Umm…You Look Great: 10 Lies We Tell Our Friends So They Remain Our Friends!

November 21, 2012  |  
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So exactly what is a good friend? One who’s always there for you no matter what? One who always makes you feel good about yourself? Someone who is constantly re-assuring your insecurities? Sorry, but that’s not a good friend, that’s just a fake one. Let’s be real, there is no way that you always agree with the things your friends do. So exactly why do we often make it seem like we do agree with them? Is it because we don’t want to hurt their feelings? Or because we’re afraid of an argument? Either way, friends do it a lot! Here are some of the most common lies we tell our friends just to keep the peace:


You look great in that outfit

Hmmm, how do I put this nicely? Even though your flab is hanging out all over the place, and that color makes you look like a giant balloon, you look great! In a fantasy world, you could just say that outfit makes you look fat…but not in the real world where people actually have feelings and insecurities. Who wants to be that friend who destroys their friend’s confidence?

Yeah, your boyfriend isn’t bad looking

We’ve all experienced this one before…your girl friend finally shows you a picture of her new man, and asks you what you think? After you get over the initial shock of how ugly he his, you finally say, “Not bad, he’s kind of cute!” Yes you know it’s a lie, but we all know that women can sometimes get defensive about their men.

I can’t wait to hear all about how your man did you wrong AGAIN.

The only thing worse than the boy who cried wolf is the woman who cried man…over and over again. Yes you’re supposed to be there for your friends during tough times, but when those tough times happen every other day, you would think your friend would get the hint that maybe you’re tired of hearing the same complaints again if she’s not going to do anything about it. Nope, she continues to put you in the position where you feel obligated to feign interest.

Of course you should be mad!

Sometimes people make a big deal over things that aren’t really being a big deal, like paying $5.00 for parking or someone eating their last Twinkie. It’s okay to complain once, but when they keep going on and on about it, it gets to the point where you just want to say, “Shut up about the damn Twinkie!” Of course you end up saying something like “I know right? That’s so annoying!”

No, you don’t look like a Slore at all.

“I dunno, you think this outfit makes me look a little  slory?” “No, you look hot! If you got it, flaunt it!” Keep in mind this is despite the fact that your friend is wearing a see- through blouse with booty shorts so far up her butt that it makes wedgies look comfortable. So why exactly do you lie? …Because you know that almost everything in her wardrobe looks like that, and you would therefore be insulting her entire closet in the process.

No, you’re not being a hoe at all

This one is almost like the last one, except in this case; they are actually being a Slore. Sleeping around with different men and then asking you “You don’t think it was kind  slory sleeping with that man, was it?” and you reply, “No, not at all, guys do it too!” even though she did the same thing last week with a different man. Meanwhile, on the inside, you’re thinking, “Girl, you know you’re a hoe.”

No, that wasn’t rude at all; they’re just being sensitive!

So how exactly do you tell your friend that they’re acting like an idiot? You don’t! You just agree with everything they say which ends up riling them up even more. Let’s be real, no one wants to hear that they’re acting stupid, including your friends.

I don’t mind doing that favor for you.

“No I don’t mind giving you a ride.” Even though it’s completely out of your way, they ask you for a ride multiple times a week, and never even offer gas money.  It’s times like these that really test your lying abilities. You might even end up saying, “Sorry, but I have somewhere to go.” Either way, you’re likely lying about something!


I can’t, I’m busy

This is one of the oldest lies in the book…but who wants to tell their friend that they would rather stay home and stare at the wall, than hang out with them? Or that you’re just too boring for me to be around? It’s just easier to say you’re busy…

No, I’m not mad about that

Sometimes friends can do the most annoying things…being late for a hang out, ditching you at the club, or even just being flat out rude to you. In order to prevent an argument, or to not seem like an annoying friend, we lie about it…even though we’re really pissed off on the inside. The problem with this is that if they keep repeating this behavior, you’ll eventually explode causing a huge fight that could have been avoided had you told the truth the first time.

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