He Could Get It…If Only I Could Find Him: 15 Hotties We Haven’t Seen On-Screen For A Minute That We Miss

November 27, 2012 ‐ By M A


Remember that perfect specimen of manhood that graced your television set oh so long ago? Do you recall that captain of all things hot that lit up the silver screen eight ways from Sunday? So do we, but unfortunately his is a brand of attractive that we haven’t seen in far too long. Beautiful man of stage and screen, please come back to us! With the holidays fast approaching, we can think of only one gift we truly want this year: These hot pieces of manliness to come back into our lives. But until then, we salute 15 smokin’ hotties we haven’t seen in a minute.

MadameNoire Video

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  • lou Brown

    I’ll take Djimon and Isiah, The others not quite my type and some listed are married I believe, why are they even on the list?

  • Trini_Angel

    Laz Alonso……..OMG!!!!!!!!!! In my mind we’re married

  • Kath

    Nah, Boris cannot.

  • Jackie

    Mr. Rucker, Mr. Rucker, I’ve been on it since As the world turns…..just fine as hell!!

  • NO offence but this article seems a bit one sided all of the actors are African American, wasn’t one white boy in the mix and i know a few of them that should be

    • Kaila P

      It’s called Madame Noire hun, while I have nothing against white men , why can’t we just celebrate black men ALONE for once jeez, yall hadd your time and will still have it , maybe not on this site but on 76 others. Please have a seat somewhere Phillip

  • cecilia

    I love the articles, but hate and I mean HATE your ads popping up or videos playing. Only on black sites! Before you were sold, you didn’t have all that drama in the background! HOT MESS, won’t be back until you stop the drama!

  • urmmm where is micheal ealy madame noire ?

  • ms_k_rock

    Michael B. Jordan was in “Hardball” wit Keanu Reeves and Lamman Rucker played “Jimmy Ruffin” in the Temptations tele-movie….

  • toya

    All i saw was LAZ ALONSO, Lord Jesus!!!!

  • What?

    Mark Taylor and Mathew St. Patrick.

  • Shaun

    Bryce Wilson, Lamman Rucker and Laz Alonso did I mention Bryce Wilson?

  • thatonegirl

    Michael B. Jordan looks like a Wayan.

  • Haligirl

    LAZ hunny, LAZ!!!!

  • ajustinmoore

    I’m sorry but I burst into awkward laughter when I saw the pic of Hill Harper. He has not been, nor will he ever be mistaken for ‘fine.’ Stopped scrolling after that. Figured Mario was a fluke as well…

    • What?


      You didn’t miss anything. Most of them are old and plain. The only guys I liked on the list was Boris, dude from Why did I get married and Laz.

  • Obsessed with Bryce!

  • Yes the heck Mario could and would get it! Yes, that man is mighty fine! *fans self* is it hot in here suddenly?

  • YoditDeet

    Ditto derekwashingon’s comment!!!

  • Mr. Rucker…..yes!!!!

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Daniel sunjata was in batman?

  • derekwashington

    your site is a hot mess. love the posts but the ads and tech screw ups always make me leave after a few pages. please fix it.

    • -_-

      And what’s annoying is the MadameNoire video that AUTOMATICALLY starts on every page. Can’t we make that optional?? And the 16 click articles are just…. -_-

      • Angela Ingram

        That should be the new topic, 15 things that annoys us about MN MadameNoire site. LOL just kidding. Don’t want to start trouble. : )

  • rzakia

    I absolutely love Michael B. Jordan, he was on a show called Parenthood last season and I watched just to see him.

  • mdoubs

    Daniel Sunjata is the reason I was able to go through 15-16 slides…yum!

    • thatonegirl

      PREACH!!!!!!!!! YASS!!!!!!!!!!

  • IllyPhilly

    Mario, but especially Darrin Henson hit the eye candy spot.