‘Without Me You Have No Story’: Tahiry Checks Joe Budden Over ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’

November 21, 2012  |  

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Both Tahiry Rose and Joe Budden have dated their share of people since their über toxic on-again-off-again relationship ended back in… well, the two have broken up and hooked up back so many times that it’s hard to say when they actually called it quits for good, but you get the point. Their relationship should certainly be old news by now; however the public just can’t seem to get enough of their very public disputes and tid bits of information surrounding their relationships that get leaked through Budden’s detailed songs and their infamous YouTube videos of personal arguments.

Because of all that, the former couple has been rumored to have landed slots on the next season of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop  New York and those rumors were made facts this morning when Tahiry took to Twitter to put her ex-boo on blast for still doing interviews and songs about her. She tweeted:

Flattered that @joebudden keeps rapping about me … Acting like I can’t get over him. knowing that I keep him relevant

@joebudden feed the audience what u want I fight VH1 every episode they try to feed me with your sorry a**. U need me more than I’ll ever need u!

@joebudden once said the one with the biggest mic wins!!! That’s why u talk your sh**… Well you have just met your match… And I ain’t rapping !

VH1 episode … Ha, without me u have no story…. Lets go…. Lie, it’s what u do best!!!!! Bring on the compelling story. And forget the channel I’m done acting!

Mad b*****s and still rapping about me!!!! And I’m the one no over him amazing !!! Lmao. Off to bed!!!!

@joebudden great chess move… I’m up next tho’

Ya see as me caring about the n***a. I’m just tired off him using me. Let me goooo move on or at least act like it damn

I’m waiting @joebudden…  Talk yo s**t… Lets go tweet , rap , interview…. Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheesh. I guess we don’t have to wait for a formal announcement from VH1 regarding Tahiry and Joe’s participation in Love and Hip Hop New York‘s upcoming season. Something tells me the two new additions will make things very interesting.

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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  • Leon

    He is actually alot more relevant than her, being signed to eminem and the biggest group in hip hop since th wu tang. Those of you saying he doesn’t have a relevant story have probably never heard his music think about who is really mature in the situation here: The one ranting to the other, or the one ignoring the rant? Budden wins.

  • Honestly, didn’t even know who she was and didn’t know he was still relevant in the rap world.

  • yeppers

    DONT NOBODY KNOW THAT H*…..AND I CARE NOT TO KNOW HIM NEXT….Both of them ranting on twitter like either of them have a relevant story to be told. I care not about either. Please go find a career, and she needs to find a job as well, because living off of your assets you pass out to rappers as your claim to fame is not one of them. Take this foolishness off of TV!!!!! Giving these low class women they 15 minutes of nothing….Everybody wanna be Kim K. lmaooo

  • She is right though, Joey does keep some drama stirring with his
    females! Anybody that has ever followed/follows him on Twitter would
    know so. He’s so lovey dovey at first, but as soon as the boo boo hits
    the fan, he’s a disrespectful, arrogant a$$hole! Smh.. he would be so
    s(w)exy if he didn’t act like such a d0uche bag!!

  • This has to be for publicity. No real adult (unless their a real lame) would go that hard on twitter. It doesn’t make sense. They/she just wants exposure.

    • yeppers

      They some nobodies trying to stay relevant or BECOME RELEVANT because a few people know about they ratchetness…no one in the general public knows or cares about this h* and this ni66a ghetto love triangle.

  • Ki

    Boom bye bye ! We care about neither of you or your story !

  • JaneDoe

    Who? What? Where?

    • NaturalJem

      Why? & How?