Is Porsha Stewart’s Presence On RHOA A Betrayal To Her Family’s Civil Rights Legacy?

November 20, 2012  |  


Okay, I’m not going to rehash the entire “Real House Wives of Atlanta” episode as  Brande Victorian did an excellent job highlighting all the key points of frustration and flat out foolishness yesterday.  But I do want to talk about how ill at ease I feel about Porsha Stewart, granddaughter of Civil Rights icon Hosea Williams, jumping into the frays of ratchetness on the latest season of RHOA.

Personally, it has always been disheartening to see the children and grandchildren of famed and noted historical figures, particularly the off-spring of black human rights activists and icons, go in such an opposite direction of their family’s legacy. For me, Hosea Williams’ legacy was not embedded in the who’s who in the pecking order of the black social elite. He was a minister, a politician and an activist. And when I think of his legacy, I think of the man, who was a trusted member of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s inner circle. And after the assassination of Dr. King, Williams continued his own mission of advocating for the homeless and the hungry.  However, thanks to Ms. Stewart, his legacy has also been tainted with the shenanigans and pure foolishness, which is reality television.

I know that the children of human rights activist shouldn’t be expected to walk directly in their ancestor’s footsteps.  However there is something very jaded and pessimistic about watching the granddaughter of a man, who advocated for the homeless and hungry, blunder over knowing that we are in a “recession,” bragging about the privilege of never having to earn a living, and having her NFL husband flaunt her Chanel cake and bag at a charity event, which was supposed to be for the homeless and hungry. I know it may not seem fair but watching children of human rights activists embrace the materialistic and somewhat superficial aspects of our society’s culture, makes you question the virtues of their family’s legacy. I mean, there are people in this world, particularly in the black community, who are still suffering. And if the message of that icon was so empowering and relevant, why aren’t the keepers to the message, the children and grandchildren, abiding by it?

Likewise, you do have to wonder about the motivations of anyone, who knowingly throws themselves into the limelight of reality television, especially a reality television show with a reputation as dubious as the Real Housewives franchise. Last week’s episode definitely gave me cause to ponder if her appearance on the show is to raise the status of the plight of the homeless and hungry, as Stewart’s bio suggests, or is it to raise her own profile as a socialite and/or a brand? Also according to her bio, in addition to being a new wife and mother who’s into yoga, afternoon dips in her pool and of course charity work, Stewart is also nurturing a “budding music career.” It’s probably safe to say that fame is as much of a factor as any commitment to social responsibility.

That’s not to say that Stewart’s philanthropy does not have a social conscious. Any money raised at that evening at the fundraiser, including that $250,000 check her husband cut at the charity event, will go a long way in funding lots of nonprofits, particularly the ones on the ground doing the grass root work. However she should be re-evaluating whether having her life documented for reality television, thus under the constant public scrutiny, is the best way to advocate, represent and establish longevity for the cause. Perhaps she should do less talking about her family’s name and action and focus on her own personal ambitions of singing – if not for the charity, at least for the legacy.

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  • Singing career?????Not another one!. Get in that loong line with the rest of the thousands of tone-deaf wannabes.

  • Biff

    Maybe she doesn’t want to work in the civil rights industry. Does she have any other business interests?

  • Ladybug94

    I think if she stays on the show, her grandfather’s foundation will lose alot of valuable supporters who wouldn’t want to be associated with foolishness.

  • Thanks for this article because I kind of said the same thing in the comments section of the Recap post, but I’ll say it again since it’s relevant to this article. The Hosea Williams Foundation is a big deal in Atlanta especially around
    the holiday season and honestly Porsha being on this show is a bad
    representation. Especially for the younger generation coming up in
    Atlanta. All those kids are going to see is Porsha being this privileged
    bougie chick that’s only “helping” because Hosea was her grandfather.
    Kids from the type of neighborhood I grew up in aren’t really gonna feel
    her, and it could affect the foundation.

    This could have been a good thing for the Williams foundation as far as exposure outside of Atlanta, but if Porsha has other ambitions other than putting her grandfather’s foundation on the map then for the sake of her grandfather’s legacy she needs to leave the foundation out of it. There are ways of putting a good cause out there and the rachet route is not the route to take.

  • clove8canela

    I agree with the article & pretty much all of the comments on here. Her behavior was off putting and incredibly superficial. Within minutes of meeting Kenya, she made some slick comment about Phaedra, Nene and Kandi showing up at the charity “to take pictures” like they’re just doing it for show I guess. If those women have donated money to the charity, what difference does it make really? Ad then she invites Kenya to her event, announces her, and isn’t even respectful enough to know her official title! However long ago it was.

