Allow Me To Make One Thing Clear: Tameka Foster Says Usher Did Not Evict Her

November 19, 2012  |  

Source: WENN

Tameka Foster thinks you’re off your rocker if you believe Usher evicted her from the $3.2 million dollar Atlanta mansion that the two once shared. Okay, she didn’t say those words exactly, but that appears to be what the superstar stylist meant when she took to her Twitter page to publicly deny rumors that Usher was evicting her.

“People write without using COMMON sense. Evicted really? This s**t gets boring & sickening 2 read or hear.. Family callin’, just dumb as hell.”

There have been whispers for months surrounding the fate of the Raymonds’ former love nest once the two had officially divorced, but those whispers grew louder as TMZ stirred the pot when they reported that Usher listed Tameka’s current home for sale for $3.2 million dollars. The home is said to include 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 10-foot ceilings, massive pool, in-home gym, 4 fireplaces, and a library.”

Foster seems to be totally disgusted with the gullibility of the public and she had a few disgruntled words for the press as well.

“What an utter waste of such a blessed skill. Bastardization of education. Write laws, grants, text or childrens books. Not LIES & innuendo.”

While the fact that Usher has reportedly put the home that she currently resides in up for sale does make the rumors appear to be true, possibly the two have worked something out where Tameka may have decided to voluntarily leave. But then again, I don’t know many people who admit to being evicted by their ex-husband after a very public and bitter divorce either.

Whether the rumors are true or not, Tameka seems to be a big girl who has no problem taking care of herself and her children so she will probably be fine either way.

We hope that things works out for her and considering all that she has gone through in the last year and that brighter, drama-free days are ahead.

What do you think of Tameka’s response?

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise


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  • yeppers

    Can i say somethin, Can i say somethin….. *in Kandi Momma voice* Why would you even WANT to live in a house a man pay for after he done took yo dam kids!?!! Chile He couldnt have paid ME to stay up in there. Im going to get my own place and work on getting my kids back. I know Usher be tellin these lies, fantasies and fairytales…but Tameka u a fool for wanting to continue to stay in that house.

  • vipdiva

    This woman tried to ruin his career, she chose(key word chose) to walk away from her career even though they were going thru it. If she did not make plans for herself and her children, then its on her. Women depend to much men period.She signed a prenup so she sh** out of luck. She thought she was in there when she had those kids, kids don’t hold no man no matter how rich. So she needs to get over herself and get on with her life. “Get Out Tamika”

  • almondebrown

    Idk why she is even on ‘tha twittahs’ in the first place. Seems to me she would be better served to just live her life and stop responding to foolishness if it’s not true.

  • Na Na

    I really pray that this woman gets her some happy….and quick. Its just a whole lot on one person to live the life she’s living right now.

  • She has been through enough & IMO Usher needs to eat the cost of the house. Mud has been slung on both sides, if he ever cared anything about her; he should stop turning the knife in her already devastated wounds & set a manly example for his boys by being cordial and gracious with their mom.

    • Guest360

      I have to disagree here. He’s been cordial and gracious by letting this woman live in his house RENT FREE since the divorce was finalized. But he’s got a life too. He shouldn’t have to bend over backwards and take care of her just because she’s going through a tough time. She’s a big girl. If she wants to live in a big house and buy fancy things, she’s more than capable of getting herself a job that pays big money. This is no longer his wife and she refused spousal support in favor of a Saks card. That’s not his fault. He’s not entitled to give her extras and as far as I can see, he’s been more than generous. Its been 3 years since they divorced. Time to move forward.

    • undefined

      As a woman, I have to ask myself, how much more will he put her through. Yes, neither of them is perfect and they both made mistakes going into this divorce proceedings, but now it clearly appears that Usher is showing his darn tail. I hope his present woman is watching because he will do it to her too. I can’t wait for the investigation to be completed, which shows his lawyer was on the committee to elect the judge who proceeded over the case. I knew something was fishy about that case. But, may God grant Tameka the strength and fortitude to overcome the injustices being thrown her way. Usher, play fair!

  • Candacey Doris

    If she doesn’t want rumors she could just say that she agreed to leave. Since she didn’t, I’m going to assume she was evicted.