Yes, Honey! Andrea Kelly Is Working On A Self-Help Book For Women

November 20, 2012  |  

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It looks like VH1’s Hollywood Exes star and ex-wife of R&B legend R. Kelly,  Andrea Kelly aka “Baby Hair,” will be joining the ranks of reality television stars with book publishing deals. The super-talented choreographer recently revealed that she is in the process of writing a book entitled, Life Under the Red Carpet: My Life As R.Kelly’s Wife. Don’t let the title fool you though, it will not be a juicy tell-all that exposes Robert and all of his messiness, but a self-help book for women who may find themselves going through what she went through during the course of her relationship and divorce with the R&B megastar. In an interview with, the reality star shares some interesting details about her book, letting us know what to and what not to expect.

It’s called Under the Red Carpet, and it’s about my life as R. Kelly’s wife. Everyone thinks it’s a tell-book, like girl she’s about to throw him under the bus, [but] nope! It’s really a self-help book for women about staying true to you and don’t get lost because that’s a big shadow when you have such a famous ex-husband. The image [gets] so distorted that you don’t even know who you’re looking at. If I can walk away from R. Kelly, and the world says I have everything, you can walk away from a man that does not have a job, does not support his children, he is not bringing money back into the household, he’s not protecting and caring for you. If I can walk away from this, surely you can walk away from that for yourself. But if you don’t have the strength [to walk away], let me show you how I did it, and not [by] giving you a book that’s full of BS, glitter and unicorns.

In a recent interview with, she also discussed Hollywood Exes being renewed for a second season and how she hopes that women were able to watch her on the show and realize that it’s okay to cry and get past whatever may be hurting them.

Unlike many reality television stars, it seems like Andrea is using her influence to release positivity into the universe and to actually help someone else. Having been married to R.Kelly for so many years and still being able to smile after such a difficult divorce, I’m sure she has much wisdom to divulge.

Will you be reading Andrea’s book when it’s released?

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  • Chynadoll

    Of course she can’t write a juicy book about R. Kelly’s indiscretions because who wants to be looked up to for putting up with that headache. Nothing good came out of being his wife, but possibly the kids who are a blessing no matter what. Good Luck Andrea because strong woman you had to be with the Piper

  • gracie

    I would not buy even if my money grew on trees!

  • Pat

    No I will not be buying it.

  • Jade

    What does being a black woman has to do with anything in this article? The book is supposedly to empower all women. All women have insecurities and self esteem issues, so why was it necessary to bring race in it? What is need is a website, books, and articles for self rightous, ignorant, attention seeking idiots like you-Georgi Harps.
    *I will clap you off, so don’t even try me*

    • gracie

      Just ignore him! He just wants some attention which obviously he’s been deprived.

  • How many ” self help” books, magazines, websites and article’s, do black women need.
    People should stay away from insecure black women and not befriend them. And men should NEVER start a family with a black women. They are just far to insecure to make anykind of relationship work.

    • Na Na

      MN, please moderate all his comments and block him from this site. Nobody wants to read this hatred spewed at African and Black women…on an African and Black women website. What’s funny is this person is actually probably a Black man spewing this hatred. SMH, sorry that you don’t get a rise out of real women, we just ignore you.