Better Eat Your Wheaties: Nicki Minaj Puts ‘The Breakfast Club’ In Its Place!

November 24, 2012  |  

Surprise, surprise: Nicki Minaj is upset about someone not “supporting” her movement.

She was a guest on New York City’s Power 105 FM’s Breakfast Club morning show earlier this week and when the hosts didn’t seem completely prepared (or maybe they just didn’t care), Onika gave each of them their own personal tongue lashing. The moments were definitely a bit cringe-worthy and though you’d hope she was just playing around with them, Nicki no longer seems like the “fun” type of woman.

Fussing at DJ Envy for not having the right music:

“Why don’t you have the songs cued up though? I wanna hear ‘High School,’ I wanna hear ‘Hell Yeah,’ I wanna hear ‘I’m Legit,’ I wanna hear ‘Up in Flames.’ Y’all don’t even know these songs. You guys clearly don’t support me, neither does Clue, but that’s neither here nor there. Those are the songs that I would like y’all to play. I don’t understand why I’m coming to radio and y’all don’t even have my songs ready.[…]That’s the main focus of the kid coming to the radio. *banging her fists on the table* When the kid comes to the radio, the kid comes to hear her songs on the radio!…Ya’ll package ride stuff that got a big name on it. It’s other great records on there so let’s go.”
Angela Yee Catches It For Not Having Seen the “Freedom” video:
“How are y’all on radio, especially if you know an artist is about to come up to your show and you know, she just put out a video…what would make you not watch it?…I love you Angela because you and I have always had the best interviews. I don’t know what’s happening now that you are with these boys, but when you and I used to do interviews on your other show (Lip Service), you knew everything. Y’all either want to discuss something personal, or not discuss anything that I’m here to talk about. How do you not watch a video of an artist that’s coming on your show? Of the single?[…]It’s fake and y’all not prepared. If you’re gonna support me then you’re gonna watch stuff and prepare yourself and ask me relevant questions to what I’m promoting right now.”
In here defense, it would seem that Nicki has a point. First, all three hosts (it appears Charlemagne went unscathed during this interview) are seasoned radio hosts and should know that even if they don’t watch the video or listen to the music personally, interns and assistants should be able to relay everything that happened so the hosts wouldn’t get “caught out there.”  Nicki has always come across as a person who needs to be coddled and told that the person likes her work so her annoyance should have come as no surprise. However, it isn’t always about what you say but rather, how you say it.
Perhaps Nicki hadn’t eaten breakfast and that’s what made her a little more crabby.
Check out Necole Bitchie for more excerpts, including what she had to say about American Idol, and the full video interview.

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  • baddvixentype

    it kills me how she feels like everyone owes her something. Give her her props!? She’s making history!? Paving ways and opening doors!? GTFOHWTB!!!! we dont owe her anything! she needs to come down off that space ship she’s floating on! She act like she’s the first chick to have eva done it. I’m disgusted with her sense of entitlement *GAG!*

  • elsebeth

    Why is it that Nicki always demands professionalism from others but never practices it herself? If she considers herself the best, why does she keep having to vehemently demand ‘respect’? They had to cut to commercial — that’s why they couldn’t play the songs when she wanted them to. It really sounds like she had grown to believe her own hype.

  • elsebeth

    Why is it that Nicki always demands professionalism from others but never practices it herself? If she considers herself the best, why does she keep having to vehemently demand ‘respect’? They had to cut to commercial — that’s why they couldn’t play the songs when she wanted them to. It really sounds like she had grown to believe her own hype.

  • Just watched the whole interview and as usual mn was misleading imo. All she did was keep it real and demand respect. she wasn’t rude or ghetto. And the majority of the interview she was fun and likeable. They were trying to treat her like she’s irrelevant. I’m no nicki fan but obviously she’srelevant in the business. before you all make comments solely off mn blog watch the whole video.

  • Shaybaby

    I get her point of being prepared for an artist coming on but her stank attitude don’t help matters.

  • ANTMilf

    Okay, I understand that the radio show was unprepared for her interview but watching her E! show about her life, I lost all respect for Nicki for good. She lets fame go through her head and acts like her sh*t don’t stink, as my mother says, respect is earned not demanded. She keep acting like a ghetto b*tch, she’ll have a new job in a couple of years: bagging my groceries.

  • Guest360

    I’m not one to defend Nicki on anything but honestly? I can’t blame her for this one. The Breakfast Club was not prepared or even did their research. How are you conducting an interview when you either don’t have your material together or even know what you’re talking about? Thats completely unprofessional, though I think Nicki could have definitely used more tact when addressing the B.S.

  • TK

    She is an actress and this is all a show. Ghetto and flashy, but a dang show. She knows what she is doing.
    Yes she has a right to be annoyed if they are unprepared for an interview, but I also have a right to be annoyed when they play her annoying azz bubble gum pop packaged as music on the radio. If you want to command respect as an artist then be respectful and have self respect. Build an image that can stand the test of time not the trend of the time. I’m done.

    #drops the mic and walks off the stage#

    • bluekissess

      Hastaging on MN? But you made valid points

  • Gye Nyame

    I give her one more year before she completely self-destructs.

    • I give it 2

      • bluekissess

        Why wait years home girl is doing it now

  • emjay

    I was with her until I actually listened to the interview. They had the songs cued up but they have to play commercials. She needs to calm it all the way down. Also, she did an interview with the breakfast club, stop being so brittle.

  • I’m Jus Sayin…

    I think people are missing the point because of her image and her persona but in all reality, this is public relations/journalism 101…Oprah, larry kind, dr. phil, larry king or any other self respecting person in the media wouldn’t dare have a guest on their show and not do their background work and research. The breakfast club wants ratings based gossip and not actually focusing on the person’s body of work. It doesn’t matter if people think she’s annoying…she has a huge fan base and she isn’t going anywhere any time soon….So….do better breakfast club!

    • BrixtonBabe

      I agree somewhat but this is the Breakfast Club we’re talking about! She knew what they were about before she did this, she couldn’t have been expecting a serious interview.

  • Suchalady

    Her point is overshadowed by the fact that her attitude is ghetto and disgusting.

    • SheBe

      Correct! Only to those of us that have an iota of class.

  • She right..