    I have a relatively high tolerance quotient for all things trash on reality tv, but she’s just too annoying and turning me off to the show completely.

  • It cracked me up when NeNe and Porsha had their events and they were like, it’s going to be the who’s who, the Atl Society, the most Powerful Women in Atl. Everything with them is sooo superficial. Do they have any REAL friends? Porsha is tacky, and I know who her grandfather is, but what has she done? Unfortunately, I had to agree with my cousin Kenya (LOL) when she said Porsha is riding the coat tails of her grandfather and her husband. I was disgusted when she was like, I call my friends who don’t work? REally? That was not cute, and neither is she. And that gift giving at the charity even, girl sit down!

  • Afrorican85

    I somewhat agree with what most people on here are saying about her keeping a particular

    appearance and holding herself in higher esteem ONLY because she is choosing to use

    the respectable name of her grandfather at least for the sake of not embarrassing her family

    and show credibillity to her organization. Had she just gone on the show for the sole purpose

    of showing her extravagant lifestyle and other general housewife ratchet behavior and just

    happened to be the granddaughter of a civil rights leader then I would judge her any more

    than the others because at the end of the day you are only an individual and can only be

    held responsible or accountable for your own actions. One should not be expected to

    follow the footsteps of family whether good or bad. You can only be you. However, I do agree

    that she should not have shown off like that at the event where the emphasis was giving

    to the less fortunate and Kenya really needs to lay off of the “I’M MISS USA” I mean you

    don’t see Vanessa Williams talking about her glory days. LIVE IN THE NOW KENYA!!! “My God!

    • Ladybug94

      But unfortunately because of who she is and the foundation she’s associated with, people will use that to determine if they want to support an organization that she is over.

  • emjay

    I’m not going to tie her family into this because I don’t want to “disrespect her legacy” a porsha put it on rhoa, but that girl is just unbearable so far. She even made kenya shake her head. And when she said her hobbies were to hang out with her other friends who don’t work, I actually screamed get your life at my tv. People won’t like her, she’ll only last the season.

  • Thank you guys for the same comment. Porsha is a certified idiot. She turned me off during the lunch and I knew that lacked substance. I knew I had to Google Hosea Williams on his death and I was so shocked that she didn’t know when her grandfather died. What a disgrace!

  • ilovemovies2

    Disappointed and embarrassed by Hosea Williams’ granddaughter on the RHOA. She and her husband appear to be silly, pretentious and worse of all have “No Class”. Oh hell add “ignorant too”

  • Lulu_fair

    I could not have said it any better – kudos on reading my mind after watching Sunday night’s episode!!

  • ms. lisa

    she seems very stupid and loves to brag about how she has always beem. i hate ppl like that

  • Kim J

    Everyone is so on point with their comments. It’s also sad that before his death, there were many years when his annual food drives almost didn’t happen because there weren’t any funds. By the grace of God, they would always get enough donations to have the annual Christmas & Thanksgiving dinners for the homeless. Porsha should do less bragging & more volunteering.

  • SHa

    You are soooo correct. She is ruining his legacy. I do not watch the show but do not understand why she is on here. Apparently it is not for money so why put yourself out there and then do your ownself and people wrong. Probably a brat seeking attention and so focused on her self cannot even fathom the recourse of what she is doing – so sad we are at times!

  • Koojo

    She on the high horse, she is about to have a nose bleed! Too stupid to flaunt money at that event. No one is free when others are oppressed.

  • HEYheynow

    I agree with everyone! well except if you didn’t know who her grandfather was ummm do research. Anyway she acts like her grandfather was a NFL player or something or a rapper. Then maybe her ditzzy behavior would be warranted. However she needs to realize that her grandfather was a respected man and therefore she needs to act much more distinguished. Although I didn’t agree with Kenya acting like she was Michelle Obama.

    • Shonda Johnson

      @ce09f189df1afd95b14bf13229dc6ace:disqus I don’t know who her grandfather is and I never heard about her grandfather until now. Why would I wanna research information on Porsha?? Didn’t I state in my post that I didn’t like what she stands for…

      • ilovemovies2

        @heyheyno I do know who her grandfather was. Believe me I’m SHOCKED that she would act like this on tv and if you don’t know who her grandfather was after viewing this chick-why would you want to know. He stood for “something that was real-he cared about Black folks”. His granddaughter let’s be honest y’all “stands for NOTHING”.

