We Thought It Was Nobody’s Business! Rihanna Instagrams Picture Of Sleeping Chris Brown

November 25, 2012  |  


Is Rihanna trolling us now on the internet streets now?

We know they’re friends (whether there are benefits involved or not remains anyone’s guess) and they hang out and all that good stuff but they keep telling the masses to stay out of their affairs. So if that’s the case, why did Rihanna need to send out a picture of a sleeping Chris Brown? I mean, he’s laid out, shirtless and has pants sagging on somebody’s bed.  Chris is a notorious Bart Simpson fan so its pretty obvious that’s actually him in the picture.

Here’s the “funny” thing about being a celebrity: you beg and plead for people to leave you alone and can’t believe it when they actually do just that. Rihanna and Chris Brown have managed to bore people into oblivion and so to get us talking again, she shows us that they’re together. So sure, since we talk celebrities on here, we’ll do you that solid of giving you some shine but there’s not much more to see here.

We started leaving you two alone quite some time ago, Rihanna, so please leave us alone!

By the way, yes Chris’ ex Karrueche Tran saw the photo on Instagram and “liked” it. Oh to be young and ratchet…

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  • They are both retarded and stupid. Im tired of hearing their names all the damn time. And why the hell they need to let everybody know what the hell they got going on if they gonna whine about it later?? Smh they stupid as hell

  • Ambitous12

    I’m lost how are you going to release a song titled-Ain’t nobody’s business and then you release this picture? Rhi-Rhi I’m DONE!

  • i got h8rstoo

    she just a dumb a$$-basket case who is a role model of IT’S OK IF MY MAN/BF BEAT ME, IM GONNA GO BACK TO HIM NEWAY. she has a pug nose & not too fond of her voice/music cuz she sounds like she is in desperate cry of pain when she sings lol. as they put out there “chris brown MADE A “HIT”!!!! BEYONCE fan here!!!!

  • Shine

    She’s a celebrity…. A young mixed up one at that. So she wants what every celebrity wants… to be left alone AND be seen… to be private AND share when SHE chooses to. #catch22

    • Alohilani

      “She’s a celebrity…. A young mixed up one at that.”


  • scandalous7

    because its instagram

  • VirgoStarr

    I think they should get back together. Keeps them away from people who has common sense.

    • Ambitous12

      I mean I see them together now just not in the long run…He’s still young and he still has some growing up to do…..

  • Meyaka

    It’s not only her, celebrities love to cry for privacy but then shop,eat and socialize at highly public spots,tweet,instagram,and tumblr every detail of their lives,then want to talk about privacy please! if those celebs didn’t want us to know about their lives,we wouldn’t know. With that being said, rihanna will learn, it might be too late but she will learn.

  • bluekissess

    I honestly don’t have anything to say about the individuals involved but this does raise questions? Why and How can a women be attracted to. Someone who bashed there face in? You can’t say Rihanna has low self esteem? I actually love the both of them but we shouldn’t put them as a spokesperson for abuse. The young and dumb ages have hit them hard so I’ll just pray for them.

  • Dee

    “We started leaving you two alone quite some time ago, Rihanna, so please leave us alone!”

    Madame Noire, did Rihanna ask you to follow her on Instragram or Twitter? She can post whatever pics she wants and you can choose not to write an article about it.

    • yeppers

      Sweetheart there will ALWAYS BE MEDIA that follows these celebs twitter and other social media for a story…i think the point being made is that people who want privacy and dont want the media to have or MAKE UP stories about their personal life…KEEP THEM PRIVATE. just like any regular person. Im not about to get on here and tell u who i am sleeping with or what i do…because that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS….no matter how cute i am or whatever I MAY BE PROMOTING IF i dont want you making up things or having an opinion on my PERSONAL life then i DONT TELL YOU…..people are going to print stories regardless…u cant ask Madame noire or anyone else to stop…Stop giving them a story to begin with.

  • Luckyzoe


  • JD

    Getting sick of Rhianna’s antics. What exactly is she trying to prove and who is she trying to prove it too? She seems like the type that has to always throw shade at the other female and if you have to constantly throw shade that tells me that you really don’t have what you want us to believe you have. People bring up Karrueche and bad mouth her but what shade is she throwing at Rhianna? That right there speaks volumes about Kae’s character.

  • Sandra Renee Hicks

    Hi –

    Come on, folks. How many of us can stroll down memory lane and remember some of the foolish and unwise things that we thought, said and did when we were young? The average young person isn’t wise. And wisdom typically comes with age progression.

    Young folks these days are under a lot more stress and pressure. And add to that, being young and famous. Heck, being older and famous can be a beast.

    Some folks handle their lives better than others…

    Pray for Rihanna and Chris and others who are challenged with life choices…


    GOD loves, judges, forgives and has mercy…

    • Alohilani

      Rihanna and Chris are multi-millionaires who travel the world and probably don’t care much about anything but having fun. As a non-religious person, I would say that they don’t need prayer.

      • yeppers

        They dont need prayer or God because they have money and are having fun????? Wooooooooowwwww….So only poor people need Jesus….Oh OK. -______-

        I think you are a prime candidate for someone who needs him.

        • Alohilani

          Wow is right, because I clearly did not say that ‘only poor people need Jesus’ and that they do not need ‘God’.

          And I stated that I was a non-religious person but yet you saw fit to say, “I think you are a prime candidate for someone who needs him.” ‘God/Jesus’ does not exist to me, so I do not need ‘him’. Thanks.

