Jesse Jackson Jr. Resigns From Congress Amidst Health Issues And FBI Probe That Could Put Him In Jail

November 21, 2012  |  

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According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, son of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson of course, has resigned from Congress today. And while he said in a letter that his health is the main reason he will step down since he can’t really be effective as he battles bipolar depression, others think it has more to do with the fact that he is being investigated by the FBI and the House Ethics Committee for the misuse of campaign funds and Congressional allowances. Congressman get an allowance which they can use to “operate offices in Washington and in their districts” according to the Chicago Sun-Times, but we previously reported that reports were saying that Jackson was using his allowance to buy Rolex watches for women friends and to decorate his D.C. home. We also reported that there were rumors of a plea deal in the works that would include his resignation from Congress, and sadly this has occurred, and just weeks after winning re-election for the tenth time. According to CNN, authorities are also looking into allegations that in 2008, someone in Jackson’s camp offered to have Jackson’s team raise money for former Governor Rod Blagojevich, but only if Jackson would be appointed to President Obama’s empty Senate seat.

In his letter of resignation, Jackson did discuss the investigation and said that whatever is found out about him, he will take responsibility for. According to the Chicago Tribune, the letter went something like this:

“I am doing my best to address the situation responsibly, cooperate with the investigators, and accept responsibility for my mistakes, for they are my mistakes and mine alone. None of us is immune from our share of shortcomings or human frailties and I pray that I will be remembered for what I did right.”

But as mentioned earlier, Jackson made it clear that it is because of his health, first and foremost, that he is leaving his seat. He’s not admitting any form of guilt, but just owning up to any mistakes:

“My health issues and treatment regimen have become incompatible with service in the House of Representatives. Therefore, it is with great regret that I hereby resign as a member of the United States House of Representatives, effective today, in order to focus on restoring my health…Once the doctors approve my return to work, I will continue to be the progressive fighter you have known for years. My family and I are grateful for your many heartfelt prayers and kind thoughts. I continue to feel better every day and look forward to serving you.”

The 47-year-old has been struggling with an array of health issues (on top of being diagnosed as bipolar, his office said he has also been treated for gastrointestinal issues) for most of the year, and he hadn’t been seen in the House of Representatives since early June. Jackson has had scandal follow him for the past few years his name being tied into the Rod Blagojevich scandal, his most recent investigation into the way he’s spending money monitored by Congress, and past drama with him asking folks to pay for random women to fly to come see him. Whatever is going on, it really is time for Jackson to step down, take care of his health and his probes, the latter which is tarnishing his reputation, and just go get his life back on track.

 Are you surprised that he resigned, or did you see it coming?

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  • Melissa

    There is nothing wrong with him. Someone tipped him off that the Feds were investigating him, and before the public got wind of it, he decided to play crazy. Which is offensive to people who actually suffer from the disorder. I agree with Dawnn he wasn’t crazy when he cheated on his wife, or when he purchased that expensive watch. But now were supposed to believe he has issues. He has issues alright their called scared of being locked up. Chicago has become the laughing stock as far as honest politicians. Two governors, and quite a few others. But you know who I’m mostly disappointed in. The voters, why wold you re elect someone who you haven’t seen for months. It makes no sense. Same goes for Derrick Smith(accused of taking a bribe). why waste your vote to reelect someone us going to prison. Yeah yeah innocent until proven guilty. But we know he will be convicted same as the others. Chicanos need to wise up and quit going for people because of skn color , or nepotism. I told anyone who would listen when Todd Stroger was running for board president why vote or him? Most did because of his father which to me is dumb. Look what happened he was mess. Closed hospitals, got rid of doctors and nurses in predominantly black neighborhoods. Wise up people.

    • Melissa

      Oops didn’t mean Chicanos. That was supposed to read Chicagoans

  • Cleo

    I hope he goes to jail, he has lied to many times and is using bipolar as cover for his lying and cheating.

  • ANTMilf

    I live 2 buildings down from JJJ and his wife Sandy’s office on 71st and Yates in the South Shore area and as long as I been living there, I’ve seen JJJ once in 2 years. I also have bi-polar and I still getting treatment while taking care of my daughter, going to work and school. I feel like JJJ is using his bi-polar disorder as an escape from the feds relating to Blago situation.

    • Nicole

      F@gg0t n!gger!!

      • ANTMilf

        Yo mama wrench! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Dawnn

    I am sorry. I know that people have their issues and I know that Jesse Jr. has done a lot for the city of Chicago, I know people who are bi-polar and depression and I know this is a serious issue, but it seems like to me all of a sudden he is riding on the “bi-polar” train. He wasn’t depressed when he flirted with a white waitress at a DC restaurant, or when he purchase a rolex watch for another woman that was not his wife with campaign funds. I feel the only thing he is sorry for is that he got caught in his mess. I hope he gets better and learn from this.