Forget-Me-Nots! Favorite Moments and Episodes of “Martin”

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Ohhhh where to begin?  There are so many great moments from this smash comedy that it is hard to put into a short list. But never one to give up, I’m going to do my best to list some of our favorite episodes. Just so you know, there’s no order here – just episodes we enjoyed.  If yours isn’t here, feel free to add in the comments!

Forever Sheneneh

Everything about this episode is hilarious, from beginning to end.  Sheneneh won a contest to go on a date with her favorite rapper, Kid of Kid ‘n Play.  When Kid meets Sheneneh, he’s taken back by her appearance; she, on the other hand, is prepared for the best night of her life.  She supplied the cocktails (two 40 oz bottles that she took to the head) and the entertainment (a small private dancer routine). Kid was overwhelmed at first but by the end of the episode, they were dancing to Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady” with Sheneneh replacing “lady” with her name. Classic!

Tommy Hearns

Big mouth Martin was bragging about his skills as a boxer, skills he obtained through charity amateur boxing. When Tommy Hearns came through and ended up flirting with Gina, Martin didn’t take too kindly to it. He challenged a professional champion to a boxing match and promptly got his [bleep] handed to him. Hearns hit Martin so hard, he flew out of the ring and was thrust into the wall. The picture above, as we all know, is what his face looked like the next day.

Pretty Ricky what they call him

The only way to get the full scope of this episode is to watch the clip. Martin was going to his high school reunion and his sole reason for attending was to brag about how far he’d come in his career to a guy named Ricky Fontaine (“Pretty Ricky what they call him).  Gina went to get some extra beauty treatments for the occasion but ended up having an allergic reaction.  She initially stayed home but decided that it was best to be next to her man.  This was truly one of her best comedic moments on the show and it also showed that no matter what, Martin always had her back.


After losing his job and not being able to provide for himself, Martin skips town and leaves Gina and his friends wondering about he’s gone. They track him down to a cult going by the name of “Shaquille Sunflower,” with his hair in a half afro, half braided style and is best friends with a rock.  He told his crew they should pack up their camel (aka Pam) and leave to let him continue his journey. The back and forth between those two were always hilarious.

“Fine, I’ll marry you”

After years of being together, Gina finally got the marriage “itch.” In the midst of that, she was also offered a job in New York, one she was willing to pass on if Martin was ready to take that next step in their relationship.  After deciding to call her bluff and now allowing himself to be “pressured” into marriage, Martin realized that Gina was serious. As she was preparing to leave Martin went over to stop her and came up with his own version of a proposal: “You plotted and you schemed and clank, you finally got me, Gina. Okay, fine. Gina, I. WILL. MARRY. YOU. DAMN.  I mean, are you happy now?”  I remember watching that and thinking, “With a ‘proposal’ like that, is the show about to come to an end?” They got it together in the next episode, though, with Martin coming with a sincere proposal which included a serenade by Brian McKnight.


Ouuuu Yeah!

In hopes of following the footsteps of the man he’d replaced on the radio two years ago, Varnell Hill, Martin and the gang headed to California after Varnell told Martin he could be a guest on his television show if he were ever in town.  That didn’t quite work out as expected.  Not only did Varnell seat Martin in the audience and act like he didn’t know him, but he also stole pieces of his radio show. Not to be outdone, Martin snuck backstage with intentions on getting his five minutes of fame. The result was him having a sing-off with K-ci of Jodeci while the group was performing. Let me just say that Martin definitely held his own; he had K-Ci’s mannerisms and adlibs down to a science!

Suspicious Minds

This is one of my top five favorite episodes. Stan, Martin’s boss, convinced Martin that one of his friends stole his cd player since they all have access to his apartment. The final scene was like an ode to New Jack City complete with the all black, the fake dog and Martin telling Cole, “Sit yo’ five dollar A$$ down before I make change!”  No one could keep a straight face during the scene and I have to wonder how many takes it took to get to the point where they could contain their laughter. Oh and of course, Bruhman from the fifth floor had “borrowed” the cd player.  This episode epitomizes the greatness of this show at its highest point.