  • TeahMonae

    I have always been interested in history, especially concerning African Americans, so when
    she said her grandfather’s name on the show, I got on the internet to look him up and read more about him. He actually was a pretty fascinating man who was one of the men standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel at the time that Dr. King was shot. He was one of his most trusted advisors and friends. As I read more about him, I noticed that all websites state that he died in 2000, whereas Porsha said on the show that he died in 1998. I don’t know if all the websites
    have the date wrong or what, but if she got it wrong, how embarrassing and unfortunate is that? You want to use the man’s name to glorify your legacy, but don’t even know the year he died? SMH. And quite frankly, she sounds really immature and stupid! I know her family probably spent some money sending her to the best schools and that she was exposed to more than most are privileged to experience so she should really be more refined than she is.

    • pretty1908


      • Miss_Understood

        love your pen name;)

    • Miss_Understood

      My blog twin because I am the same way and will Google something with the quickness and end up on some random independent research project lol!

      I was disgusted she didn’t even know when he passed, to me, my grandparents are everything and I remember the day of the week and exact time that my granny passed

    • Porsha is the one who said 265 days in a year. She is airheadish. She does’t think before se talks maybe that is just her. She does’t keep up with dates or she doesn’t say the dates right she gets them mixed up. She has probably went to the best schools and charm schools and all of that.

  • Miss_Understood

    The author’s statement “having her NFL husband flaunt her Chanel cake and bag at a charity event, which was supposed to be for the homeless and hungry” sums it up for me. Not only was it egregious, it was inconsiderate and petty.

    I feel that she is muddying her grandfather’s legacy and cheapening the credibility of the foundation seeing as it is about helping people living in poverty and she appears to be so materialistic…smh her family needs to get her out of that contract ASAP

    • SheBe

      +20!!!!! I thought I was the only one who noticed that tasteless and ridiculous “gift” given at a charity event. Gifts at major charity events usually consist of plaques showing gratitude to the host; not an effing purse whose price tag could feed a family for the next several months.

  • gracie

    I find her entertaining and I don’t think she’s embarrassing her grandpa’s legacy.

    • Na Na

      I don’t either. Anything that my children or grandchildren do 20 years from now will not erase the imprint that I’ve left on society. They may kill their own chances to leave a successful and positive imprint but no way will they have the ability to discredit something I did 20 or 30 years ago.

    • ilovemovies2

      WHAT about embarrassing herself. She didn’t even know what year he died!!! Her silly presentation of expense Chanel purse and the cake from her husband. A little showy. Not being able to speak in public and make any sense. I could go on and on but hey if she’s works for you-good. Different strokes for different folks. lol

  • ReShay

    As it was stated on the show, she is simply riding on the coattails of her family’s legacy. She is also a terrible public speaker…or speaker in general for that matter. Just goes further to support that just because your parents or family is one way, that doesn’t mean the offspring will do the same. She’s way to ditzy for me.

    • Tamz

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Exactly She was the grandchild. And she is a airhead

  • Shonda Johnson

    I don’t know what’s her purpose on being on RHOA to begin with. What purpose does she serve on the show? I DON’T even know who her grandfather and I don’t like her attitude. Me personally,she doesn’t belong on the show and they could’ve kept Marlo,at least she was entertaining. They messed up by putting her on the show,I dislike her out of the whole cast besides Kim.

    • Nikki

      Her grandfather was a civil rights activist and Dr. Martin Luther King’s right-hand man. In the south, we have the Hosea Feed the Hungry food drive every fall; which is a really big thing. She also said that he died in 1998, when he died in 2000 – Way to know about your own grandfather…

      And I agree, I could really use some Marlo!

      • Lexi

        lol I thought I was the only one who caught the date lol!!! Its unfortunate

      • ilovemovies2

        Who knew that we would open our mouths to say “even Marlo was better”. lol

        • realadulttalk

          Right? Lol

    • realadulttalk

      Yes! Bring Marlo back–I’m not feeling this chick. Her segue annoyed me–so you’re proud of having accomplished nothing and having friends who also accomplish nothing?? I’d be embarrassed.

  • Patricia

    I understand that you want to get your brand and business out there besides reality television. There are other ways to do it. I was disappointed when she was on power talk with Lorraine Jacques White. But it is ashame what people will do to get on reality television.