Cute Trend: 6 Letter Earring Options For The New Around The Way Girl

November 23, 2012  |  

From StyleBlazer

For a bit of nostalgia, try the throughback letter earring look celebs have been rockin’ lately. From Emily B (above) to Kim Kardashian, the subtle form of nameplate is a bold, urban look. Small studs or diamond lined hanging pieces– we love this fun jewelry trend.

Check out some options at StyleBlazer

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  • chanela

    REALLY?!?!! kim kardashian does it and then suddenly it’s a new trend? SMH

    i can’t stand this society anymore. everything is ghetto until someone non black does it. having a big butt,wearing cornrows, and now name earrings = kim kardashian’s invention now apparently.

  • awet

    i remember the whole rhinestone first- name initial earring, necklace, and tops trend when i was in high school circa 2001-2005…i’ll pass again!

  • Natasha T

    No thank you, I’m not a fan of big oversized earrings, I like studs instead because they’re so lightweight.

  • Candacey Doris

    I thought we left this trend in the nineties. If i wanted everyone to know my name I’d get a reality show.

  • Meyaka

    Call me bourgeoise but those letter earings,name necklaces,Barbie faux diamond accesories,bamboo earrings with your name on it,all of these are so tacky and classless,where do you show up looking like that? I guess it’s just me.

    • ANTMilf

      You’re not the only one who dislike those things, I can’t stand them either.

      • Shonda Johnson

        @ANTMilf:disqus Is this coming from someone that walks around with fire engine red hair?? I would rather walk around with a pair of plain Bamboo earring then walk around with that engine red hair..

        • ANTMilf

          This article is talking about jewelry, not hair, r e t a r d! My red hair don’t define me who I am on the inside, so who died and made you God dummy?! Besides. that pic was taken over the summer, now my dreads are dyed back to black!

          • Natasha T

            You got that hater read, LOL!

            • ANTMilf

              IKR, don’t know what hair has to do with this article, plus I dyed my hair black a month ago for the cold season. First time ever that I got judged for my hair color choice and it happen to on the internet of all places.

          • Gye Nyame

            It’s 2012 and civilized people no longer use the word “r e t a r d” to belittle someone. I am the mother of a special needs child and at 5 years old he has more sense than you. Instead of using such an offensive word to address someone, why don’t you teach your daughter WHO Michelle Obama is…that’s right I remember.

            • Meyaka

              Ant,when people have no valid argument,they try to change the subject don’t mind that stupid b!$h.

              • Meyaka

                This was directed to shonda btw

        • Natasha T

          Why are you hating on hair on an article about earrings? You are a rtrd for that one. You mad because you got no balls or no right skin tone to rock red hair with confidence, at least hair color can be changed! Good look not getting into a fight with those doorknockers hanging from your ear btch!

    • TeahMonae

      Agreed! I have had some of my friends tell me that I dress “too old” because I dont follow all the current style trends. I’m 33 years old and prefer a more timeless, sophisticated and classy look. I will save those trends for my nieces.

    • ItWasWritten

      But this is coming from someone with the name “Meyaka”,have a seat. As far as I’m concerned,Bamboo and name earrings will NEVER go of of style. They’re classics(imo)!!

      • Meyaka

        My name is African,there is a meaning behind it and folk tales following it, what’s your name? Exactly. You’ve been read, good damn day.

      • ANTMilf

        No, you have a seat and STFU, BOQUISHA (bet that’s your name or something like it)! Meyaka is a great name, stop hating!

        • Meyaka

          Thank you mamas,these folks are revealing themselves without realizing it…

      • Natasha T

        I have a friend name Meyaka who I’ve known since the 2nd grade and she’s a pediatrician and happily married with twin boys, YOU have a seat btch! I bet you and Shonda are the same troll nitpicking on people on this site.