Whoomp, There It Ain’t

After Martin makes a comment equating sex to love, he and Gina agree to abstain for two weeks.  After days of of agony, they reach the final day and are pretty much in heat.  Gina arrives at Martin’s apartment in a revealing dress saying she was out taking a run while Martin was in the house with candles, soft music and his body oiled up saying he was just trying to stay in touch with himself.  After a huge tease, they agree that sex doesn’t equal love but in the moment they needed to just let it go and handle business!

The “It” thing

Skip to about 1:30 and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Martin, Gina, Tommy and Pam all end up on Chilligan’s Island for a romantic getaway. Some type of  possum type thing becomes the focal point of the show and Pam and Martin’s fight with it is classic. This just might be the best episode EVER.



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  • silksoul

    Some of the funniest episodes was Martin getting into the fights with the old lady Ms. Gerry. At the church, DMV, Bus station, the christening of the youth center (first episode with Varnell Hill). Every time they had an episode together it was hilarious.

  • Numero Uno

    I was like how did they skip the “Player’s Ball” episode. Two others that were memorable to me was the episode where they all had to share the Jeep they had won. Hilarious! And the episode where Sheneneh and LaQuita are competing with Gina and Pam to get into that women’s organization. And of course the “Biggie” episode as well as the episode where Gina and Martin have dinner with their exes…ok I could go on and on. One of the funniest shows EVER!

  • Mhhmmm

    I can’t believe the one when Martin goes to the DMV to get his license renewed isn’t on here!Sherman Hemsley was classic on there, and then when Martin got hit on by a man-“You so Almonnndddyy, Imma call you Almond Joy”-that was everything!

  • I always die laughing on the boxing episode when Martin is tryna get Gina to kiss him and make him feel better lol! I also like the episode where Pam was hypnotized to act like Martin and they actually got along for a short while because of it lol

  • janet

    That is my favorite episode.

  • old school

    I’m cracking up just reading about the episodes and remembering them. Remember the one when Martin sang with KC and JoJo. “Nick nack paddy wack, give a dog a bone”. ROTFLOL.

  • dnomad

    My favorite episode is the Halloween episode where the crew scares Martin….

  • Ms. Bee

    Suspicious Minds is my favorite episode. Also, the Biggie episode where Pam and Gina were trying to be backup singers. Anita Faker, Phony Braxton, get one more girl and you’ll be Phony Phoni Phone’.

  • bullheadedtaurus

    The New Jack spoof always cracks me up!! But what about when they did Homeo and Juliet and Gina come out poplocking?!! And I can’t believe no one mentioned the dead plumber episode. “Creep creep creep creep”!!

  • adrienne michelle

    I love the episode of Martin where he tried to open a restauraunt and they were coming up with ideas… word: Rent-A-Spoons!!!!!! XD lmaooo

  • clove8canela

    Ooh yeah was a classic. I still laugh at that. I also loved the one where Gina got popped in the head with Cole’s toe nail clipping. I died!

  • Meyaka

    I love martin, Great cast.

  • Anon

    The best episode is the one when Brah-man borrowed Martins new CD player without asking and Martin accused Pam and them of stealing it. OMG that stuffed dog has me in tears EVERY time.

  • Guest

    There just needs to be a part 2 and 3 to this list. I don’t think the iceberg was even tipped with the best episodes of Martin. What about when Martin thought he had a 10 year old son, The Christmas Episode when Martin told the story of Jesus’ birth, the ep when Martin told secrets on the radio, when Pam & Martin teamed up to get rid of Gina’s friend, the Biggie Episode, and my personal fav when Pam was dating the older man “Me, Simon, and the skybox”. Such a great show.

