You Can Help Us Here Fellas: 14 Things That Make All Women Insecure

November 20, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin
"Embarrassed woman pf"


Has your girlfriend ever suddenly acted distant, needed to take a walk, or not felt like talking? It’s because she’s insecure about something that just took place! Even if you didn’t tease her or raise an eyebrow, sometimes your silence can be worse than anything when you’ve triggered one of your girlfriend’s points of insecurity. We know: you’re silent because you had no idea she was upset. But get with the program and know women need comfort and reassurance in these situations.

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  • Name

    It depends on the severity of the insecurity. With some women no matter what you do or how you do they will make problems. You can love them with everything, smile, compliment them… A lot of women don’t know when they have a good thing.

  • psylocke_2001

    That last picture is so awkward. Most of these are.

  • Shena

    Boooooo! Another really bad, 15 things about nothing, by Julia. sigh.

  • Alohilani

    It’s exasperating to me that women’s articles are almost always in relation to men.

  • SheBe

    Ok I’ll bite. This list would’ve applied to me when I was like………. 20. You know, unsure of myself, insecure as heck, all that jazz. That’s just me though.

  • afroveda

    Clicking through these pages is just as exhausting as dealing with an insecure person. I don’t have time for either.

    • BEE

      Well, don’t click. lol Next article for you. I don’t understand when people come and complain about articles, the number of pages, and what not. Just remove yourself. It’s quite easily. I’ve seen articles without clicking anything but a link to open it on MN. Get over it.

      • BEE


      • Sheena

        We come to the article, then see the 15 pages and come straight to the comments section. No one complaining about the 15 actually click through them. And we are saying is we would like to read the info….just gonna click through 15 videos starting, 15 pop ads, 15 frozen screens because everything is trying to load.

    • This dumb website makes Black Women insecure

      • heyjupiter

        Can you please provide a little more commentary? I would love to NOT take your comments in a negative light as a dark-skinned, natural black woman. I think your list can be interpreted a couple of ways, so I just wanted to be completely clear before I respond.

        • ok

          Regarding all of the above, these are just some of the things ive noticed black women have trouble discussing. And also some of the things that cause great divide amongst black women, as far as the ” sisterhood” is concerned .

          • Alohilani

            These topics get discussed on more intellectual sites, not gossip sites like this one.

        • im sure as a natural Dark-skinned women, you would agree that at some point in your life, some of things ive mentiond have made you feel insecure.

      • Alohilani

        You can’t hide under a different screen name, ‘Cool Breeze’. You listed these same points on another article.

  • bluekissess

    So in other words “baby us?” I wouldn’t want that for myself. I would want a guy to pay attention a little bit more and “try” to be understanding.

  • Nope

    I’m going to guess (in interchangeable order):

    other women
    motherhood/lack of motherhood

    the relationship or ‘relationship’ in general