Remember Kenan & Kel? Kel Mitchell Says Kenan Thompson Doesn’t Want To Be Bothered With Him?

November 24, 2012  |  

Remember the shows All That and Kenan and Kel, starring friends Kenan Thompson and Kel Williams? Well, don’t expect to see them do any other work together anytime soon because according to Kel, Kenan wants nothing to do with him.

TMZ caught up with Kel when they found out his former partner in comedy is working on a new pilot with NBC.  Since they worked together in the past, TMZ asked Kel if he would be making an appearance on the show.  Kel reportedly told the crew, “The truth is, Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any form of media or even have my name mentioned around him.”  Further, he told TMZ that the guys, who at one point were the epitome of best friends, were supposed to reunite for a magazine interview. However, Kenan pulled out at the last minute.

Kel insists he isn’t upset about it and understands that Kenan is probably trying to distance himself from Kel so he can make a name for himself.  It seems he’s been fairly successful because he’s been part of theSaturday Night Live cast for quite some time.  Kel, on the other hand, has remained very lowkey in Hollywood.

Finally, Kel says he’s not opposed to a reunion of some sort because he knows that many fans are always asking when that will happen.  But he says he doesn’t see it ever happening because of how Kenan really feels.

Interesting.  Usually when there’s bad blood on one or both sides, both parties know why there’s such tension. Kel seems to be a little oblivious as to the true reason Kenan doesn’t want to be bothered. It’s possible that something else happened and Kel doesn’t want to say and Kenan has just moved on.

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  • JJ

    Kel got into the drugs and went a little crazy. I suspect this is when they had the big falling out.

  • The truth is Kenan is a grown man around a different type of crowd, Kel refuses to grow up and attract negative people in his circle, you can tell in their work ethics and how they carry themselves.

  • Why is is weight a factor? Im sure none of you are the smallest in weight to have the nerve to talk about someone else.

  • Umm, Kel’s last name is Mitchell not Williams

  • I guess something happened between them that no one knows about. Its gotta be more than him wanting to make a name for himself. Smh

  • Missy

    Did Kel just get married? I thought I read somewhere he owns several Wendy’s restaurants

  • Well hit the bricks baby!!! I won’t beg nobody to be apart of my life. Kel is still handsome btw, Keenan would look the bomb if he hit the weights hard; I enjoy watching him on SNL.

  • tomato

    Who cares?

  • kel mitchell has one of the most annoying voices

  • Solo40

    ….Or maybe its like how some people have starred in shows as children and have grown up, wanting to move in a different direction so as to not be known as a part of the “child actor curse”. Examples would be Jaleel White can’t be ‘Urkel’ forever, Keshia Knight Pulliam can’t be ‘Rudy’ forever, Gary Coleman (RIP) didn’t want to be ‘Arnold’ forever, Keenen Thompson and Kel Mitchell can’t be ‘Keenen & Kel’ forever and so on and so on……maybe its nothing personal, at least I hope its not.

    • Na Na

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking when I read the article.


    Back in the day I would have thought Kel would have had the bigger career and longevity .who would have thought it would be the over weight, back face Kenan?!?!?

    • NONEYA

      *BABY FACE*

      • KJ23

        I’m glad you corrected, because I was thinking: “is his back so fat that the dimples are causing it to look like a face? Did I miss a new pop culture term?”

        • Ce1999

          Hilarious. This has to make the funniest quotes.

    • KamJos

      Being an overweight jolly Black man is less threatening to White America. I’m not surprised he’s the more successful one. Plus he’s found his niche on SNL.

  • Natasha T

    I was a big fan of Kenan and Kel back in the day and loved them on All That as well. I even like them in Good Burger, I thought they were still good friends til this day. Oh well…. 🙁

  • ms lady

    I am confused because its quoted “The truth is, Kel does not want to be seen with me in any form of media” so I am having a hard time believing this story did the writer misquote Anyways Kel isn’t that great of an actor when he was on One on One he looked aged as if he drinks heavy or was on drugs I would want to disassociate myself from him as well. He could bring down his image or he could continually as for a hand out.

    • NONEYA

      Kel has aged… you do realized its been 15 yrs since Kenan & Kel was on the air!!

  • Sante

    Please get the facts straight: Kenan Thompson is the one who’s developing a show on NBC.

    • guest

      thats exactly what the article said…

      • Sante

        At first, the article said it was Kel, but they corrected it 🙂

  • SheBe

    Uuuuummmm not to be rude but Kenan isn’t funny on SNL and isn’t that great as an actor. I hope his stank attitude isn’t because he thinks too highly of himself and that there’s more to this.

    • olivia

      yep…I still don’t know why he is on there. I never laugh at any of the skits he’s in.

      • SheBe

        His Al Sharpton impersonation is TRAGIC! I’m not a fan.

      • lola289

        He’s a fat blk guy…um it’s needed I guess *shrugs*

        Besides I luv Pharoah more…eh

      • chanela

        i never laugh at SNL period! i miss mad tv : (

    • IllyPhilly

      He’s not funny period. Neither in my opinion. I was a kid in the Good Burger days and thought it sucked.

  • princess courtenay

    they both corny!