐ By

Source: Bravo TV

Another day, another week of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” drama. Last night we saw why these ladies continue to earn paychecks as part of the Bravo series, and how when it comes down to it just about every single woman on this show has a little — or a lot — of fakeness in her. Check out the highlights of episode 4.

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  • I agree that Cynthia should have had that phone on the table and the minute Phedra denied saying I would have played it and if she would have tried to change the topic I would have brought her back around until she confessed. As far as Kim I swear I was gonna scream if I had to watch another scene of her walking around doing nothing but steady talking about how ready she was to move out of the house. Pregnant or not she could have been doing SOMETHING! Hell her kids and sweetie could have made themselves busy too!

  • Setra

    I couldn’t believe the birthday party that Phaedra put on for baby Aiden. I thought it was completely outrageous and a waste of money, especially since he’s not going to remember. I
    agree that Cynthia should have had the voicemail from Phaedra pulled up during
    the confrontation, Phaedra did kind of brush the whole thing off. I was also
    pleasantly surprised when we found that Walter was indeed not interested in
    marriage when Kenya took him to meet her family, its best that she doesn’t push the relationship further. This episode gave me and my DISH coworker plenty to talk about today
    at work. I’m glad I recorded it on my DISH Hopper, because I was able to watch
    the play back in multiple rooms, while I cleaned my house. I was able to start
    watching on my living room TV and then continued watching on my kitchen TV
    right where I left off. I can’t wait to see if Porsha’s character brings more
    to the show!

    • rai

      So is this a shameless DISH plug or nah???

      • haha! seems like a plug to me but at least they actually made a comment pertaining to the topic and not some crazy spam message. lol

  • Cakester

    Did anyone realize that in all the lying, Kenya forgot the fake salads in the house??? Also, it seemed a bit weird that Phaedra’s son’s party was at the aquarium where Kandi was supposed to have her wedding reception?? I thought it weird that nothing was mentioned about that… I need to pay less attention I guess…

  • Allie

    I personally didn’t understand what Cynthia’s intentions were with Phaedra, I think she just did that to prove that she can stand up for herself

  • Tamz

    Last night’s episode was boring, even my Gramz threw shade at how boring it was. Kenya…desperate much? You’re running behind a dude that looks like the ATL version of Bookman from Good Times…telling him your ring size, blah blah blah. Honey, I don’t think he wants to marry you, I think Kenya might have been his weekend piece or something and she got it twisted. Kim annoyed the everything out of me last night…what do you do that you require an assistant?

  • Negress

    Here’s my free advice to the lie-awyer if you go to Chuck E. Cheese for next years birthday party instead of calling Dwight maybe people will remember and stay awake. Bravo please pass Kenya some Gatorade, your girl is dehydrated.

  • You know, Kenya is a VERY un-attractive woman, in more ways than one. Her and Walter deserve each other, as he is just as un-attractive.

  • Kenya needs to get a clue. That man isn’t interested in marrying her. He’s already said that he’s done marriage and had his kids and rightfully doesn’t want to start that over again. I couldn’t stop laughing at Phaedra’s dodging azz. She got busted and didn’t woman up and apologize. Hilarious.

  • Na Na

    I really hope Walter isn’t the man Kenya said she moved from LA to Atlanta for….baby I hope you got frequent flyer miles.

    • Charla

      Dead! Lol I think Kenya is desperate for anyone’s seed right now lol

    • JaneDoe

      Right, that man has no intentions of settling down with her

  • ATLien

    ROFL @ “the Martin Luther King of Towing will be off to his next pickup job.” I am truly convinced that she is crazy because I don’t see what she sees in him or him in her…smh!

    • SheBe

      And that’s exactly why they belong together…

  • baddvixentype

    yeah that fake dinner was a mess! then she had the nerve to complain about how hard it was….smh, thats embarrassing, and she should be when he sees that scene

  • SheBe

    This episode made me glad that Kim is gone. She is so disrespectful and ridiculous! Sweetie actually seemed to be sensible last night. Kim thinks that everyone else is wrong when things don’t go her way. Lawrence said it right; she is always surprised. She needs to take responsibility for her own actions and grow some. Roy will wake up one day and realize what a messed up mistake she is. She’s a liability and like Khandi said she should’ve bowed out gracefully . Walter is the epitome of a man who has no plan of marrying that girl! Phaedra did make me laugh with her segue. I have to admit. I don’t think it was that big of a deal; the whole phone call and all that. You all are not BFFs. It’s a kids party. Not that deep. Is it me or does Khandis mom seem….. Clingy? I can’t think of the word I want and I know that’s now her only child but something seems dependent-ish.

    • nursej

      Co-sign. I read on another site that moma joyce loves to gamble, idk how true it is, but it would kinda explain why she wants to be so close. She doesn’t want khandi giving all the money to her menzs. Btw i think it wasn’t a big deal about what Phaedra said either. I dont think i wpuld giv two shids if she came either. And no, i don’t believe this man wants to marry crazy either, hell i doubt he even asked the heffA to move there…smfh

      • SheBe

        I don’t think he asked her to move there either. Something he said in the restaurant (I can’t really remember) made me feel like he was surprised that he had any influence in her move to ATL. I know other ventures led her there but her thirst is horrible! I didn’t care for how mama Joyce handled the AJ situation, but I understood. As the show has progressed it just seems like mama is just way too into her business. It was funny how the stripper offended her so much (that was Phaedras idea and he was a bit much for TV) but when Khandi launches her adult toy line ($$$$) shes all happy and participating in what the “young folks” are doing. Then to find out she “picked” out the house and thought she would move in too? Ummmm Ms. Joyce? Come on now….

  • rzakia

    I didn’t watch the show last night think I was watching the Walking Dead. Judging from this recap I didn’t miss anything. I can’t believe Cynthia thought it was a good idea to confront Phaedra about a kid’s birthday party. It’s not that important. And you would think Kim would get better workers for $10,000. Kim thinks it makes her look important by talking about money all of the time but in reality it really just makes her look more ignorant and incompetent.

  • Kells

    265 days of the yr.. Was I the only one that peeped that? Portia is an embarrasment. I am sure her family paid for that degree she has but what school did she gratuate from? That air head steez is played out dear. That damn Walter I just can’t. How old is he? Everyone else gets a big phat bish please except Nene. And yes Phaedra lying arse included

  • realadulttalk

    Cynthia IS weak–where have you been? I haven’t seen her make one power move on this show…even Kim disrespects her. I totally see why she didn’t make it to the Tyra/Naomi statuses…she’s not built for that biz.

  • JaneDoe

    Last nights episode was a snooze fest.. These women are all so petty