That’s Not Yo Baby Daddy — Or Anybody Else’s! Men Who Have Managed To Stay Baby Free In The Rap Game

November 29, 2012  |  
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A few things are just a given in the rap game: money, cars, chains, groupies, baby mamas, and, of course, a kid or two,or three, or four— except for these rappers it’s not. Breaking the overly fertile, be fruitful and multiply like Abraham and ‘dem stereotype that characterizes most rappers these days, these rhyme spitters have managed to not let the groupie love go to their head — or to at least remember to wrap it up every time they decide to get it in with the chick who makes her way from the concert to the hotel lobby to the hotel room.

We can’t help but appreciate these guys who know sprinkling their seed, and their hard-earned money in the form of child support payments, all across the globe is not a good look. Here are nine rappers who are most definitely not the father!

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Big Sean

You could argue that this pint-sized cutie hasn’t been around long enough to rack up a bunch of baby mama drama, but we all know most of these guys come into the game with a gang of kids. The Detroit native no doubt got lots of love when he was back home and still trying to get on, but he’s managed to keep the first 24 years of his life baby-free so far.

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Despite jumping for joy like a proud God papa at the MTV VMA Awards last year when Beyonce announced her pregnancy, Kanye-to-the hasn’t fathered any bambinos of his own. All of that could very well change now that the rapper has been more than a little boo’d up with Kim Kardashian for nearly all of 2012, and, according to lots of anonymous sources and speculation, can’t wait to see the reality TV star carry his seed. Better her than a random groupie though. Nothing wrong with a planned pregnancy when you’re ready for the commitment of fatherhood. Plus I’m sure their child would be the only one who could understand what Blue Ivy will have to deal with.

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High school diploma educated and no kids? Say whaaaat? LOL but seriously Drake’s entire rap career is an anomaly. He’s one of the only guys in the game who can (sort of) get away with emotional rhymes and he’s also part of a very small group of men who is father to none. I’m sure all of his fans appreciate the fact that his boss Weezy’s penchant for knocking up as many women as he can hasn’t rubbed off on the Young Money front runner. Something tells me he could possibly make a great dad one day though.

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Sooo not everyone’s favorite rapper due to some of his past behavior toward women, which come to think about it, could explain why no woman has chosen to have kids with him, but nevertheless Wale makes the not your baby daddy cut. He may live up to other stereotypes as a result of his typical rapper antics, but being father to many is not one of them.

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J Cole

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this tall glass of Roc Nation hotness is on this list given the nature of one of his most popular hits, “Lost Ones.” In the song, the rapper speaks very candidly about the internal struggles men deal with when a woman they’ve impregnated decides to keep their baby, despite both parties being ill-equipped to care for the child. And it’s very clear he doesn’t see that as a good move. With a mature outlook like that, I would expect him to not just rap that life but be about it for real, and at 27, so far it seems like he really is.

Kendrick Lamar

One of the most respected newcomers on the rap scene, Kendrick Lamar is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite rapper, and the fact that he isn’t out in these streets knocking up the new groupies who are coming his way is another major plus. It’s clear the 25-year-old Compton native’s father has a lot to do with the fact that he’s currently childless. Though he’s pointed out how crass his dad’s sex talks could be, it appears his approach stuck. He told Fuse:

” My pops would be like, ‘Ni**a, you gotta put a rubber on because you’re gonna have a thousand kids and you aren’t gonna be able to support ’em.’ That’s when I was five years old so you can imagine how vulgar it got as time went on [laughing].”

Good advice.


David Banner

David Banner has cleaned up nicely over the years after busting on the scenes “like a pimp” in 2000 to becoming one of the National Black Caucus’s Visionary Award recipients in 2006. We should have known he had a decent head on his shoulders since he’s been going against the baby mama grain ever since his debut. The 38-year-old has no known children to speak of but it’s clear D love the kids. A few years ago he took a group of 80 children from a neighborhood program in Georgia on an all-expenses paid trip to Six Flags. Yeahhh!

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At 42, Q-Tip takes the prize as the oldest rapper ever to survive the rap game without any kids. Okay maybe not ever, but he has been at this for a while. Since founding a Tribe Called Quest in 1985, Q-Tip has been a major presence in the industry and has had his share of women too. But one thing that he and these lucky ladies never shared was children.

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You wouldn’t expect the socially conscious Chicagoan to be spreading his seed around all willy nilly, and thankfully Lupe practices what he preaches in his raps. The 30-year-old is one of nine children so it wouldn’t be surprising if he had a small tribe of kids himself one day, but right now that doesn’t appear to be in his immediate plans.


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  • Mercedes


  • word

    imagine we have a list of men that ‘manage’ to stay baby-free, when preventing a child is SOOOOO simple. Note..nothing is mentioned of marriage when it comes to black men. Oh my people 🙁

  • Let’s do a list of rappers that should NEVER be allowed to reproduce. #sterilizedem 🙂 I’ll start the list Young Money….

  • BAP

    kim kardashyknees is a “RANDOM GROUPIE” tbh

  • scandalous7

    David Banner got so fine, so so fine.

    • DaDiva


  • hollyw

    ….mmkay, most of these men are in their 20s. Completely a nonissue at this point, in this age.

    • chanela

      you would think so.. not in this society….

    • MOST URBAN black men are fathers by the age of 22…

  • q-tip have a son johnation

  • Reese

    There is really no way to prove these guys really don’t have any kids. A well-paid baby momma is a very quiet baby momma. And in the case of Drake he was waiting for me to pop out some of his emo, thick eye-browed children, LOL.

  • IllyPhilly

    Just imagine if this topic were under TMZ’s blog-would this be considered offensive?

  • Alohilani

    Most of the guys on this list have only been popular for about less than ten years. And how does anyone know for sure that none of these rappers have children?

    This is such a weird topic. If this were about women (double standards), people would be complaining about them NOT having any children yet.

  • Janna Lynn

    Hopefully they are not hiding any children. Men do a grand job of hiding kids and lying about not having them. Hopefully these people can continue to keep their money in their pocket and not paying so much money in child support. Somewhere there are some groupies, jump off out there are definitely trying to hit the slot machine and get paid! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janna Lynn

    Hopefully they are not hiding any children. Men do a grand job of hiding kids and lying about not having them. Hopefully these people can continue to keep their money in their pocket and not paying so much money in child support. Somewhere there are some groupies, jump off out there are definitely trying to hit the slot machine and get paid! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vince

    This is such a crappy topic. So what, they haven’t fathered any kids, that’s nothing to celebrate. It should be an expectation and standard, not an exception to the rule.

  • bluekissess

    Umm it’s called hush money



    • AJ389

      Her sons father is Nokio from the group Dru Hill.

  • Soooo propping up men in their early to mid 20’s for not having kids is supposed to be an accomplishment? I don’t get it.

    • bluekissess

      Unfortunately it is. Sad to say

    • chanela

      UM, because i’m 22 years old now and it’s hard as hell to find a guy my age with no damn kids. all these young mothers and teen pregnancies going on, who the hell is getting htem pregnant? EXACTLY

      • But is it an accomplishment? In my opinion hell no.