Pass Or Play? Nicki Minaj Talks Ungrateful Chicks And Gets High Fashion Chic For “Freedom” Video

November 20, 2012  |  

For a little while there it seemed that Nicki Minaj was only going to drop pop joints for public consumption, but every now and again the femcee goes back to her roots and showcases her lyrical prowess by giving us a bit of bragaddacio, as well as an opportunity to vent her frustrations on a track. That’s what “Freedom,” is supposed to be doing for the listener, while the video, which she dropped yesterday, is just supposed to be visually appealing for the eyes, with Nicki dressed in frilly dresses, a crown, ornate accessories and letting the wind blow through her hair. The video was done by Colin Tilley and it’s definitely colorless and more melancholy than anything she has put together in the past. I’m actually feeling it, though I could have lived without the Jesus comparisons (“They’ll never thank me for opening doors
But they ain’t even thank Jesus when he died on the cross”), but she wouldn’t be the first musician to do such a thing, so it is what it is. Either way though, the song (especially the beat) is pretty good, and the video is a nice change of pace after watching people walk around in panties past a technicolor-looking background (a la, the video “The Boys”). “Freedom” is off of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, which was released yesterday. But what do you think of the video? Give it a chance, you might dig it. Let us know what you think below.

So is it a pass or play for you?

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  • honest

    eve did everything before her and managed to keep it classy and not here for you roman

  • Chassie

    i love the way the video looks and i like the song

  • I like

  • Just saying!!

    I tried…I really did try to give her a chance. The Jesus reference also turned me off and I’m not even religious. As soon as I read this I couldn’t help but think “PLLEASSSE….SIT…DOWN!!”. Can’t remember the last time I was this annoyed by a celebrity. The fact that she’s so cocky about NOTHING is upsetting. The best part of this was the girl singing at the end… Her legacy is Stupid H*e, Superbass, and Starships. I’m sorry…I should be grateful for WHAT NOW? Have SEVERAL seats in all of Yankee stadium. *in my Tamar voice*. If you gonna front like you’re the best you better make sure you come with something worth seeing! NEXT! *appalled by the ignorance*

  • get real

    Typical “I hate Nikki” comments from the same posters. Nothing new here.

    • I don’t hate Nicki. You can’t deny her arrogance, though. I would love nothing more than to see WHAT it is that she has contributed, or what we should be grateful for. You’re a guy and she’s eye candy to you, but that doesn’t get my respect as an artist.

      I suppose you can tell me why we’re ungrateful and boast her contributions…….

    • Just saying!!

      I don’t think there is anyone who HATES her. People may be annoyed with her…but hate is a strong word. Just wondering though…why do you like her… if you do? Just trying understand what other people are seeing and hearing…

  • gracie

    Won’t even waste my time… paaaaaass!

  • mac

    I’m sorry, open doors for whom? There hasn’t been another successful female rapper since her. And if there is, it won’t be thanks to her.

    And this is so ironic since she has done nothing but trash the female rapper she owes her whole gimmick to.

  • I have yet to see what she has contributed that I should be grateful for.

    Don’t worry, I’ll wait……………still waiting……….

  • KO

    I can’t stand ppl who swear they are the best thing that ever happened. Her cockiness and arrogance is such a turn off. She asks as if she’s the first female rapper to hit the stage and create something new and this is only the re release of her second album. Instead of demanding ppl to thank her she should be thanking her fans. They are the ones that make the artist. She needs more than a slice of humble pie. She should eat the whole thing.

  • nick

    Everytime she touches her wig I get annoyed smh. Haven’t decided how I feel about the song though, I do like the mellowness of it. I must say though, I feel a way when she speaks so highly of herself. I agree that people should give her a chance but its too early in the game for you to be talking like you are the best thing to happen to music since Beethovan. A little Humbleness will take you far.

  • Tamz

    Not too bad actually. I like the beat.