          • Sandra Renee Hicks

            @Alohilani –

            Being in love with GOD is the best choice…I’ll pray for you to come to know how loving, kind, powerful, forgiving, comforting, joyous, and helpful GOD is…

            • Alohilani

              Please don’t pray for me. I don’t want or need it and wish that you would respect my beliefs.

        • Sandra Renee Hicks

          @yeppers –

          For real, you’re wrong. Evidence proves that some rich people, such as Denzel Washington, know that they need GOD, and joyfully they abide in GOD, too.

          Yes, many people of all economic positions know and live for GOD. There are priceless things that money can’t buy…such as peace,…

          • Sandra Renee Hicks

            @yeppers – Please forgive me, I’m wrong in the way that I responded to you.
            I misunderstood your comments and then noted that you were replying to Alohilani.

      • Sandra Renee Hicks

        @Alohilani –

        You’re wrong. They certainly do need prayer…

  • Jane

    I’m going to need ppl to GROW UP and stop being so naive! The song “Nobody’s Business” is about the two of them not allowing the rest of the world to dictate if they should be friends, lovers or whatever they ELECT to be! As far as this authors comments, so what she posted a pic of an EXHAUSTED Chris Brown who appears to have fallen asleep while praying. This pic was after his last SOLD-OUT STADIUM show in Germany. Cut Chris and Rihanna some slack. It’s funny how the white mainstream media eats these young blacks up then here comes the stupid weak black publications to add their nonsense to the pain and suffering they are already expereincing. He’s only 23 and she’s only 24 stop it already.

    • Rawtid

      Girl shut up.

    • sabrina

      “who appears to have fallen asleep while praying.” You’re not serious about that, are you??

      • Na Na

        I am over here laughing soooo hard! That’s why I come to MN, for the comments! You guys are priceless. @Jane you really can’t think he fell asleep while praying shirtless with a blue beenine on with his pants half down?

    • ladylumps

      Lol @ Chris brown selling out stadiums. He a good performer. But Madonna and U2 sell out stadium. I dont even think he doing arenas. Then again I could be wrong.

      • Ambitous12

        oh yeah he sold out the triple A down here….All of the groupies was out in their sunday’s best lol

    • yeppers

      lmaooooo Prayin????….Bish I hope that was SHADE because that couldnt be FARTHER from the truth of what he was doing….prayin….Chile please. U are one shady bish for that. I almost spit out my drink.

    • Kay

      “who appears to have fallen asleep while praying” … Lmfaoo your shittting me right?

  • Solo40

    Lol!! Stop it, you cray.

  • Alohilani

    Didn’t I say on another article that Rihanna likes attention and then someone tried to argue with me about it?

    • MQ

      Lol i think thats the person that just disliked this comment..

  • Madeline

    She’s about as smart as a bag of rocks.

  • It’s an old pic.

  • twade.

    Allwork ok enjoy eachother.

  • PJ

    Rihanna is a attention groupie and will always be one… she’ll grow up one day until then she is a teenager.

  • Alexa

    Yeah I usually back Rihanna especially when she said that this relationship is no one’s business, but if you’re trying to keep everything hush-hush and you claim only to be friends with Chris then why post this pic on social media?

    • yeppers

      Why do they do EVERYTHING on social media???/ I understand they are young so the complete common sense module for adulthood has not fully downloaded. But there are plenty of CELEBRITIES who are dating and married to other well known celebs that never even talk or speak of their spouse…because their talent and their work with the public have NOTHING to do with their personal life….only someone who wants to MAKE WAVES for their personal choices and personal life which is no business of the public in the first place POST PICTURES ON THE INTERNET OF IT DAILY…BEYONCE comes to mind when i think of people who live private lives and only talks publicly about her music and public family matters not what they like in bed, or who they are sleeping with at the moment. Be young…but dont claim something is NOBODIES BUSINESS. THEN POST PICS OF THE NEGRO LAYIN IN YO BED TO YOUR 5 MILLION INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS.

      • chanela

        right! people tweet n stuff wayy too much. rihanna has gotten in trouble TWICE for tweeting photos from photoshoots when the pictures were due to be out on the newstands till like february. you’re not supposed to be doing stuff like that. put the damn phone DOWN people!

  • Yay!

    We out to start boycotting them. No more articles on these lost souls.

    • like white people boycotted spencer and heidi. who has seen them lately?

      • Alohilani

        I just saw an article about her on TMZ the other day.

        • lord. I thought they were gone. lol. I remember they made a big thing out of banning them from e entertainment tv.

          • Alohilani

            No. They aren’t gone. The media mostly talks about Heidi.

    • chanela

      you mean ought?

  • NeaJ

    Rihanna to Kerosene (or whatever her name is): Take dat, take dat! Lol

    • 1Val

      Why would anyone be proud of loving someone who does not love them?

    • Alohilani

      What has Karrueche done to you for you to mess up her name?

    • kahlijr

      I’m with you NeaJ! Rhianna posted that pic for Ms. Tran to understand that Chris is her boo always and forever, in case she forgot lol. That wasn’t for the rest of us at all! Definitely immature and amazing that these 2 chicks are back and forth over Light Ike, but funny nonetheless.

  • KG

    Rihanna craves attention!!

  • liddlelady

    yeah but she is in control of what goes out there and not the media.

    • PJ

      like her leaking all her photos even the naked ones, she knows exactly what she is doing

  • I love it…”Oh to be young and ratchet!” So true! I’m too old for this nonsense! lol