    • HoneyDipp

      Shawty do wop!!! That was PERFECT casting…. Dude looked like he could really be Martin’s son.

  • thatonegirl

    I was hopping since Thanksgiving just passed yall would have the one where bruhman stunk into Martin’s place and ate all the food for Thanksgiving. That episode always had me in tears.

  • IllyPhilly

    The wedding planner episode, the talent show where hustle man had the damn rapping poodle. DEAD!!

    • Ms. Bee

      lmao yesssss. Anyone want a piece of this chitlin loaf? lmao.


    The one when Martins CD player is missing love the New Jack City scene…and any show with Mr Otis especially with one he protecting Gina & Pam from a robber

  • ANTMilf

    My fiance and I still watch Martin reruns on MTV2 and on TV One and my fave episode was when Gina had her head stuck on the headboard. I was 10 when the first episode aired and on Thursday night, my mom would have dinner ready by 6PM so she can watch Martin at 7PM (Chicago time). Also my fave was Forever Shaneneh with Kid from Kid & Play.

  • Kerri O.

    My favorite is the episode when Martin went to traffic court for running a stop sign and tried to play crazy to get out of paying the fine! “Do the pocket knife! Do the pocket knife!” 20 years after the show first premiered and it’s still funny.

    • IllyPhilly

      The day of the Geechy is upon us! LMAO WTF is a geechy?

    • autumnbreeze

      I watch that episode just for that scene…it has me in tears every time…LOL

    • adrienne michelle

      i thought i was the only one smh lmao

  • gjones1

    What about the one when Martin was on a diet and “tripped and fell” into the gravy after Gina fixed a huge plate of food, including his Mama biscuits.

  • de_rob

    How can you mention top episodes without The Players Ball… “I Kick The Car Door Open And I Step Down To Ya”

    • SheBe


    • Numero Uno


  • Danisha

    I love the episode when Martin opened up the restaurant. “rent ’em spoons!” And the one when he was stuck at the DMV with Sherman Hemsley. Hilarious!!!!

    • silksoul

      The rent them spoons was Coles retarded idea, Martin shut that idea down.

  • kma81

    My favorite episode is when Gina got her head caught in the headboard! Don’t get ahead if yourself! Classic! I also loved the episode with the dead plumber.. I crack up everytime I watch it

  • autumnbreeze

    Oh my word…I was just watching suspicious minds (for the umpteenth time)…the part with the stuffed dog gets me every time….sooooo funny, but then again all of the episodes would have you in stitches. R.I.P. good TV 🙁

  • get real

    The episode when Martin and Gina meet. Classic. When Jerome took Pam on a date (when Jemore said he was one of the original member of the Shilights lol). When Martin was the “Bob from accounting” when Gina and Pam went out of town. Lol. Good luck finding the best show. I can still watch these shows over and over, yet they gt funnier and funnier everytime I watch them.

  • WhoMe

    “That aint no damn puppy!” Best episode!!! And the break up episode was good with the butt statue. Also in season 1, where they won the car and shared it. Lol
    One scene where martin was working every job after the radio show and he went to sell whitney houston t shirts with bruh man. The shirt read “Whity Huton” and had a pic of bruh man with a wig. Lmfao

  • martinlover

    Shennah doing Myra feet:classic

  • unrequitedlove

    Wait yall forgot the episode with Biggie that was a classic

  • Leslie Settles

    My favorite episode is the one featuring Mrs. Settles — when Gina and Pam were trying to join the Ladies League … My last name is Settles and I thought that was neat.

  • SheBe

    I WAS GOING TO GO OFF IF MN DIDN’T PUT THAT LAST ONE ON THE LIST!!!!!!! I was screaming when I saw this!!!! That “puppy” getting beat down was hilarious!!!!

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Yes! I was like you, like where’s episode when they went to the island and fought the rat and the episode where Martin’s mama was cutting up in church?!

    • I love it. chilligans island.