Poor Mittens: Mitt Romney Resurfaces At The Gas Station

November 21, 2012  |  


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This past Sunday at church, we were having altar call prayer when the woman speaking starting praying for our president. If you go to a black church, this is probably nothing out of the ordinary: “Lord, please bless our president, Bah-ROCK Obama.” The next sentence was a little bit more unorthodox. “And Lord, I know I may step on a few toes with this one but please bless Mitt Romney because we know he’s a little confused right now.” 

Even though, it would seem like that sentiment would be unpopular, there were several people who chuckled, grunted, and nodded their head in agreement. It’s true.

If we’re to judge by Romney’s recent actions and even his statements to his supporters and fundraisers, it would seem that he’s pulling for all kind of straws, looking for a way to explain his second presidential defeat. I mean this is the same man who allegedly didn’t have a concession speech on election night, the same man who’s said that President Obama only won the election because he was handing out “gifts” to voters. If you were to ask me his ego, elitism and even entitlement is suffering a huge blow right now. So while I’m glad he didn’t win, for the sake of the country, I’m not opposed to sending up a prayer for him, in hopes that this election will help him become a better man.

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  • Tagg

    The hell look OOOOOO how sad

  • Tagg

    Mr President where is my gift. I voted for you. I want Mitt to know. Mitt would you give some gifts of joy to the children of former Bains employees

  • scandalous7

    he still has his millions

  • Patricia

    Mitt Romeny put his foot in his mouth is why he lost the election. He made Blacks angry with the 47% comment, the Chinese with calling them crooks in the third debates, Latino about the immigration issue. He needs to go back and look at his speeches and debates and get somebody to get him to understand the above are the real reason he lost the election. He just need to find a corner along with his wife Ann and sit down some where.

  • Tamz

    Was Ann busy? He couldn’t pick someone from his binders full of women to help dress him? He looks like that crazy guy you see on the freeway yelling at cars holding a sign saying “Need money, God bless you” and begging for change and if you don’t give any, you’ll get hit with a barrage of eff you’s.

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    Home boy is lookin’ rough!
    He looks like he rolled outta bed and grabbed clothes from the hamper.
    The election must have really taken a toll on him.

  • Gigi

    Did he have to lay off the maid: why are his clothes so wrinkled? He looks like he’s been hitting the bottle pretty hard.

  • thatonegirl

    I’m more surprised he’s pumping his own gas. The struggle is indeed real.

  • ANTMilf

    Aww, the look of defeat, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • MLS2698

      The look of a nervous breakdown in 5,4,3,..

  • Chevonne22

    ~sigh~ Sometimes I really don’t know why I click on some of these articles. ~sigh~

  • colliz

    Poor should never be used in the same sentence with this egomaniac. He made 20 million dollars last year. The only thing hurting at this point is his shallow ego.

  • Alohilani

    ‘Poor Mittens’? ‘Bless’ him? The guy is a multi-millionaire. I doubt his life is all that hard.

  • Kenedy

    I can see he’s going for that 47% look

    • Tamz

      THIS!!!! Lmao!!!

    • MLS2698

      I know he wishes he had his own Air Force One and a fleet of cars for when he travels. Then he wouldn’t have to pump his own gas! LOL!

  • get real

    Is he trying to look like the people that he constantly disses?

    • Guest

      I was thinking the same thing. He sure look like a 9-5 average joe in this photo.

  • IllyPhilly

    Where the hell is my gift?

    • leelee

      Mine too!

    • MLS2698

      It’s in the mail. * Bah dum dum! strikes the drum and the cymbals*

    • realadulttalk

      I think we’re getting them for Christmas. Lol

  • Candacey Doris

    I think a lot of people are praying for him to get a clue.