SMH! Gabriel Aubry And Olivier Martinez Get Into Thanksgiving Tussle At Halle’s

November 23, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

Any awkwardness that occurred at your Thanksgiving dinner table likely had nothing on what went down at Halle Berry’s LA home yesterday. In one of the worst celebrity Holiday custody exchanges ever, Halle Berry’s fiance, Olivier Martinez, 46, and the father of her child,36-year-old Gabriel Aubry, ended up in the ER after they got into a Thanksgiving tussle at her home. Gabriel was subsequently arrested and booked in jail, and I’m going to assume when all was said and done nobody had any Turkey.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Gabriel showed up to Halle’s house with Nahla for a custodial hand-off. We’re told Gabriel was still in the motor court (a rich person’s word for a giant driveway) when Olivier walked up to him and said, “We have to move on.”

According to witnesses, Gabriel then pushed Olivier and threw a punch at his face, but Olivier blocked it and the punch struck him in the shoulder instead. We’re told Gabriel then pushed Olivier to the ground, and Olivier cold-cocked him in the face, and a struggle ensued, ending with Olivier pinning Gabriel to the ground.

In the struggle, Gabriel suffered a broken rib, contusions on his face, and possibly a more serious head injury. Olivier may have broken his hand and suffered neck injuries as well. There are conflicting accounts as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious in the fight.

Police were called and Olivier made a citizen’s arrest for battery against Gabriel. Gabriel was escorted to the ER and, ironically, Olivier went to the same ER an hour later. The two were just down the hall from each other.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a judge has issued an emergency protective order, which requires Gabriel to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.

Am I wrong for thinking, Gabriel, that’s what you get for trying to roll up on somebody for a Turkey Day beatdown?

According to TMZ’s timeline, at around 3:30 pm PST, Gabriel and Olivier were released from the hospital. Gabriel was taken into custody, while Olivier went back to Halle’s. Two hours later, Gabriel was booked for misdemeanor battery and his bail was set at $20,000. Apparently he had it because just one hour after that he was released from custody.

I have no idea how this whole situation is going to be explained, but the good thing is, sources told TMZ that Halle rushed Nahla inside the house when her dad and soon-to-be step-father starting going at it. I’m pretty sure the Berry thanksgiving was still horribly ruined but at least the little girl didn’t witness any of the brutality. At this point I’m still shaking my head at two grown a** men going at it in the driveway. Celebrities are not immune to family foolery on holidays.

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  • lmfao @ heifer should’ve went to a bank

  • Aubrey needs to let go.He seems to be on some deep hateration, Halle has a right to move on and that is what she is doing.

    • Shanice

      He needs to let ho? That’s his CHILD! His seed! She’s trying to move to another country with a fiancée, not a husband, knowing the child’s father can’t make that move. When she starts getting tired of Oliver, then what? Wonder if she’s still even part of India’s life? Halle has a bad pattern with how she treats people

      • I believe he was dropping his child off @ Halle’s home so he does have access to his kid, that does not mean he runs Halle’s life. He is getting 20k a month and there are flights going to France every day, PLEASE! And whether or not she is part of India’s life is none of ur business. She ain’t India’s mama.

  • sabrina

    Where’s Worldstar/YT when you need it?????

  • lovely99

    I think this is a case of Gabe trying to control what goes on in Halle’s life. They are no longer together and he keeps trying to control things going in her life. He wants her money, tries to have a say of where she can work(NY thing). Oliver just wants Halle and he knows Nahla is included with the package… I think Gabe needs to work on his temper if she is going to stay in Nahla’s life. I truly think its easy for everyone to hate and critize Halle, but I think she is just trying to make the best of a situation…..

  • Lovely One

    $20,000 bail?! Aubrey has spent the entire month’s child support on bail. You know a request for CP pay increase is coming!

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  • 1Val

    What a mess!

  • JaneDoe

    Wow, this is getting pretty messy. Why is it that three adults can’t be civil for the sake of Nahla.. I know for one, Halle needs to stop trying to pass her new man off as Nahla’s dad. Nahla has a father who isn’t going any where. Oliver needs to stay in his lane and Gabe needs anger management. Halle get your life. Always some drama behind her.

  • Amarossa

    And the winner is…..Olivier!

    • lovely99

      WINNING#Charlie Sheen voice

  • emme

    Olivier needs to stay out of Halle and Gabe’s family drama and Halle needs to make sure Olivier knows his roll. Halle is the center of it and she needs to woman up and squash this ish instead of sending Olivier to do her dirty work. You can’t keep a man from his child it’s not right and if Halle keeps up the foolishness karma will get into the rotation and she’s a cold b**ch when she gets to work.

    • kitsy


    • Aubrey was dropping off his child when the drama started. So, he does have access to his child. Olivier went to speak to him man to man and was physically attacked. Don’t blame Halle. Aubrey needs to grow up. let go and move on. Seems he is using the child in an attempt to control Halle.

  • dee

    Olivier knew what he was doing. How are you going to approach a man who just fought to keep his child from being taken out of the country and basically tell him “we” meaning me, your baby mama and YOUR kid need to move on and not expect it to pop off? Unfortunately Gabe let his emotions get the best of him and he fell into the trap.

    • Trisha_B

      What i got from Oliver’s statement was that he meant move on from the drama, become cordial w/ each other. I’m pretty sure there has been a few behind the door drama between the 2 men & Oliver just wanted some peace. If Gabe didn’t like what was said, he could have just drove away & not throw the 1st punch, & Oliver could have just ate that 1 punch & gone in the house to call the cops…& the reason Gabe was able to get the bail money so quick is b/c he get’s $20k a month in child support, so he probably got a couple K’s in his account

  • Omg. The saga continues…..

  • get real

    I’m shocked. White Daddy has been arrested. But of course Haille is lying on her N word using white savior huh?

    • Even though your ignorance should be disregarded, I think this is something Halle had up her sleeve. Gabriel has been winning, she’s trying to through a curve ball at him…… This will NEVER end.

    • scandalous7