From Marriage To Mommy, But Your BFF Isn’t Happy: 9 Signs Your Friend Might Be Jealous That You’re Growing Up

November 21, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

So it’s the most important time of your life. Maybe you just got engaged and you’re going through hell and high water to plan an amazing wedding. Or maybe you’re past that and you’re becoming a mother for the first time. Maybe you finally got the job of your dreams! And while these are all usually times to jump for joy, when one of your best friends is acting like somebody stole something from her, it can be an extremely stressful time instead. That’s not to say that your BFF isn’t excited for you deep down inside, but for one reason or another, she’s not feeling that things are finally falling into place for you. If you’ve been wondering whether or not this is your girlfriend, here are a few signs that she’s igging this new milestone in your life, rather than digging it and being supportive.

PS, this can also describe a few family members…

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  • Emmy03

    WOW!! what an amaazing article. Im getting married in 5 months and going through this with a “friend”. For peace of mind- I just cut her off. I don’t need jealousy and negativity around me on my special day.

  • but what about the friend who points out all your negative traits constantly and never say anything about the positive?

  • msbusiness

    I choose my close friends wisely. All are supportive. Knock on wood,I’m 30 now I’ve yet to have this problem, It probably helps that i’m also very outspoken and won’t hold back or tolerate any irrational behaviors.

  • jumpjoy88

    I have jealous friend who is not happy with me being pregnant. I have since cut her off but when she made contact with recently was “Damn! Your still pregnant?” (Mind you at the time was only 4 months along and she was the first to know when I found out. ) To which I replied solely outtve anger and disgust.” Well if you hadn’t of killed yours last year you could be as happy as I am today.” I haven’t heard from her since but I do feel bad for stopping to that level.

    • Miss K

      Wow! That was way outta line on your part…just saying smh

    • SheBe

      That’s a pretty fawked up thing to say. I can’t even chalk that up to hormones. Your baby isnt here yet and you have the audacity to say some foolishness like that? WOW! You better hope that chick named karma doesn’t knock on your door!

      • jumpjoy88

        Like I said it was done outtve anger.

  • Melody

    Shid!!!! Mines became MIA, crabby, distant from everybody, smart mouthed, and left her husband for a woman all within a week. Girl please. Get your life together and find a hobby. It’s enough attention in the world to go around. Please have a Greyhound bus full of seats and find your way back.

    • Nikki

      She left her husband for woman? Dang, that had to hurt!!!

    • Michelle

      Dead and buried at, “Get your life together and find a hobby.” PREACH sister PUREACH!

  • pickneychile

    Unfortunately I think every woman has had a friend display one, or several of these behaviours at some point. It’s a shame because it makes you wonder if you were ever really friends at all! As my granny says, “you see nuff gyal true colours round wedding and baby times.”

    • olivia

      granny neva lied…

  • Trisha_B

    But sometimes the best friend can shove it down your throat to a point where your not excited about it anymore & start to get annoyed lol. They’ll think your jealous b/c you don’t want to speak on it anymore or don’t want to be around them anymore. But if the 1 & only topic is your wedding, baby, new man all the time, i’m gonna need a little break lol i’m sorry

  • jae2

    My best friend stop talking to me because she wanted my first baby shower to be done her way. She disrespected my mother in law, my husband and I almost lost that baby because of the stress she was causing me. It was sad! After 19 years of friendship, she never changed. She always wanted things to be done her way. She always wanted me to wear the clothes she wanted( never let her win anyway though). I couldn’t socialize in any party because, she would get mad if I talk to somebody else or dance. At the end, I am glad that she disappeared in my life.

    • Live_in_LDN

      She sounds touched. You let it last 19 years though?