Where Are They Now: The Black Girls from Bad Girls Club (Part 2)

November 20, 2012 ‐ By Kendra Koger


Brandi “Venus” Arceneaux

Brandi made Season 5 hilarious for most viewers.  She was very upfront with her past as a stripper and how she felt about certain girls.  But when her friendship with fellow participant Lea began to unravel, she acted out in anger, which lead to her leaving the house.

When she came back for the reunion she was a lot more calm, and told Perez and the audience that seeing herself act out on television really evoked a change in her.  She eluded to the fact that she was no longer a stripper.  She did a few vlogs with Lea, and can be found in a few of the other BGC alum pics at their various hangouts, but as of now she has stayed out of the limelight.


MadameNoire Video

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  • jasmine

    gia ain’t black that why

    • Tyson

      gia is black

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  • Alana

    Gia is only puerto rican maybeba little bit of black in her but not much

    • Tyson

      she is half black so yes it is much

  • o.k., so they aren’t doing anything…

  • ht_t

    Why wasn’t Gia in this?

  • d-block

    this writing is atrocious…. “Ashley just got FINISHED” …”and the two HAVE a website”

  • Suchalady

    Catya was just as trashy as the rest of them, and apparently a criminal too. I laughed at her reason for leaving.

    • chanela

      i’m laughing at how shes the only one modeling her clothes. that’s not a good sign if other people can’t look good in your clothing

    • Shonda Johnson

      From what I heard she has a college degree,Cat also stated that the producers made up that lie(about her leaving the show)to stir up drama.

    • ht_t

      I heard the real reason she left, was because she stabbed somebody on their trip to Jamaica lmao crazy!

  • ANTMilf

    Sorry, as a fellow Chicagoan, crazy Judi do not run Chicago, Democrats do!

  • Love me some Tiara. I hope she continues to do big things in her life. Keep it cute or keep it on mute.

  • Amber

    tiara’s daughter’s father is the dread head, fontino hardy that was on the bad girls club with her.

  • theone

    hopefully somewhere on a leash

  • MeMe

    yeah where’s is Nikki and Wilmarie (sp?)

    • KJ23

      Nikki was Puerto Rican and White, and Wilmarie was Dominican and Puerto Rican.

      • MeMe

        Hmm those are nationalities nor races smh…

  • Shonda Johnson

    I liked ALL the Black girls except Char,they should bring them all back(except Char,Natalie,Gia,Tiffany).

    • DILLIGAF98

      Gia wasn’t black was she?

      • I thought she was black and P. Rican

        • ht_t

          she is

  • Miss_Understood

    My guilty pleasure! lol Catya is so pretty and I loved her personality. I could NEVER do a show like this because I would feel that I was jeopardizing my career goals but it won’t stop me from watching!

  • Camilla had them hands! Came in on the last season and whooped all they behinds! LOL. I wonder why Nikki wasn’t included. She’s biracial and so are the Victor Twins.

    • which 1 was nikki, I dnt remember her? And I thought gia was mixed?

  • Trisha_B

    Tiara’s baby girl is so cute! & Judi use to have me dying….What’s getting me is that most of these girls have college degrees. Instead of you putting your degree to use, you rather go on TV & fight for fun! I know my mom would be mad i wasted her money lol

    • I know, it is a ratchet track to follow post college. At least some of them have the spirit of entrepreneurship. Judi, Tiffany, and Tanisha are my faves. I also like Jessica, the Hispanic chic from Chicago. Char was the only person from Chicago that I absolutely hated.

      • What??? I LOVED Char! maybe cause she was from Chicago… but i really liked her.

        • Char was lame in my eyes. How do you boss up on a person (Kentucky/Lauren) and then cry and carry on like a victim when they smack you? But to each its own….lawd…

    • chanela

      because college doesn’t guarantee anything anymore that’s why

  • Tiara’s baby’s father is Billy Sorrells, the guy behind the Sh!+ Black Girls Say videos… I swear Char & Megan from this most recent season look so much alike! Judi crazy behind was my fav! “I got the voodoo for you b!+ches!”

    • Billy Sorrells?! For real? I wonder if Tiara inspired Sh*t Black Girls Say in anyway, lol!

      • DILLIGAF98

        Yeah but it was a fling. He’s been in a long term relationship with some other chick.